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Hey There Delilah
"Hey there Delilah"
"Ha. Never heard that one before"

I wanted to finish this yesterday for Valentine's Day, but I got caught up with school and a party. But a few years ago, Fan's dad (who still needs a name, I was thinking Henry and a friend suggested Daniel which I liked) with his partner-in-crime and friend with benefits, Delilah. Who, as y'all can probably guess, is Fan's mother.

And them a few months after that particular day/night.

They were thick as thieves back as teenagers, usually performing small pranks and dares together (and to each other), and the occasional make out session. Then after Valentine's, Delilah got pregnant and they became a more "official" couple until their graduation, when Fan was about 8 months old. Then Delilah got accepted into her dream college and she left to pursue a different future. And Fan's been raised by her dad alone ever since.
My stylus needs a new battery, meaning all my digital drawing is on hold. And y'all gonna settle with my pencil sketches for a few days.

But in the mean time, I'm gonna do another of these to entertain myself, and give all of you something to have.

"Tagged" by :iconpercy-mcmurphy: (not really tagged, but she did another and I want to too). This one is about procrastination professional, Lenore.

1) Lenore was something of an "oopsie mistake made on drunken magic" baby. Probably after Celestia and Ember went on a night in the town in disguise with a few too many ciders and magical dares. Only for a few weeks later, bam! Celestia had a bun in the oven.

Cue "Royal Voice" screaming.

2) Lenore is one of the first creatures Incandescence imprinted on. When Luna was pregnant, Lenore would talk into Luna's belly for hours about anything that came to her mind. Her favorite toys, her favorite plays, the pranks they could pull together on her brother, the tastiest gems, the best smells of Canterlot, everything she felt her little cousin would need to know about Equestria. While the first creatures Incandescence saw were her parents, she almost instinctively went to Lenore based off her voice.

3) Lenore actually has a huge appreciation for opera. She loves it, and for a small time tried to go into it. It went as well as you'd expect it to go.

4) Lenore has a terrible habit of forgetting pony names and confusing them up. Creatures like Perplex and Milky and Spot she can remember fine, but something like 2 unicorns standing together? She sure can't tell you which one is which. Usually, unless if they have importance to her or significant features, she just guesses names and usually gets them wrong.

5) Lenore has a pet St Bernard named Nelson, who is probably the best nap buddy Lenore could ever ask for. He's huge and cuddly and very lazy, who only seemed to be out matched by his master being bigger and lazier.

6) During her time as the Dragon Lord, she hit something of a greed-induced growth spurt. The minute she learned that dragons would give up their gems for her, just because she was the Dragon Lord, it was basically written in stone that she would grow at least a little. She didn't really seem to notice though until she went back to Canterlot to visit her brother that she realized that the doors seemed tighter to fit in and she was sure the ceiling wasn't this low and Scorch seemed to have shrunk a few inches after she left and - sweet Mom, she's taller than him!

7) Lenore is best friends with Perplex, through Ember and Thorax. Usually though Perplex doesn't really leave the hive or go to Canterlot (she doesn't like Canterlot) so Lenore usually goes off to her. Funny enough, had Perplex gone to Canterlot more, Eggsy probably would've learned about the existence of more draconequui sooner.

8) Before being Dragon Lord, Lenore has never been to the Dragon Lands. Ember has wanted to send her and Scorch there, but Scorch was sick far too often to healthily go, and Lenore is not very know for being perceptive. Ember could just envision her daughter wandering aimlessly into a bigger dragon's mouth and Celestia having a gigantic meltdown over it, and thought "yeah if we go there my kid is gonna get murdered. And my wife's gonna wear my skin around her neck"

Also bonus headcanon

9) Lenore is known as something of a romance wrecker. She doesn't wreck relationships, but she can quickly ruin a romantic mood with an poorly timed entrance while loudly chomping on some deep fried gems. She's done that more than a few times for her mothers, Scorch and Eggsy, and in the Dragon Lands is currently doing this to Incandescence and her budding relationship with Spurt.

Not gonna tag anything, since I wasn't really tagged myself. But if y'all wanna do this, then y'all go for it :)



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