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Wow. Fuck. dA always has been top tier when it comes to fuckery, but holy cow, this time it overdid itself.

I...will have some cleaning to do, now, and probably be looking for someplace else in the cyberspace.
Yeah, so I found the secret to stop smoking completely and within a day. I went to one pack and a half (30 cigs) per day to zero absolutely instantly. It's super cheap too.

Here's the secret :

Stop putting cigs into your mouth.

I swear it works. Try this and thank me later.
Just found some old art from 2014 me.
That was not a pleasant experience.

I need to be aware that, if my art is nowhere near the level I'm aiming for, and while I have a long road in front of me, steps forward have been made. I need to keep the pressure on myself.
Iran is now authorized by international law to devlop the atom bomb.

But when you look into the immediate history of the world, by comparing the fate of dictators like Ghadaffi, Sadam Hussein and Kim Jung Un, ownership of a WDM arsenal seem to make the difference between unlawful invasion and heartfelt accolades from the US.

So if Teheran is to decide to get its hands on a wipeout device, I won't blame them. Hell we could maybe sell them one or two? Complimentary Raffales airships included.
Until last year, I was totally convinced that the defining factor in fiction was its degree of accuracy. Mostly that opinion was informed by contacts I had, and because I was beggining to research my stuff. Historical accuracy in fiction was really important, and to some point still is. I just cringe every time I see someone defeat a dude in plate armor with a sword in movie or videogames. Jesus christ a steel blade will not cut through a steel plate, what is so hard to understand about basic physics.

Then after playing DF through and through, and being immersed into an universe whose laws differ from ours, I've been interested in speculating about how life, originated upon an alien world would develop its society, customs and traditions, aswell as their methods and doctrines. How would people organize if they were spawned in an alien world. This is fascinating stuff. So historical accuracy was replaced, at least for a time, with a thrive for authenticity, more than with accuracy.

Writing a DF AAR is pretty much the epitome of the conflict between authenticity and accuracy. We have no basis to judge that a group of human spawn in an alien world would develop along the exact lines as we, earth human, did. Their designs would be different, their customs foreign, and non of this would mimic perfectly the development of human civilization as we know it - and so trying to make those alien men fit into the mold of history as we know it on earth would be inauthentic. Conversely, recording events and descriptions faithfully would not give anything ressembling our own history.

So basically, you got to make the choice. You either try to stick with earth's historical records, you stick with your universe, or you do some in-between. And of all that choices, striving for authenticity is my first choice, because it makes the world feel unique and the characters alive and compatible with their universe and the culture they create.

Character building, storytelling, in the other hand, was never really my priority. I consider a story should flow naturally from its setting, and so should its characters, and so writing complex characters or intricate stories means not only more effort, but also less authenticity. The writer should take the back sit and let the story happen ; his role is to record, to assemble, to embelish maybe, but not to create.

But nothing gave me more disdain for realism than playing this game, Kingdom Come.

There is a point, where historical accuracy ceases to be a characteristic of the setting and becomes just fart smelling, and this game is way, way, way over that point, and there is a lot of problems with that.

First of ; the game has to take liberties with history. Your father is a blacksmith. Where are his apprentices? Craftmen in the middle age attract apprentices with their renown, and attract gold with their apprentices labor. That's how it works. Now your father is a legendary swordsmith on a first name basis with the local nobility and you are his only apprentice? Bullshit.

During the tutorial, you save a girl from being raped (of course, can't grow tired of that trope until you're 15) in the middle of a skirmish. I mean sure. What better time to undress the leather straps of your greaves and get your dick out than when the swords are flashing around you, under a burning building. Also fucking a peasant girl is a better prospect than looting, because you're a nice guy and prefer to leave what can give you a leg up in life to your trusted comrades. Not to mention villains can maintain an erection during a battle, which is how you know you're facing badasses as a player.

Holy shit I'm so tired of having mercenaries portrayed as serial rapists. That is not how it worked in the middle age. They have camp followers, they are not lacking women.

Then you have the constant conflict between history and History. The game can't decide what side to go to, and for  a very good reason ; you can't do both at the same time. Life in the middle age is boring. You harvest, you plant, you do menial chores while you wait for it to grow back, and you do that your whole life. If you're a noble, things are not much more exciting. You wait for the taxes to be collected, and if you're adventurous enough, you pay mercenaries to fuck with your neighbour. There's a reason they go hunting and participate in jousts : life is boring as fuck.

