Racing with Death Itself

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“You think those losers stand a chance, kid?!” a Mawile sparked, an evil grin across her face as she faced the Eevee next to her.

“I… I don’t know, really… it depends, you know,” an Eevee replied, shivering in fear at the type of Pokemon she was riding with as her anti-social behaviour kicked in. Usually, she loved these sorts of events, but with that Mawile at the wheel, she didn’t know if she’d survive!

“Depends on what?! I’m not letting them win, and neither should you!” That’s when the Mawile forced the cart to turn sharply, headed straight into a craggy field. “Here’s a shortcut!”

The Pikachu in the back was simply being flung about, breathing in and out at a rapid pace. It sounded like the ground below was unstable, and was was silently praying that the cart didn’t collapse from the punishment it was getting. If only he could talk, he’d demand that she slows down the cart. Why did he have to end up sneaking THIS ride?!

*Earlier that day*

Hopping into the crowd, a small Pikachu, Phillioune was running along between the other Pokemon gathered, not spending a moment to pay attention to where Cuffin’s voice was coming from. He looked around, soon seeing a spare cart. He dashed towards it, hopping into the corner and placing his scarf overneath him. There, that’s free Starcoin.

The rider of the cart, a Mawile with a dark maroon hat was leaning on the cart, when she heard a small ‘thump’ as something flew by. Turning her gaze, Azamuku scanned the area, in search of the noise’s source. Before she could see the stowaway, an Eevee, rather quiet, instead snuck up on her from behind. “Uh… Um… Mind if I join your cart?” her eyes were focused on the ground, moving around the dirt with her paw in an attempt to avoid eye contact.

“I don’t see why not, so long as you’re helping me. Now hop in.” the Eevee followed this instruction, not wanting to create even more trouble with people she didn’t even know. Once she was aboard, her ear pricked slightly when she noticed a Pikachu already inside, but she didn’t say anything, instead looking up at the sky. Her gaze kept being drawn to a particularily bright sparkle, over in a nearby tree. Was that a Pokemon? She would call out to it, if she could muster up the courage to. She’d remembered learning about this sort of phenomena somewhere, and thought she’d seen something similar before.

The source of the bright sparkling was, indeed, a Skarmory, a shiny one to be precise. It perched expertly on the branches, seemingly unworried about falling off. His gaze focused into the distance, tracking the path to take from where he was to the finish line, and the easiest method to fly across. “Hey, no flyers allowed!” His focus was interrupted, as he looked down to the source, a rather angry looking Jigglypuff.

“No no, I’m not competing, just…” He had to think to himself for a moment, saying he was forced to keep a certain distance with one of the competitors would sound completely pathetic, afterall. “...Spectating.” That seemed to be enough for the Jigglypuff, who promptly rolled away, hopping into a cart.

“On your mark!” His ears perking, Phillioune huddled further into the corner, trying to seem as inconspicuous as possible. Azamuku braced herself, preparing to launch the cart forward with her maw. Determined in posture and demeanour, she made sure her motive was clear to the Eevee. “Remember, we’re gonna win this, no exceptions!”

That lifted The Eevee’s mood a bit then, encouraging her to lightly yell out a confident “yeah!”, before looking back to Phillioune. He still hadn’t said anything, and as much as she was tempted to start a conversation, it probably wasn’t her place to. Bracing herself for the starting flurry of the race, she turned around, placing both her paws on the back wall to steer.

“Get set!” This was it, now’s time to keep up. The Skarmory leaned forward, spreading his wings in preperation to fly across. He missed being able to fly, and with Azamuku’s eagerness to enter, now was the perfect opportunity to use his wings once more, even if it’s not as high as he’d like to.

“Go!” Upon hearing the words, Azamuku’s maw pushed against the ground, launching the cart immediately. The cart shook a little bit from the force, knocking Phillioune forward a bit. He stood back up, only to see both sets of eyes staring at him. He said nothing, instead giving a slow wave.

“What are you doing here?!” the Steel type barked, whilst steering. “I’d remember letting you on board, you little scat!” A bump from another cart then forced the Mawile to focus, turning her attention elsewhere. “I’ll deal with you after this.” Her maw then froze over, as she held an Aipom from another cart by the tail, before letting him quickly steer away. The Eevee, Ari, listened to the deep crack of Azamuku’s second jaw and soon wished she hadn’t, cringing at the thought of being inside it.

Phillioune had also heard it, and was already backing away, shivering slightly at the sight of the now crippled Aipom. What did he just get himself into…? He figured the Eevee was alright, so he silently crawled behind her, figuring the Mawile wouldn’t harm her to get to him…

The Eevee stared at the Aipom in shock, not sure whether to be surprised or in complete fear at how easily she injured his tail. Her posture quickly became that of defensive prey, looking up at the instigator only when she was more calm.

“At least they’re out of the road,” Azamuku muttured, looking ahead once more, travelling along with her maw hidden behind her back more than before. Did she feel bad about what she did? The Eevee could only wonder, while more carts approached at increasing speeds.

“Hmm?” Hane No Ken had also heard the noise, but was a bit late at looking down to the action below himself, simply seeing two new Pokemon in the cart with Azamuku, and neither of them looked too happy to be riding with her.

Phillioune climbed up on the rear end of the cart, looking at all of the passerby carts. He has to change carts, that much is certain, and while the Mawile’s distracted, he can take a look at who he can jump to. She was crazy, and he hoped the Eevee would try getting away rather than take any chances…
Unfortunately for Phillioune, the Eevee had no intention of leaving the cart, not only scared to attempt it while they were moving at such high speeds, but also because she didn’t like bothering herself with these things. A small bump knocked Phillioune back inside, just in time for Azamuku to avoid catching him in his attempt.

