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System Monitor for 2TONE

OK!!.. This system monitor is designed my me to go with the 2TONE theme by kenz0

The zip contains a "system" folder which needs to be copied in 2TONE theme folder. This skin does not work without the 2TONE theme (i will submit a stand-alone version if i get too many requests :) )

a couple or important notes for users:

* The 'edit' button will not work on your computer, if you want it to work you will have to open the ".ini" and correct the 'CURRENT' location of your PC > where #username# replace it with your current windows user name.

* The system folder contains a "userpic.png" .. you can replace this with your own.. it must be in png format, if not you will have to edit its extension in the ".ini" manually, line 51, size does not matter ..

* I manually adjusted the position of my 'Username' and 'Computername' to fit the header. you may need to do that if your username/computername is too long/short. line 72 (black) line 74 (white) of the .ini file, it is set to X=52 for me. increase or decrease accordingly.

you can see this skin featured in this screenshot
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I don't arrive to install it. Why you don't create a .rmskin package ?
it doesn't work