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Construct 2

Fully digital.. :D

Am quite busy at the moment... so expect less upload at the moment... but I'll definitely be around to check out stuffs.. :D

Another mech for the construction series... maybe i'll do more lol... But back to work!!
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heavy construction equipment
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Interesting. Very solid design overall, though the feet look a bit unstable. Has shades of Yoshinori Sayama's work on Ecole du Ciel, particularily the GM Canard.
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amazingly you also designed a common mechas
its just like disigning common the mecha ways
don`t know to say this....

i meant its very designed not only main charac mecha

love this

i will try also...

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the way you designed this is so cool
very functional ....
may i say that way
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Agreed with Nidaram.. Very nice concept. Keep it rockin''''
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I wanted the whole thing to look more contrasty but.. ah well.. Thankiu! I'm waiting for another epic painting from you....
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You could kick up the contrasts for the shadows, if anything :3 3rd layer shadoows

And no...what epic! *throws something
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Yup yup... Orz

*catches it and keep :D
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So cool..... I love this series. they are part construction mecha, part Asimo, and part old-school robot toy.
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Cool. I like the scooper extension on his left arm. :worker:
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Hehehe... gives him a lil more purpose.
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He dosn't look too... productive?
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I can't imagine him walking with those small feet. :D
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LOL!!! hmm... yea :brushteeth:
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amazing.. very cool design... you know what.. i think youve born in the wrong century.. :) you should have been born somewhere in the years 2100-2300
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LOL!!! maybe... makes me wonder if earth will still be around till then... haha!!
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your construct series are very cool ! nice. do u use a render motor or a graphic package to do your robots??
NuMioH's avatar ol photoshop..
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well done. i like the line art. u should see the pic i just posted up. tell me what u think.
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