Once other carts behind them came close enough to be in range of moves, the Evolution Pokemon took action, pulling a berry out of a small bag and throwing it at a team steering directly behind them. On impact, the ground collapsed slightly surrounded the berries’ remains, flipping over contendants who had accidentally ran into the potholes.
“Really hoping I didn’t screw that up…” she muttered to herself, thinking back to the Aipom Azamuku injured again. They did say that moves were allowed, and she’d been wanting to try that one out for a while.

Phillioune was sitting there, nervously. He wasn’t sure what to do, the two were attempting to sabotage the other racers, disrupt them? The Mawile would easily crush him just like she crushed that Aipom if he did… He couldn’t try to escape either, as Azamuku was still looking around, on the lookout for racers… Maybe he could convince the Eevee to stop?

So he crawled up to her, tugging her on the leg, and shaking his head, his ears drooped and tears ready to form in his eyes. Confused, the Eevee tilted her head. “Hm?” Phillioune pointed out to the crowd, before slowly shaking his head, his ears drooping further, if you can believe.

He leaned over the edge of the cart, pointing towards the wheel with a paw, turning back to Ari. A worried look appeared on her face, her ears tensing up slightly, afraid she had hurt someone badly. Stressing too much, she turned her line of vision behind the cart, but they had already passed the competitors that were caught in her blow of Natural Gift. Taking a deep sigh, she attempted to focus on the race again, bearing a glare from the intimidating Mawile on her side.

“You think those losers stand a chance, kid?!” Azamuku smirked, her confidence built up harsh enough that small eevee in her cart trembled, replying to the Deceiver Pokemon.

“I… I don’t know, really… it depends, you know...” The fluffy Pokemon, who otherwise enjoyed these types of thrills, was somewhat terrified of the steel-type’s rough personality.

“Depends on what?! I’m not letting them win, and neither should you!” Jolting the cart into a fierce turn as to face a rugged path, she seemed to be enjoying herself. “Here’s a shortcut!”

The Pikachu had no choice but to hold on for his life, pushed around side to side in the cart as they entered a craggy field, immediately feeling the many twists and bumps along the road. He shrivelled up, thinking about how, out of all of the carts, it had to be this one.

As the cart exited the now called ‘Shortcut of Doom’, Azamuku’s face was lit with a devillish aura, looking in front to see if there were any other contenders who had an advantage over the shaken team. Glad there were none, Azamuku instead directed her focus to the rear of the cart. “How many behind us?!” she yelled out, hurting the Eevee’s ears as she shook out a response.

Phillioune nervously raised his head above the cart’s lines, counting the amount of carts behind himself. There seemed to be about… 5, one far in the distance… He reached for his scarf to pull out his hidden book, but as he pulled out his pencil, he was knocked back and it fell off the cart. Well, that’s the day’s Star coin spent… He was hoping to eat something today...

“Um, four… probably more behind.” As soon as the small Pokemon said this, one cart came almost directly next to theirs, filled with a team of two, and led by a jolteon. Needing to turn the odds into her favour, Azamuku did the best thing she could think of - bumping the other cart. Naturally, this not only damaged the cart further, but let more carts gain ground, all of which the Eevee was sure would attack them.

Seeing his chance, Phillioune climbed to the edge of the cart, prepared to leap across to the nearby cart, his tail giving a small wag as he prepared himself, but just before he jumped, a hand grabbed his tail and yanked him back. Now he was upside down, facing the Mawile holding him.

“Where are you going?!” the Mawile shouted to the Pikachu, annoyed he even thought about leaving her. He began to tear up, sniffling gently, his arms hanging loosely. It was partially an act, but Phillioune’s practiced it for years, besides the pain and fear is still real.

Surprisingly enough, Azamuku didn’t buy it anyway, pulling him against his will. “Don’t play dumb with me!”

“Lay off the kid!” Hane No Ken had managed to catch her in the act, and was now swooping down and pecking at her, until she let go of Phillioune. Upon his release, the Pikachu hopped back onto the edge of the cart, prepared to leap across again, before realising something: there aren’t any close enough. All the carts had moved ahead of them.

He hesitantly went back in, sitting on Ari’s head, silently fuming at Azamuku. “Hey, I’m in charge, here! Now stop fighting and win!” She turned back in front of the cart, her massive maw once again pushing the cart forward, speeding ahead. She had to win this, she just had to! She was slowly sliding past all of the other carts, speeding ahead to the finish line.

As they crossed, she raised her arms in triumphant victory, grinning wide. She had done it, she had- “Just missing 3rd place is Azamuku of… Tee Bee Tee es double-yoo heich en Tee, and Ari of Azure Serenity!” Upon crossing the finishing line, the Pikachu leaped out of the cart, running off to the side, away from Azamuku. “Oh, and Phillioune of Oak Tree!”

Ari was also making her way off of the cart, while Azamuku just sat there, silently fuming, her rage building up. “4th is pretty good, considering how many carts there are.” The source of the words, Hane No Ken, landed on the front end of the cart, looking at her. “But did you really hold him by the tail?!”

She said nothing, instead looking away from Hane No Ken. “...We’re stuck together, remember? I’m not going to drop this, so sooner or later we will have to talk about this.” There was one upside, at least. The cart was in one piece.
Client: Cuffin
Errand: #10
Date Issued: August 25, 2014
Date Due: August 29, 2014

Collab with kage-niji
Oak Tree:
Azure Serenity:

No, this is a placeholder no longer. The fun (and chaos) here is all there ever will be. Oh, and just so there's no confusion about our collab team, Hane No Ken's not one of the racers, he's just flying along as he can't get too far from Azamuku. He's like a spectator.
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Shortcut of doom!!! This was an exciting race to read about.