And so the game goes from boring life stuff "but at least it's realistic" such as patrolling the town, drinking with guards, discussing weather with peons, to horribly forced drama to create some fakeass tension between empty characters.

This is probably the worse. The mayor asks you to close the tavern, but the local prince is still drinking and tells you to go and fuck yourself. Now as you're just joe peasant, you should just inform the mayor of the incident, and case close. The mayor would thank you and come with the urban guard to remind the prince of his obligations to the law.

That's how that situation would have been handled realistically. But no, instead you punch him in the face to create some shit ass rivalry, because unlike the prince, you don't need to be drunk to act like a tool.

Then of course you get caught. The prince has three witnesses, and he's a fucking prince. You're joe peasant and you have none. How do you escape execution is beyond me. Google 'supplice of damian' if you want an idea how that kind of shit was punished. You don't raise a hand over your lord if you know what is good for you.

But that's the point. Realism is boring as fuck. Reality is boring. This is why we play games, and KC: D just illustrate that point, in making the only exciting moments you can play to be unholy innacurate.
I wonder if, one day in the future, we will have games depicting the life of a burger flipper in his way to save the world or someshit, while claiming to be realistic. Can't wait.

And of course I have to mention that sacrificing realism for gameplay is a matter of course, and is acceptable.
You can defeat armored foes with a one handed sword because realism has variable geometry. Seriously. A peasant killing an armored mercenary with a sword is a big fat no. Even if he connects, the sword will just bounce off the mail. Medieval life wasn't fair (who could have guess) and you can't really make a realistic and balanced gameplay out of it.
Even realistic duels would have been boring as fuck ; you spar for 20 seconds, one of you gets wounded, you have ten seconds of applause and you spend ten years of your life recovering from the untreated infection.

That's okay tho, it's not about the gameplay; it's about worldbuilding. But in the case of KC: D, it doesn't work. Pretentions to historical accuracy add nothing to the story but a scent of snobbism, and is disreguarded for the story's sake anyway.

So yeah. Driving forward, in-verse authenticity will always take precedence over historical accuracy. This is the way to go and if I wasn't sure of that before, I now am
6 months and I'm either out or dead.
So...each US ally being now exempt from steel tarifs, steel prices began to deflate, down to $824 from $840. Trend look stable tho... That new haven't been really mediatized because it's easier to get americans hooked on a sex scandal than on a possible price jacking affair involving state owned industries.

Also if you own steel, now's a good time to have a conversation with your bank advisor about selling.

Boy I so wish I could ask to a hard metal industrial about that.
So.... lots of things. The price of steel seem to have stabilized around $820/t for two days. I have no idea as for now if it constitutes a peak or a brutal overnight, but stable increase. $820 may very well be the new normal, the bounceback from 1st mar from $840 may have stopped here for now. I'll keep monitoring those prices very closely.

Again, this price is important because the jobs created,without wage increase, rely entierely on this price not going down since it's not correlated to growth afaik.

Now, about steel and chinese malpractices, I've been reading a bit. It is apparently a well known fact that chinese steel industry practices dumping in order to overflow EU and US markets, lowering the prices of raw materials into unsustainability.Tariffs are seen as a superficial but necessary remedy to those malpractices and are understood to be a "bandaid" measure that needs to be followed up by work on root causes to prevent steel dumping reliably and sustainably.

Those antidumping measures are not new. They were discussed among partners in 2016 in a comission that included both EU and US representatives. Measures were taken and international western tariffs were risen already, which is probably the cause of the initial price raising, from $316/t to $416/t

So tariffs are already in place as we speak, but they were discussed collectively as part of a west-block strategy of reasonably priced steel. It is also worth noting that US was already criticized for their tariffs on japan in 2016 (… )

So after having heard there were no tariffs by USA on foreign steel until today, this is a blatant lie. Those tariffs are long standing (almost 40 years in the case of japan), but until now, those tariffs were discussed at the WTO and not taken of a hat.

All things equal,the big problem is not the tariffs by themselves, everyone have antidumping measures, free market is a lie alright. The problem is the breaching of WTO aggrements and its absurd methodology. So far, in 2017, the application of US tariffs increased the price of steel by 31% over the year.

We're three months in 2018 and it increased by 97%

It is also worth noting that in february, south korea opened a plaint to the WTO for US malpractices in evaluating the value of their antidumping tariffs (they were apparently using an obsolete methodology). So, apparently, those tariffs and the value they can reach is something that is extremely regulated by the WTO. Which makes me absolutely certain that the flat tax on foreign steel is not something legal at all.

