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PH: Sleep

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Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.

-Mahatma Gandhi

Pandora Hearts © Jun Mochizuki
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LAWD THIS TOOK FOREVER. And probably a bajillion repeats of Enya albums hrgh.
I'm back I guess! Also this new submission page is pretty swag
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This is the most beautiful piece.... oh my gosh. I'm getting goosebumps! Truly beautiful!
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Amazing! Love your arts :3
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fictiunHobbyist Traditional Artist
your coloring is just perf in this
Petitspas's avatar
Love Glen on this.
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I was going to leave an intelligent comment. Now I have this to say:

Snog him, Jack.
FanTard247's avatar
wow! just...oh wow!
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DeathByCelloCaseHobbyist General Artist
Unbelievably breathtaking and perfect, as usual. So much detail...
amayaangeline's avatar
amayaangelineHobbyist Digital Artist
waaww!! It's just splendid hikkss.. PH lovers are very fortunate, to have this amazing artist doing a lot of fanarts!
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RitzNinjaStudent General Artist
Beautiful colors and amazing details!:)
m-o-th's avatar
m-o-th Digital Artist
wow OwO
Kuro-kun08's avatar
HOW COME I HAVEN'T WATCHED YOU BEFORE?!!!!!!!!! :iconletmehugyouplz:
You're PH fanart is like the golden abyss for PH fans~ *jumps into your gallery*
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alicenpaiHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow oh wow, I love how you portrayed the atmosphere in this, with the strong back lighting and the interaction between the two characters. The attention to detail and texture is also really beautiful. <3 (I'm not very far in Pandora Hearts, but I have a feeling your drawing has a lot of symbolism!)
numina-namine's avatar
numina-namineHobbyist Digital Artist
OH. oh man, it does. what ch are you on?
alicenpai's avatar
alicenpaiHobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm, I haven't read PH in so long, I have to read it over again. ;; Although I didn't get very far in the first place, I love the mysterious atmosphere and plot development. I think it's really unique!
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SilverCheekHobbyist General Artist
wow really like the detail
Unprincessed's avatar
When I saw this, my first thought was "sleeping beauty".

Except the prince and the dragon are one in the same.

I can't go without saying that Gandhi was total douchebag, but that quote fits beautifully.

This reminds of of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy cover arts. Very pretty blend of that style of colouring and Mochijun's style of colouring.
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Amazing! It's sooo beautiful!!! :omfg:
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ya-ahHobbyist Digital Artist
It's really beautiful!
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Roxas4everHobbyist Writer
Please never stop drawing :heart: Your art is such a blessing on the fandom :hug:
hudgens77's avatar
asdsadsad, AMAZING! I love it, this is really well done!:D
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SasoriXAkaneHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not into Pandora Hearts as much as I used to be but holy crap. Your work never ceases to amaze me.
Madamecitrus's avatar
MadamecitrusHobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconmotherofgod-plz: simply beautiful, thanks for sharing this wonderful art, I just wanna cry from happiness because they're my OTP :cries:
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RhIVenXHobbyist Digital Artist
this is beautiful!!! I love the colors! and your style and the composition are gorgeous!! excellent work! :D
Mishii-C's avatar
Mishii-CHobbyist Digital Artist
This is absolutely gorgeous I just, Oh goodness I can't stop staring. You've done such an amazing job! It's so beautiful, the both of them look so lovely, everything pulls together just so well goodness I'm blown away!
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