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Grabbing a small ball of what appeared to be wool, the Furfrou turned over to the nearby window, looking out into the distance. The Explorer’s Guild was running late with her delivery, they better be here soon, or she’ll cancel her order and buy from someone else. She could get her Spoolstones somewhere else, even if a bit more expensive…

That’s when she heard something squeaky, coming out from the back.  She turned around, placing the ball of Spoolstone onto the shelf, and hurried out the back, a grin forming as a wagon arrived, with a massive pile of Spoolstones. Finally, they were here. But these aren’t the usual delivery faces…

“Hey there, Chantelle!” A Mawile called out, waving over. “Got this cart ready all ready for you!” The Furfrou, Chantelle, gave a sigh of relief, walking over to the cart, a small pile of Spoolstones ready, walking up to the shiny Skarmory by the side of the cart. “Hey, you pass the money over here,” the Mawile called out, shaking her head. “Don’t give it to the silly bird, he doesn’t even have fingers!”

Chantelle grumbled, turning to face the Mawile. “Fine, fine, well here’s 10 Starcoins for your trouble.” A small price for this much Spoolstone, but these two look new to the business, neither of them would know…

“Actually, I’m thinking a bit higher…” Nope, couldn’t pull it over her eyes that quickly. “I’m sure the wagon itself is worth 10 Starcoins.”

“Fine, fine, 25 Starcoins,” she grumbled, shaking her head.


“But you- Fine, 50 Starcoins…”

“I’m gonna cut to the chase,” the Mawile chuckled, leaning against the wagon carelessly. “I want a hundred Starcoins for this baby.”

“What?! That’s ridiculous! They aren’t worth anywhere near this much!” Chantelle called out, her eyes widening. “No more than 50 Starcoins!”

“Well then,” the Mawile chuckled, climbing up on top of the Spoolstones. “I’m willing to wait. Name’s Azamuku, part of, wait… TBT… swh… nC!”

“Tee-Bee-what?” Chantelle tilted her head in confusion, her brows furrowing.

“It’s short for ‘Team-Bound-Together-so-we-had-no-Choice. My and Hane No Ken here are stuck together by some strange magic voodoo thing, and the Guild didn’t allow that long of a name. We’re only in to figure out how to separate, and maybe why we were stuck together in the first place.”

She huffed, shaking her head. Definitely some silly story they made up to trick her into accepting such a ridiculous price. “50 Starcoins, no more.” She huffed, turning around and marching back inside.

-Day 1-

She walked back outside, making a small hop in surprise at the sight of the cart. …Did they just abandon it? She shrugged, walking up to it and grabbing the handle. “Ready to pay?” She jumped back in surprise, glaring up at the Mawile still resting on top of the pile.

“Only if you’ll stop offering the ridiculous price of 100 Star Coins!”

“Hmm… You’re right, a hundred Starcoins is ridiculous.” Chantelle gave a sigh of relief, grabbing out 50 Starcoins. “one hundred and one Starcoins is where it’s at!” The Furfrou fumed, turning back around and marching inside. “Scammer…”

Hane No Ken hopped up from the pile of leaves he had gathered, trotting over to Azamuku. “Look, I’m sure the Guild will be glad with just fifty Starcoins, can you just give in and let her pay?” He suggested, a sigh coming out.

“Nah! Just because you’re tired doesn’t mean that we’re just gonna fail the Guild like that! We’re gonna get those extra Starcoins outta her,” Azamuku insisted, smirking as she laid back down on the wagon. “If it’s not too far away for our stupid magic voodoo, can you get some food from the nearby restaurant?”

The Skarmory grumbled, slowly trotting away. “Alright, fine, just because I’m hungry as well…” Azamuku chuckled, leaning back.

“Don’t be too long, Captain Hane No Ken!”

“I’m not captain!”

“We both know what Hane No Ken means in Iaponese!”

-Day 2-

Chantelle stumbled back out, another grumble sounding out as she stared at the wagon, shaking her head. “Seriously, what will this achieve… Aza was it?”