I'll keep on doing some reading. If there's not an avalanche of formal complaints and collective measures taken in 2018 I'll eat my hat. From what I can read, the true lever for pressure resides in WTO formal complaints more than in the application of joke tariffs on midlife crisis bikes and alcohol. South Korea has already made one, China's preparing one from what I can read (don't quote me on that, they are not specific on what they are going to do in retaliation, but the WTO agreement breach gives them a lot of leeway) and I hope EU will follow through.

For more information, this is a more reliable source than american TV :
So. I've been wondering, why to do such a thing? What sense does it makes to generate market instability, to threaten allies with a trade war and to break international trade law?

Is it to divert attention from the random hooker he fucked during the elections? Or the FBI investigation running on his ass? Liberal medias are fucking clueless.

Turns out the answer is much, much simpler.…

Turns out the market price of steel has reached its lowest level for at least 10 years the 27 november 2015 ($316), and has been raising very slowly since then. Second-to-last recorded price I have access to was monitored last year, 24 march 2016, at $416.

Now it bursted violently since the signature of the tariffs. It is now $820 (march 9 2018) and has started to decrease slowly.

It looks like speculation at the highest level. The price haven't been that high in ten years, having almost doubled since last year. Anyone who bought steel until the tariff anouncement has doubled their bet.

Maybe following the money could shed some light on why the king of apes sees fit to declare war on his allies.

So. The prices will probably not maintain at $820, this is absolutely unbearable. Yes. Randomly generating 25% tariffs on imported steel doubles the market price of steel, who would have known.
If Occam's razor applies, it is probably a simple, stupid, price gouging operation.

If it is, it is likely that large amounts of steel will be released into the USA market in the next weeks, at high price. The price should eventually find its equilibrium where it started.

But in the meantime, any industry relying on steel would have been robbed blind, and steel sellers will be rich as fuck.

Now on the realm of pure speculation :
• One of the main steel consumer is actually the US army, who will buy on tax dollars every bit of steel they'll be ask to buy. The money will go straight from the taxpayer to the steel sellers. When you can generate demand, control the prices and pay yourself with the military budget, you can capitalize easily it seems.
• A part of the US secondary industry will have a fucking hard time very soon, part of it will probably die.
• Wow a lot of jobs in the steel industry have been created ! Great success ! They will close one after another when the market is stable again with a steel around $500. Those jobs are made to capitalize on the instability and will not last.
After having been on and off the label, mostly because of the shameful, disgraceful behavior of people who also claim it, I feel somewhat compelled to write down - somewhere - my current thoughts on anarchism, including why I still consider myself to be an anarchist. I don't want to convince, just to state ; in the face of evidence, in the face of my current experiences, on the face of arguments for and against I've heard, here is what I believe and why.

• Heroes and machines

Anarchism don't have a lot of books on its why. It has a lot of books on its "how". The conquest of the bread, by Kropotkine, is pretty much my go to source to imagine how a society can live, not only without a centralized power to guide it, but also with a centralized power working to destroy it.
The anarchist cookbook is the perfect exemple of anarchist writing. It doesn't care about why, it cares about how. Here's a tool, here's how to use it, here's what it does.

Anarchism is not so much defined by what it is, but rather by what it is not. So Atheism is defined by a lack of belief in a god, Anarchism is defined as a lack of loyalty into the power. The subsequent writings by most authors take this lack of loyalty as a starting point - we're individuals, we have loyalty to no one but to those we chose to have loyalty to, here's how we function.

France as a country is a disapointment. It's better, I wager, than most of the other nations on earth, but as a nation, it never stroke me as something particularly valuable, something that has more value than I do, to my own eyes. Altho I recognize I'm better off in this place, among this people, than in most of the other nations on earth, if hard pressed to answer the question "would I give my life, or anything I own really, to this system", the answer would be no. Everytime.

That is not to say I have no deep admiration for french heroes. Jules Brunet, altho he was a captain of the Second Empire, is the prime exemple of what I consider to be a hero. When sent to Japan, in face of a change of government and its subsequent recalling by the emperor himself, chose to be loyal not to his nation, but to the people he spent his life with, is to me a good exemple of what I like to call an anarchist feeling. The 17th infantry regiment, who chose to march with the wine protestors against Clemenceau, not because of ideological proximity, but because the protestors were their family and friends, not to advocate any idea but to stop the charge of the cuirassiers into the crowd, is another prime exemple of that feeling.

