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Arkem City Gangs: Kassandra + Roi




I only managed to finish two portraits for the Arkem City Gangs AU, but that's okay bc I enjoyed spending the extra time playing (gambl--) in it instead!

Alias: Kassandra
Faction: Angel Corporation

Known publicly as Kassandra, a singer-songwriter who grew to moderate fame over his unique lyricism and stage designs. Known privately as an assassin who works for Angel Corporation in order to pay hospital fees for his only relative. And, known only to himself, a top-secret military experiment who violently escaped his research facility during his youth. After his escape, Cass was taken in by a performer who taught him how to sing and write, and eventually became his adopted guardian. This performer got into a crippling stage accident a few years ago, so Cass returned to his human-weapon roots and took up assassin work for money.

He has a knack for killing people with his bare hands or pieces of wire, often sedates himself with opioids in order to douse the rush he gets from murder (a designed reaction he can't help), and still visits his guardian in Princess Miras Hospital regularly.

  • Having confessed the truth about himself in order to reveal the true identity of the Triss Diamond, Cass had little choice but to accept arrest by the federal agent René Deschamps. Yet in what was, perhaps, an unspoken kindness, he was left unattended for just long enough to slip away from the government's grasp again - and so he vanished from Arkem City, leaving all of Kassandra's fortune with his guardian. Kassandra was never seen again - meaning Cass remained free, wherever he was.

Gauchier Calzola
Alias: Roi Alacci
Faction: Law & Justice

A government spy from the Federal Intelligence Agency, sent to help the ACPD investigate and track down the Triss Diamond. Currently deep undercover under the persona of 'Roi', a humble card dealer in Angel Casino who was hired thanks to the dexterity of their hands. They keep the tables appropriately rigged and have been brought into Angel Corporation's more inner dealings after accidentally witnessing - and then aiding - one of their illicit operations. Being so undercover, Gauchier only meets other law enforcers at very well-hidden rendez-vous points. Most police don't know who they really are.

'Roi' is actually the name of their identical twin who was killed many years ago, in an unsolved and very cold case. Gauchier uses the name to try lure out anyone who recognises Roi's name and face.

  • Gauchier was one of the casualties of the Telurea's sinking who was never found - and so was presumed dead, their body sunken to the bottom of the ocean with the ship's ruins. In truth, Gauchier was swept out to sea and eventually, fortuitously, rescued by a passing foreign merchant ship, who then took them to the next port on their route. This was far away from Arkem City... but with their old identity and mission tidily squared away by their false death, and new priorities in their heart, this presented a new chance at life. Gauchier finally adopted their real name and settled into a humble countryside life with Shiloh, where they would live out their days in peace together before the next war.

And because he was immense fun in this AU, special shout-out to the very hardboiled:

Silvan Lucilius
Faction: Law & Justice

A former police officer, now a private eye who runs his own detective agency. After the Sixth Circle incident, he grew convinced that the ACPD was too rigid and corrupt to really save lives. He still collaborates with old colleagues he trusts.
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