“It’ll get more Star Coins,” she answered, stretching her limbs. “And that’s a fine achievement, if you ask me.”

Hane No Ken gave another sigh, shaking his head. “She’s greedy, and isn’t changing her mind,” he grumbled. “It’ll go by much quicker if you pay her. I’m tired of sleeping on the grass…”

Chantelled huffed again, turning around to head back inside. “Well then leave! I’m not stopping you.” She marched back inside, slamming the door shut.

“I know,” he answered, voice soft at her absence. “I just can’t get too far from Azamuku before we’re both pulled back…”

-Day 3-

Chantelle stumbled back out, groaning in irritation at the sight of the Mawile. “How long are you going to stay there for…?”

“Until you accept. I’m gonna strike that deal, I can assure you that.” Azamuku sat back up, stretching wide. “I mean, 101 Starcoins isn’t too much, right?”

“50 Starcoins is much more than plenty!” Chantelle took a step towards the wretched Mawile, sitting right on top of the wagon that held her precious Spoolstones. “100 Starcoins is just ridiculous, so why are you so adamant on wrenching as much money off of me as possible?!”

“None of your business.” Azamuku just laid back on the pile, a bored sigh ringing out. “I’ve done this for 3 days, and I can do it for several more. Oh, and it’s still one hundred and one starcoins.” That’s when Hane No Ken returned, a bag carefully balanced on his back. “What took you so long, ‘captain’?! I’m starving!”

“Don’t call me captain,” the bird huffed back, stopping next to her so that the Mawile may take her share of the food. She dug her arm in and snatched the two boxes of food within within, one filled with rice, and the other  containing ground-up meatroot. She then dropped the empty bag to the floor. “…Where’s the meatroot?”

“Oh, I’m eating it, thanks for the meal!” Azamuku leaned back, opening up the boxes, ready to silence her grumbling stomache. That is, until two giant stars knocked into the boxes, tossing them down onto the ground. “What the hell was with that Swift, Hane?! I was eating!”

“I’m not helping you out, you selfish moron! When you’re ready to go, I’ll be at the store. Don’t be too long, I don’t wanna sleep out here again…” With that, the Skarmory scrambled off, tucking his wings in.

Azamuku growled in frustration, seating herself on the pile of Spoolstones arranged into a seat. “Come on, 101 Starcoins!” She yelled out at Chantelle, crossing her arms.

“No,” she snapped back. “I shall not pay such a ridiculous price for them!”

“Yet some customers have to pay 15 Starcoins for a few little changes, while others can add a smorgasboard of knick-knacks and only pay 5.”

Chantelle shook her head, a faint grumble sounding out. “It’s business.”

“So is this. Guild Business, in fact.” Azamuku leaned back, grinning wide as she listened out for a response. “Come on then, a hundred Starcoins, if you can’t argue anything back!”

“What do you mean ‘Guild Business?! They always give me this many Spoolstones for 25 Starcoins. They’re not increasing the price, right…?” …Whoops. She sat back up, rubbing the back of her head.

“Well, uh… You see, the Explorers are very short on just about… everything, so they wanted the Guild lackeys to snatch as much money off of these Spoolstones as possible…”

Chantelle grumbled, shaking her head. “Hrrng… 75 Starcoins, and that’s my final offer.” She stood there, waiting for Azamuku’s response.

“How about 80 Starcoins?”

“But I just said-!” She stopped, fuming as her ears folded back. “…Fine, deal! Just get those inside now!” The Mawile nodded, hopping off of the wagon, and wheeling the Spoolstones inside.

“Glad to have a deal!”
Client: Teresa
Errand: #12
Date Issued: November 13, 2014
Date Due: November 18, 2014

Azamuku is owned by kage-niji, Hane No Ken is by me, and together our team is TBTswhnC: PMDU: TBTswhnC Application

Not much to say about this. I had an idea of Azamuku being this stingy, with the right justifications, then wrote up a story without Kage's knowledge. Since she needs to submit it to the Atlas for it to be accepted, she will find out.
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I like this a lot, Azamuku is so stubborn.