Anarchism, in that sense, is not the belief that we would be better off without society. It's the recognition that blind loyalty to any social construct is misguided, and runs contrary to our nature that pushes us to care for people that are close to us. It recognizes, even more clearly in the internet age, that kinship is defined by volontary association rather than outdated country borders.

• Devising new tools

Because we need some sort of law to keep society running smoothly and to allow for cooperation at evergrowing scales, the question of government cease in my opinion to be a matter of why, and even a matter of who, but a matter of how. If I am comparing two systems of government, the question that matter to me ceases to be "who should I be loyal to and why", for I have no loyalty, but rather "how can we work together, what will bear the most fruits, where does my interest and the interest of people close to me lies in".

Goverment is like any other social construct. It's a tool. It recquires no loyalty, and is judged by its effectiveness. It makes therefore sense that old, clunky and rusty tools be discarded, and replaced by more effiscient one when those are devised.

According to the experience I had working both in national and european standardization, it became clear to me that the national comminties were old, relatively ineffective, slow processes, in comparison with its european equivalent - bigger, faster, and who had a much wider impact. Working on national standardization seemed to be a waste of time ; not only because whatever would have been decided would have to take the back seat to what would be decided at the european scale (not going into details), but most especially because the process was slow, clunky and had a minimal impact anyway.

Lacking any kind of loyalty to my nation, nor to the Union by in large, I can compare both systems and judge which is the most effiscient. To me, it's very clear. Nations are outdated, EU is the future.

• Fruits on a tree

The same kind of reasoning drives my admiration for Mao Zedung. One need not to assess their love or hatred of socialism to come to a conclusion that Mao was actually one of the best thing that could happen in a China torn by war, chaos and blind nationalism. One has to look in the fruits to judge the tree. The construction of hospitals multiplied the chinese life expectancy by two, the construction of schools taught every chinese people to read and write.

Lies not whistanding - one child policy was a horror, people write, not understanding that before this policy, zero kid instead of one would be paid for by the central government - and the great leap forward lead to some people starving - even tho the chinese population doubled within the chairman's lifetime.

It's not a matter of why. It's not a matter if one likes a specific government, ideology of person. It's a matter of how it does, it's a matter of the effect it has.

• No country for future men

You judge a tree by its fruit, a government body by what it does. Once the hysteria will stop, and people will stop trying to stir ideas one way or the other for their own immediate political gains, we'll look at things clearly. It will become self evident that chinese socialism was a superior alternative to Chang Kaishek nationalism, and the european union is the machine we need to replace the obsolete national toolboxes.

In the end that's what it comes down to. People look for their best interest, and by doing so, drives the human race further.

I look on my country, absolutely unconvinced its effect is the best we can hope for. I see much more powerful and effiscient tools be used elsewhere, and I think - this is in my interest to have these tools applied, and the old ones discarded. My friends and family would be better off. I'd be better off.

In my humble opinion, that's the logical conclusion of an anarchistic mindset in the modern age.
One would think disabling comments would have reduced the frequentation of this shitblog.
Actually it multiplied it by 2.5
I lost some watchers, but I gained more, it's a positive in the end. Guess people don't care too much after all. Internet is wierd aint it
I wish there was a way to disable them on all my deviations.
Why do people comment? Don't they have anything better to do?
Is the only way we can achieve economic independance from the US, and prevent wars from plagging our continent again. If you see another way, be my fucking guest but the old european equilibrium you want to go back to died in the mud in 1914, and its body was desacrated again in 1939.

You can't argue the old levy system can whistand floods post uricane katrina, you can't argue the old european equilibrium diplomatic strategy can insure peace post WWI, let alone WWII.

And when you see that our president, socialist no less, can fall behind yelping like a dog behind Trump, the candidate of non-interventionism no less, after a characterized crime against international law, you understand that in our current state, we are so weak that we are reduced to kotow to evil and to participate to international crimes.

All of the eurosceptic candidates I heard - Asselineau, Lepen, Mélanchon, and that amusing royalist buffon I keep forgetting the name of- will talk about independance to no fucking end.

But here's the trick, you can't be independant if you're weak, and you can't be strong if you're divided.
Join up or die, motherfucker, Federal Europe will happen.

