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Merrily Birthday Picnicking




:icondokiplz: :icondokiplz: :icondokiplz:

ur kids are out enjoying the delicious picnic of life and we hope u are too (amen)

HERE'S TO ANOTHER YEAR OF BEING THE COOLEST SWEETEST FUNNIEST PERSON and an all-round blessing upon us all 🫰 It's been so nice to see u finally catch a break this year so rly hope ur livin it up with lotsa cool adventures and yommy food and AS ALWAYS WE LOVE U LOTS OK 🥺 🫶 KEEP SLAYING


For meriolli 
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wow u guys have popped off ONCE AGAIN I DON'T GET HOW U KEEP COMING UP WITH IDEAS NUMBERS I'M TRULY IMPRESSED!!!! this is such a cute lil picnic spread and actually...a pretty balanced meal????????? floored u guys crushed it THANK U THANK U THANK U

DrySky ORYAD ON HIS OREOS!! THANK U FOR CONSIDERING THIS COCONUT is he drinking milk from an acorn...that's so cute...that is the sweetest thing I have ever seen...:sips from the big coconut drink too YUM

Nalytia omg NAL TY FOR REMEMBERING HAJI AND HER PINECONES im so tickled that there's a whole basket full of them that she's hoarding away for Reasons and they are beautifully rendered pinecones too i will say

2StreetsDown GOD CHARCUTERIE IS SO ROZ APPROPRIATE look at her sassy lil' pose. thank u. thank u. she is beautiful. that's all i can really say she definitely isn't going to share any of that with anyone at the picnic

akiaue und34dmuffin i s2g yall always have these two up to the cutest shenanigans in these collabs AND I EAT IT UP EVERY TIME SNIFFLES TY muff cheebs are so cute and squishy and u absolutely nailed their hair and TY AKIA FOR MAKING GG SO PINK munches donuts i want 2 dozen

kishi-san OMG CASEY Bob Can't Believe It WHO COULD HE BE MAILING THIS TOMATO TO???? but if anyone could lift a life size tomato it Would be him thank u for this

number11train shiloh and their shite beetroot pie MMM!!! MMMMMmmmMMMMMMMM wait are they looking at the knife....c'est magnifique...

djog blessed is the day that there is not just 1 but (2) ponzis HELP THEYRE SO CUTE N DARLING WITH THE LITTLE COCKTAIL UMBRELLA i bet theyre walking because they don't have their lutzelsee. thanks clo

avodkabottle god this is a god tier food/oc pairing I WOULD HAPPILY PAY $15 FOR THIS SALAD look at juli stretch!!!! incredible form!!!! she will be all set to eat and laugh at her salad

taiwonton i'm actually so happy u drew bearchan bc I have always wanted to see him in ur style LOL HE'S SO CUTE!!! SUCH A LITTLE STINKER sulking in his emo one to yell at but himself....