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Birthday Merimories: Fall 2022




May our favourite Libra be blessed with the warmest autumn vibes HERE IS A SNAPSHOT mini album of ur OCs living their best lives... as we too hope u are living the best of urs...

ANNUAL REMINDER THAT WE LOVE YOU LOTS OK and your happiness and companionship mean the world to us!! So keep vibin jivin n thrivin MWAHS

We also made you... a lil bonus..... pls enjoy


Roz by Tara-Elani (+crocs by Streets)

For meriolli 
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SORRY THIS CAME SO LATE i accidentally left the page yesterday with my comment typed out but O MY GOD YOU GUYS!!! THIS LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL LOOK AT ALL THE DIFFERENT ILLUSTRATIONS AND HOW THEY ALL EXUDE THE SAME Autumnal Vibes AS dA AUTOSUGGEST SAYS Your work speaks to me on a deep level......

OK NO but seriously thank you everyone for finding the time i've been looking at this all weekend crocs and all

akiaue I APPRECIATE THE attention to beetail- no ok LOOK HOW SERIOUS AND COOL HE IS WITH THE NICE AKIA WARM SHADING AND GRADIENTS probably yelling at a peasant about taxes AND THE CROCS!!!! thank u for the jibbitz...the bees...bear...megaphone very apt of u. THANKS

number11train faithom WAH!!! GIGI i love how shoujo she looks here with her big eyes and curly hair and I'm totally going to be a broken record bc I am so weak for the dramatic warm lighting THE WAY HER HAIR GLOWS!!! THE AUTUMN LEAF DETAILS ON HER DRESS ARE A FUN TOUCH they make me :) AND YALL MADE HER CROCS SO CUTE TOO???? the lil fish and pearlificent charms...the sun and moon...sword...i would wear the shit out of these...

und34dmuffin WOW i see it is a whole Scene now. THANK U MY FRIENDS FOR COORDINATING PONZ AND GIGI ONCE AGAIN another year I am spoiled and this is so terrible but i know the exact pair of gold glitter crocs you referenced for these and they are 110% EXACTLY WHAT PONZI WOULD WEAR thank u for helping them Slay This Look :tm: ...crocs aside THEY LOOK SO GLAMOROUS N RADIANT HERE MUFF THANK u idk the way u drew their smile is such a cute mix of like their asshole smirk and Warm Grin and it's killed me i love it

Tara-Elani O MY GOODNESS TARA WHAT A PLEASANT SURPRISE IT WAS TO SEE MISS ROZ IN UR STYLE ON THIS HERE COLLAB thank u for doing her eyebrows justice look how beautiful u have painted her this scene...probably writing [names in her burn book]...all is well (and then she woke up) no but the way u do eyes always draws me in SO DOLLY N NICE

2StreetsDown STREETS I HAVE SO MANY CONFLICTED FEELINGS ABOUT HER BOUDOIR PHOTOSHOOT IN HER BALENCIAGA CROC HEELS HOW DID YOU MAKE THEM SO CUTE??? all the charms o my god the research u conducted for this. U HAVE MY GRATITUDE, REGARDS, RESPECT, this is what roz will wear underground,

2StreetsDown let's also discuss casey THE HIMBO ENERGY IS KILLING ME LMFAO THE ANGLES everyone else went for Fall and casey was like what if I just let my phone fall instead. I GUESS THIS IS THE CLEAVAGE PERSPECTIVE EVERYONE ELSE SEES AS HE LOOMS OVER IADLAIN i am inconsolable over the cursed energy AND HIS CROC PIC TOO ALL CAKED UP 😭 THE JIBBITZ OF THE CUTE BUNNY AND PUMPING IRON KILL ME TOO thank u streets this is so funny

taiwonton juli!!!!!! omfg she looks so cute and sweet in your style i rly adore this THERE SHE IS WITH HER LITTLE LANDSCAPE PAINTING i love the colors...the nice golden grass and fluffy sky AND YEAH OF ALL MY OCS SHE'S THE MOST LIKELY TO ACTUALLY WEAR CROCS AND PROBABLY GET AWAY WITH IT LOL

Pikakus omg shiloh covered in kittens THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA THANK U SAKU???? like that group of 4 guys all cheering meme i need them to adopt a group of orphaned kits straightaway AND I AM BLESSED WITH A SECOND PAIR OF CROC HEELS...cries over the shoe and glasses charms but smiles because u included them wow i wonder what lily and tao would think about crocs

avodkabottle sniffles for including haji in her Final Outfit with her beloved pinecone looking out at the moon like a wolfkin or something U ALWAYS DRAW HER SO CUTE VODDIE and omg the ghostly enchanted crocs LOL THE GLOWY MUSHROOM JIBBITZ IS SUCH A COOL IDEA???? HAJI WOULD UNIRONICALLY also love crocs for the witchy charms and things she could decorate them with...

Nalytia why thank u for considering the coconut...i love how him and the croc pic rly tell a tale LOOK WHAT HE DISCOVERED WITH THE NICE DRAMATIC LIGHTING!!! crocs. GOD HE'D HAVE TO WEAR THE KID SIZE LMAO OTHERWISE USES THEM AS A hat...

number11train omg I CAN'T BELIEVE U EVEN INCLUDED BLAIR AND HIS SPIDIES!!! puts them in a lil tree while he goes to run errands sniffle thank u for capturing his dark undereyes AND WHY DO I FEEL LIKE HE WOULD ACTUALLY WEAR THE CROCS WHILE RELAXING AT HOME LMAO (spiders hide the jibbitz) (touches tomato charm n cries) n finally touches da whole collab THANK U FOR ARRANGING IT MWAHS I LOVE IT EVERYTHING IS SO AESTHETIC N PRETTY!!!!!!! eats the fall vibes like candy