In other news, I learnt recently that my great grand uncle was shot by the feldgendarmerie. They found some evidence he participated to a plot to steal rationment tickets to feed homeless people  during the occupation, and was rifle squad as a communist. Jean Rouvillois was his name, peace guardian by profession and member of the PTPF. He was married and had a child. They gave his name to a street in his hometown.
A hero that man.

I wish people would take the time to remember where we're coming from. A collection of weak, violent and repressive states whose independent treaties meant to insure peace among themselves could go haywire and cause the biggest catastrophy known by mankind by the drop of a hat.

Maybe this could put some perspective on the horrible tyranny of having to respect some fucking euro standards about how to build water resistant ceramic tiles.

So... some days have passed since Trump is elected, and some friends asked me for my opinion on it. I feel like I gave them a dissatisfying answer - as I told them I was fine with it, altho I am still a die hard socialist and Trump is pretty much everything I'm against.

So. Quick post to explain why and how I came to the conclusion that Trump's election is, if not a good thing, at least not has bad as Hillary would have been. Maybe people will read that, if not, I'll just post it for the future, see if my thoughts stand the test of time.

In USA like in my country, the two party systems was originally made to represent the two conflicted but ultimately complementary side of the public ; namely the industry -the right- and their workers - the left. In France, this system exists since the first republic, and is now the prefered system of all the modernized west. Both the economic actors and the people need representation and advocacy, and policy making was an art meant to find a way between the conflicting interests of both.

Yet, in the last decades, the left- whose mission was to protect and advocate for the rights of the workers, progressively but steadily gave up its mission, which they felt lost its original relevance - to focus on absolutely non issues such as women rights, or bringing back from last century racial issues no one want to hear about. Pitting their constituancies against one another -the factory worker against his wife, the white worker against the black worker, they eventually gave up their original reason of existance : the defense and promotion of the people who actually create wealth in the country. Workers.

Those people felt, and in some extent are disenfranchized. They don't recognize themselves in the democrat party in the US, and for all I know they certainly don't recognize themselves in the "socialist" party in France. No one can really blame them. Just because one says he has the interest of the poors at heart doesn't means they own the poors - and after at least ten years of switching from economic issues such as wealth distribution to gender and racial nonsense, the lower class is tired and look for other means for a better future.

To be conviced of that, one have to look after how the Tea Party was treated by the left leaning medias. Poor people that were absolutely tired of being sucked from what they had, and protesting the government for policies they deemed responsible of their loss of spending power. Were they misguided? Sure, somehow. Did they properly pinpoint the root cause of their problems - probably not. But ultimately, it was one legitimate, popular and ultimately grassroot uprising, that should have been if not embraced, at least understood by the party claiming to have their interest at heart. Instead, they faced ridicule and were pretty much wiped out where they could have been an agent for change - because some of their ideas were not completely aligned with new-yorker's bourgeoisie mindset, who decided they had the monopoly on poor people.

Now the rise of Trump and Sanders is not a surprize. Sanders was smothered with a pillow by the Clinton camp, leaving only one way out for the popular vote.

Poor people were left with a choice - either they would lower their head and accept their disenfranchizement, or they would take a gamble. I'm somewhat happy they opted for the gamble.

 How did that Core experiment worked out for you ? Surely shitting on your consumer base was a good idea, right ?

I hope your $20 coffee tasted fucking good, because you're all going back to the french press real soon.

Reminder for people who don't yet surf on dA adfree :
It appears I was tagged by :iconstellartune: who wants some facts about my character Fyran, and I'm happy to oblige.
Why the fuck not, right.

I'll spare you the tag stuff, let's get to it.

Fyran is this guy ►
He is mostly a "on standby" character, but who knows, I might reuse him at some point ?

1°) Fyran lost his eye when he was around 20, when an arrow went through his skull. How he did survived is a mystery.
He does not seem to be bothered by it at all.
2°) On his original design, he lost his left eye. I changed it to his right eye for the roleplay, for no real reason except laziness.
3°) Even after having been nerfed twice, Fyran remained the most powerful character of the crew during all his game time.
4°) On his original story, Fyran carried a lumberjack axe as a weapon, which he used during the rebellions. For the purpous of this roleplay, his old tool has been replaced by an halberd, to fit more with his "guard" role.
5°) Fyran never knew his parents and has been raised among his cousins by his grandmother, who died during the rebellions.
6°) Fyran personally executed the lord of the East March of Dameth, sir Laen, after a confrontation in a burned church, over taxes on wood - the main production of his village.
7°) Fyran has been a soldier for 25 years and fought for three different armies at this point, not counting his various work as a mercenary.
8°) He currently wanders the wild as a murder hobo because why the hell not.

