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Prompto 04.16.15

Why is everyone so pretty in Final Fantasy 15!?
Well who cares, I like pretty boys anyways! Prompto Argentum from said series!

(c) Square Enix Character Rights
(c) Painting by nicegal1

Please do not use, edit, repost anywhere. Thank you.
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He is very attractive

Trinitas127's avatar
Is he trying to seduce me? He doesn't really have to try....
asti-friend's avatar
I want to put spray cream over Prompto`s shoulder and lick it off.
This drawing is truly sensual I love it.
H0TAR0's avatar
I'm loving the hair, love how you did it here amazing job *-*
companioncube40's avatar
And here we have a precious sunbeam in human form. It is well known objective facts that whenever he smiles a chocobo is born, the sun looks to him for warmth, and that if he was anymore adorable the world would end as the earth would crack trying to give him a hug
GreyMoonBird's avatar
Oh my....well then*tries to hide blush*
Numinoceur's avatar
ahahahaha he enjoys those blushes~
GreyMoonBird's avatar
I'm sure he does, why is there part of me that believes he would be a little shit in bed?In a good way. 
Kittrex's avatar
Oh baby XD

His hair and eyes look especially pretty in this pic. You did an awesome job! :D
Numinoceur's avatar
his eyes please me too ahahah thank you!!!
Gotrik's avatar
Oh my God
He is so hot
And his freckles
I love him
Numinoceur's avatar
his freckles are my fav part as well!
Gotrik's avatar
I know what you mean
I also like the freckles
DaJiF's avatar
Wow! It looks pretty nice!! :clap:
Numinoceur's avatar
DaJiF's avatar
You're welcome! c:
effy7's avatar
Woooow he is HoT >//<

Lovely work :)
Numinoceur's avatar
Hiccaries's avatar
Fun Fact Promptos dick is approxamitley 10.5 inches based on litteraly serious mathmatical calculations by measuring ingame bluge size and tumblr fanart.

Okay Ill stop now
Numinoceur's avatar
slow clap for you my good friend lol 
bluenightwolf's avatar
Omg I'm such a sucker for freckles.. :blush: He's gorgeous!
Caucasian-eagle's avatar
jess im speechless, ur anatomy skills are superb
fadeddreamss's avatar
Yummm.... *-* actually I think he's looking even better in your fanart! LMAO Damn.. I'd totally play connect the dots in those freckles. With my tongue 8D
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