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Any support for my mother would be nice.
God Bless.
Here are you're top three winners for the right to have bleedman sketches paid by me!
sleepyloli by teacupballerina                            Infinix: Action Unfolding! [EWG] by Robenix
Meihua Copy by soapallo

Twas a hard contest for both of us to pick.
But i believe you guys went all out on your A Game!
I will contact Bleedman with the commissions payment and both of us will post around then. :)
Hey guys i am in need of support, If you can do to my page at Buy Me A Coffee!
I can post more future contest on my deviant art page as possible!
It's only $3 dollars per donation so i can get the extra money to create stuff for the foreseeable future.
Besides Jewel in canon for Grim Tales's story..
I am the bartender in the recent pages at the bar scene out of no where and i would like to thank Bleedman for doing so!
Thanks again Vinz!
And you wonder who was the little bastard that did the final coffin to their abuse in power over at Snafu-Comics?
I would like to thank :icongriddles: for being patient enough to allow me to get Snafu Dave to take my advice and allow them to be removed from their horrible ways on the website.
Would like to thank :iconbeeare: for the support and most of all thank you folks for the support while i became the beacon of hope for a better tomorrow!

Rant about PPGxRRB

Sun Jun 14, 2015, 2:04 AM

If you want to ship them that is fine but not when Beeare had them ressurected after their original death in Powerpuff Girls D.
He has worked on the script with years of planning and everything is in plan from chapter to chapter page after page, YET you folks want to have them as couples when they are nothing more but villains who died in the original cartoon episode.
His idea was to bring them back as goverment experiments after their first death and made them canon in bleedman's web comic.
He controls the fate of the comic, he is the writer and editor of the damn thing not you fans and will never ever will until at least of his health falls down on his back.
I hate to say it but get the fuck use to IT!!
Nothing is going to change ever.
/Rant over.

A warning to ragnarokbringer

Wed Jul 2, 2014, 11:44 AM

You have been a thorn on my side for weeks and worst of all annoying as hell. Do not make another account and message me again or else i will report your main account for stalking and get you banned for life.
This is your final chance to leave me and Jorama alone.


Tue May 20, 2014, 1:44 AM

I have decided to whenever or not to reboot Jewel's story and make a new origin story for her before the current events happen.
Its not a total remake by removing the GT universe but i'm just going to  retcon it.
Jewel would be a college girl who in a car accident gain the ability of supernatural sense, meaning she can see ghost, demons and other natural creatures in the spirit world that has cross into the human realm.
Her small gem necklance holds a key plot to the story as of her mother who went missing and along with the father who "left" them earlier before the events of this story takes place.
I planned to give it a name sooner or later but i might need help..
Thoughts on this?

I decided to change things up since the past few weeks i've been busy on something very important.
Well now you will be able to see what my project is about to become and why i change the gallery.
No, I am not leaving Deviantart.
No, It has nothing to do with Bleedman.
Yes, its completely new and original.
No, You may NEVER make bases or else i will report to the site for copyright without premission.
I do like to see fan art of this project but the rest like... asking to make bases off of the following product is totally not cool.

That point said, have fun and enjoy this awesome ride together!

Kingdom Hearts 3

Mon Jun 10, 2013, 9:36 PM


Interview with Mark Bode

Sun Jun 2, 2013, 10:08 PM

I have great fun over at Sac-Con, today i recently got the chance to meet and interview Mark Bode,

He was the artist for Kevin Eastwood on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I asked him questions on his life and job as the artist behind the iconic comic book and about the 2014 reboot of the series.

It was an honor to be meeting him.

I had a blast!

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Coffee Break

Sat Nov 3, 2012, 8:01 AM

Going to be meeting Timothy Green. in case you didn't know, he has invited me out for coffee today at Starbucks.
He is the artist for Red Hood and the Outlaws.
Who also happens to be living here in Sacramento.
Gonna be fun :)

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Sat Sep 8, 2012, 9:32 PM

NCsoft laid off all of Paragon Studios developers at Augest 31. They said that the MMO game titled City of Heroes will closed down by three months, that is November 30th. Please help us save what hold dear into our hearts. Together we can make a difference!