Here you go.
While it takes longer than I expected to get the website on its tracks, I thought a quick update and clarification coule be appropriate.

The website : technically fully functionnal and sports 24 pages worth of comic, and counting. Yet, it doesn't look like exactly like I want it to look like, so it will still need more work. I don't want to present some half assed stuff. I want it to look pro, and to provide the best quality content I can provide.

No ads : The fact my provider is free does allow me not to have to care about ads or any other form of monetization. That MAY be implemented in the future, but for now I want to focus on the content. If it is, it will be something non-invasive, and if possible, based on voluntary action on your part.

Why a website rather than staying here on dA : At this point, aside some visibility of dubious nature, I have no interest in staying in dA. People are nice and I stay in contact with them, if possible by other means. But moving to my own platform, especially when it's cost-free, is a win-only operation. I gain total control over my production and loses effectively nothing. Plus, while dA charges you with Core to have access to your analytics, that's something I get for free here. And I don't even talk about the options I don't get to have in dA no matter what.

My future on dA : I'm still reading comments and I will occasionally post pictures. The main of my work is on other platforms at this point. In the long run, all of the pictures I will post here, plus some more, will be available on the website. For now I have simply nothing to show here, but the time will come.

• What to expect from the website : 45-50 pages-format comics. Free of charge, just up to be read. Additional art based on the universe I'm trying to build, commission support, contact information. Basically, it will be the same thing I did here for a number of years.

When : Soon.
That's it.  That straw broke the camel back for me. See you elsewhere in the internet.
Seriously, guys, cut off the crap. I'm not Charlie, I don't identify with them, I don't pretend to share the pain of their family.

You know what pisses me off even more than islamist gun retard? First world retards who buy their conscience at a discount price.

I know indignation is an undersupplied good, but can you guys wait until their bodies are cold to eat off of them ?

That'll be great.

Oh yeah. And no more "we are all Charlie". You're not Charlie. Would you die under a rain of fire and lead, no one would give a fuck, because you're not a famous artist.

Get a grip.

Imagine a lone traveler, coming tothe country of Y for only a short time. As he goes out of the airport, he takes some time to wander, and ends up getting lost in the vast and labyrinthic streets of the capital. Soon enough, his footsteps has been trampled by a million feet already, and the airport is nowhere to be found. He does not understand the language of the people of Y, and everytime he tries to ask his way, they look at him in disbelief. Weeks pass, then months and years. Everyday, he tries to find a way back to the airport and to leave Y for good, but everyday, he fails. Nonetheless, after every dusk, he makes the promise to himself that tommorow, he will find that airport. He tries to note every detail, recall his memory, he tries to learn the language of Y, but all of that without success.

One day, he finally encounters another traveller, older and more experienced, who decided, a long time ago, to make maps of every location he would visit. After all this time of hopeless wandering, finding someone to talk to seems to him like a breath of fresh air.

"Please tell me where the airport is", the traveller says. "This place is hell, and I want to go home as soon as possible".

But the man smirks in return. The airport is, indeeed, hard to find. Some say the airport doesn't even exist. There are rumors people ended up finding that airport, but, you know, rumors.

"I'm not going to stay here any longer", the traveller continues."As you know this place, simply give me the direction and I'll go on my way."

"It's not that easy : I know this place very well, and I can tell you how to go everywhere in Y...but the airport. Ask me anything else, I'll guide you - but if you want to go out, as the airport is not on my maps, we'll have to find it together."

The man and his guide then go wandering together in Y, following the known streets of the city. Days, weeks, months, and still no airport.

"As I told you, there is no garantee the airport even exist." the guide says. Maybe it's just a legend. Again, I know some ways to go to the supermaket, or to the post office, or anything really. Are you sure you want to find the airport ? And why leaving in the first place ?"

"I hired you because I wanted to find an exit" the traveller respond. "I'm not interested in anything else."

"Well, maybe if you end up knowing Y like your pocket, then you'll find the airport. I don't know, but really, it's the only solution I see."

And the two men resume their wandering.

The airport probably existed, but was demlolished a long time ago. It doesn't matter how well you know the country of Y, you can never open an exit that has been closed for so long.

Psychoanalysis is bullshit.