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`You might just as well say,’ added the Dormouse, who seemed to be talking in his sleep, `that “I breathe when I sleep” is the same thing as “I sleep when I breathe”!’

(...what if Ada was the Vessalius key e_e;;;; )
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Ada is so beautiful *-* <3 
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Oh wow.  Epic!!   <?xml:namespace prefix = da />I love deviantART! 

I find it kinda cool that Ada would have better control over Dormouse than its contractor Vincent.  heehee, can you imagine Vincent's face if he ever realized this?!  I might just write a fic based on that, if you don't mind that is.  Don't know if I'd ever get around to actually posting it though.  *shrugs*  I'm getting off topic.

The idea of Ada being the Vessalius key is definately intriguing.  I wonder if a person can be the key.  Anyway I totally love this!  Your colors and shading are excellent!! 

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Ada isn't the key. It's the ring of Oscar's wife. Still, I do think that she would be a great contractor for dormouse,. It suits her better than Vincent. I wonder what the keys are for the other kingdoms?
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very pretty and almost..... suitable :3
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Very nice job
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wow, this is amazing! soooo beautiful!
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I want that dress. *^* And a Dormouse to cuddle in my sleep.

This is stunning work, be it the drawing or coloring. Obviously green looks great on Ada, but I especially like the movement, and the transparency of the ribbon on her back. She seems to be dancing with the Chain. And is that a sword at her waist? So cool! :love:

As for your theory, I think they would have mentioned it if the key could be human... But you never know with Jun Mochizuki. I'm keeping this in mind. (Still, most likely it's Oscar's camera.)
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So amazing *O* my favorite art with Ada
( Ada is the
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Beautiful work *u*
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She so mysterious... Your drawing is full of grace.
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she has a beautiful dress! love it <3
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(I think the vessalius key is uncle oscar's camera...(0ワ0).. )
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very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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.......... DANG!!!!!!! This is sooo awesome!!!!!
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I love her dress.
The bow looks just like a butterfly!

I think I found you on Pixiv...

My small theory (that isn't too well thought out):
Ada is Kitty.
(Kitty is the name of the black cat that she owns (At least it is in the Alice-books). The white cat is Snowdrop. And Kitty is ALWAYS by her side, while Snowdrop runs away to catch people that smoke on school grounds.)
Kitty is the Red Queen.
Oswald is the Red King.
So Ada has some kind of connection to Oswald? (Because Ada being married to Oswald is a bit TOO far-fetched...)
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This is now officially my favourite picture of Ada ever.
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love the colors and your style! this is beautiful :iconiloveitplz:
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I love how you paint translucency :heart:
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That looks awesome. Nice details and cool coloring.
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