:iconstarplz:… :iconstarplz:

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RIP Stronger~

Sat Apr 14, 2012, 6:33 PM

Kamen Rider x Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen would happen to be the final time we get to see Jo Shigeru ever again as STRONGER.
Kamen Rider Stronger!
Shigeru Araki, the actor who played Shigeru Jo, aka Kamen Rider Stronger, passed away today. He was 63. According to the news, sometime last night, Araki's heart had stopped as his family gathered around his bed. His wife said to him, ''My dear, you were so cool as a Kamen Rider''. At that moment, Araki's heart started again and he held on through the night. But aspergillosis had infected his lung...s, and he passed away from pneumonia.

-*Tribute Music*-

So Long Deviant, It was a Blast..

Sat Mar 31, 2012, 11:45 PM

April Fools!

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Should i sell..

Sun Mar 4, 2012, 8:19 AM

Captain Marvel #1 1968 or Avengers #4 1963?

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Looks like..

Sat Dec 31, 2011, 8:19 PM

Blossom was Mimi's Mother afterall. I mean think of it for once, Blossom had to be the mother for some reason. She could've been the traitor as well in Grim Tales: WHAM comic. Thanks for the big reveal :iconbleedman:!

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Thu Dec 15, 2011, 1:54 PM

Tagged by :iconbenjogan:

Questions for me:
1. My favorite Video game is God of War series.
2. I like Italian People because of the food they made in Italy.
3. All i want for Christmas is a Ninja Turtle.
4. I like Internet better.
5. Homer Simpson
6. Don't Drink Wine.
7. Stan Lee
8. I enjoy bleedman's comics for the concept and storylines it has.
9. Philosophy is kinda like a bar of soap, you drop it and your screwed.
10. Uh.. that sounds like a tough one to answer..

Questions for you:
1. What year were you born.
2. What is your favorite animal.
3. What kind of food do you eat
4. What is the worst moment of your life
5. If you were a ninja, what would your name be?
People i tagged with:
:iconbloodemo: :iconbleedkid: :iconpanda-knight:

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Riders vs. Rangers!

In 2012, Riders will face Rangers. Kamen Rider Decade, Kamen Rider Den-O and the Gokiager!

It's primarily going to be Decade vs. Gokaiger, but other characters will also appear, including 40 Riders and 200 Rangers.
Confirmed cast includes:

Masahiro Inoue (Decade)
Ryota Ozawa (Gokaired)
Rina Akiyama (Naomi from Den-O)
Kenjiro Ishimaru (Owner/Stationmaster from Den-O)
Plus the entire Gokaiger crew, cast of Fourze and the Gobusters will drop by as well.

Producer Shirakura says, "In the year after the anniversary we're not going to power down but cross it…. This was pretty close to impossible but I'd like to make this the norm for our spring films."

What this means is that All 40 Riders will be up against 199 Sentai Heroes in a Free for All Battle next year..

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Bil Keane's "Family Circus" comics entertained readers with a simple but sublime mix of humor and traditional family values for more than a half century. The appeal endured, the author thought, because the American public needed the consistency.

Keane, who started drawing the one-panel cartoon featuring Billy, Jeffy, Dolly, P.J. and their parents in February 1960, died Tuesday at age 89 at his longtime home in Paradise Valley, near Phoenix. His comic strip is featured in nearly 1,500 newspapers across the country.

Jeff Keane, Keane's son who lives in Laguna Hills, Calif., said that his father died of congestive heart failure with one of his other sons by his side after his conditioned worsened during the last month. All of Keane's five children, nine grandchildren and great-granddaughter were able to visit him last week, Jeff Keane said.

