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Wolfmark, westgate

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Published: March 4, 2017
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Wolfmark is the major trading hub of the region. While it is technically part of the empire, its remoteness and the danger of the surrounding area make it de facto an independant power center.

Industry wise, it's famous for its silk spinning industry and its number of state sanctionned temples. The elderly are widely cared for, thanks to the city policy and religious militantism.

Wolfmark is surrounded by large stone walls. Its population is around 20K adults, and its standing army counts 200 heads, plus an unknown number of free companies, rural patrollers, civilian militias and town guardsmen. While this is enough to keep the city in relative calm and shield its population from outside threats, its vicinity remain mostly savage and riled with monsters.

Power officially resides within the hands of Marquis Phillipp Von Lettman, with major influences from Reinhol Von Baten, leader of a small knighly order, and a leaderless but very powerful municipality. Tensions exist between those power centers but Wolfmark remains in relative harmony, especially considering their condition.

Local guilds include :

•  Scarlet Flames : The close compagny of Von Lettman. Mostly his family and landless lords. Looked suspisciously by imperial power and local population. Known to use blackmail as a method to quell controversy. Its members wear a flame on their scabbards. Joining them requires nobility status, a substancial initial fee of five hunder gold crowns and a plea of alliegence. They are dedicated to the Von Lettman family and mostly act as spadassins.
Midnight Torch : Von Baten's men. A handful of knights and a number of priests. Somewhat disliked, mostly due to their proesilism and their rivalries with other gods' followers. Officially dedicated to slay undead and dark magic users, mostly witchhunt. Use violence as a primary method. Relations with Von Lettman depends on the circumstances. Joining them recquires reputation and carrying undisclosed tasks. Members sport a tattoo on their backs.
Silent Edict : Men of the municipality. Town guard officers and elite rural patrollers usually join them as they rise in ranks. They are in direct conflict with Von Lettman and his men, but work with them to keep the town safe. They see themselves as representatives and advocates for Wolfmark's people, and often oppose (mostly unsucessfully) Von Baten's purges. They wear black and white as a distinctive sign. Their primary mode of action consists of hiring free companies and parolling the city and its vicinity, occasionally taking arms themselves when Wolfmark is under outside threat. Joining them recquires a display of skill and loyalty.
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