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Drew Skull
Yep, evil Lucas. My adolescent mind started generating edgy and evil stuff like this.

Sacul is a dark human, an evil type of human from a parallel dimension from Earth with insane intelligence. IQ: 300

average dark human IQ: 180

lowest dark human IQ: 90

Sacul is owned by me, feel free to draw him. IF you dare use him for your disgusting, shitty fetishes and gay/homo stuff, I will report.

Likes: Destroying stuff, genocide, his Dark PSI, his friends, skulls, dark humans

Hates: Sam (sometimes), Crash (antagonist), Aphex, (another) humans, unadvanced technology

Affiliations: Sam Sinfulman, Micro Sharke, Jaden Skull (twin brother)

taken and posted with an iPhone 6s
Drew (early design)
Early design of Drew drawn on June 5th
Drew is owned by me


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United Kingdom
Hey, the name's Nathan, I'm 15 years old, I play Finobe (old Roblox client), Super Smash Bros. Melee, Crash Bandicoot, etc..

Melee mains:
Luigi, Pikachu, Falcon, Doc, Falco

Sm4sh mains before I stopped playing the game:
Ness, Lucas, Cloud, Mario, Villager

9-Volt for Smash Switch!

I'm shit at drawing, btw

Oh, and, Melee is my crack, but I'm not one of those aggresive fanboys who is like: "LOL SM4SH IZ TR4SH LUL"

And if you say "thanks for favouriting" or something like that, I'll hide your comment, like, seriously, that's like saying "thanks for subscribing" on YouTube, and I'm getting real annoyed by it. I know you're glad you're getting favourites, but still, you don't have to say it on my profile. If this keeps up, I'll mark as spam, but if you're joking, then that's fine, I can take jokes


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Yeah I'm back again, idk when I'ma actually draw something on paper, I'm lazy and I'm missing some colours
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*it all starts in Masahiro Sakurai's office*
Worker: Sir! We've got a new character request!
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In a Nutshell.
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