"He said, 'I love you' and that's what I said to him, which is a great way to go out," Jeff Keane said of the last conversation he had with his father. "The great thing is Dad loved the family so much, so the fact that we all saw him, I think that gave him great comfort and made his passing easy. Luckily he didn't suffer through a lot of things."

Jeff Keane has been drawing "Family Circus" in the last few years as his father enjoyed retirement.

Keane said in a 1995 interview with The Associated Press that the cartoon had staying power because of its consistency and simplicity.

"It's reassuring, I think, to the American public to see the same family," he said.

Although Keane kept the strip current with references to pop culture movies and songs, the context of his comic was timeless. The ghost-like "Ida Know" and "Not Me" who deferred blame for household accidents were staples of the strip. The family's pets were dogs Barfy and Sam, and the cat, Kittycat.

"We are, in the comics, the last frontier of good, wholesome family humor and entertainment," Keane said. "On radio and television, magazines and the movies, you can't tell what you're going to get. When you look at the comic page, you can usually depend on something acceptable by the entire family."

Jeff Keane shared the sentiment, saying "Family Circus" had flourished through the decades because readers continue to relate to its values of family moments.

"It was a different type of comic, and I think that was my dad's genius — creating something that people could really relate to and wasn't necessarily meant to get a laugh," he said. "It was more of a warm feeling or a lump in the throat."

Keane's friend Charles M. Schulz, the late creator of "Peanuts," once said the most important thing about "Family Circus" is that it is funny.

"I think we share a care for the same type of humor," Schulz told The Associated Press in 1995. "We're both family men with children and look with great fondness at our families."

Keane said the strip hit its stride with a cartoon he did in the mid-1960s.

"It showed Jeffy coming out of the living room late at night in pajamas and Mommy and Daddy watching television and Jeffy says, 'I don't feel so good, I think I need a hug.' And suddenly I got a lot mail from people about this dear little fella needing a hug, and I realized that there was something more than just getting a belly laugh every day."

Even with his traditional motif, Keane appreciated younger cartoonists' efforts. He listed Gary Larson's "The Far Side" among his favorites, and he loved it when Bill Griffith had his offbeat "Zippy the Pinhead" character wake up from a bump on the head thinking he was Keane's Jeffy.

Keane responded by giving Zippy an appearance in "Family Circus."

Born in 1922, Keane taught himself to draw in high school in his native Philadelphia. Around this time, young Bill dropped the second "L'' off his name "just to be different."

He worked as a messenger for the Philadelphia Bulletin before serving three years in the Army, where he drew for "Yank" and "Pacific Stars and Stripes." He met his wife, Thelma ("Thel"), while serving at a desk job in Australia.

He started a one-panel comic in 1953 called "Channel Chuckles" that lampooned the up-and-coming medium of television. (In one, a mom in front of a television, crying baby on her lap, tells her husband: "She slept through two gun fights and a barroom brawl — then the commercial woke her up.")

He moved to Arizona in 1958 and two years later started a comic about a family much like his own. Keane and his wife had a daughter, Gayle, and sons Glen, Jeff, Chris and Neal — one more son than in his cartoon family.

"I never thought about a philosophy for the strip — it developed gradually," Keane told the East Valley Tribune in 1998. "I was portraying the family through my eyes. Everything that's happened in the strip has happened to me.

"That's why I have all this white hair at 39 years old."

Thelma Keane died of Alzheimer's disease in 2008 and was the inspiration for the Mommy character in the comic strip.

When his wife died, Keane called her "the inspiration for all of my success. ...When the cartoon first appeared, she looked so much like Mommy that if she was in the supermarket pushing her cart around, people would come up to her and say, 'Aren't you the mommy in 'Family Circus?'"

She also served as his business and financial manager.

Arizona and Keane had a mutual influence on each other. Keane's work can be found all around — from children's centers to ice cream shops.

Likewise, Arizona could also be found in Keane's work.

A 2004 comic saw the family on a scenic lookout over the Grand Canyon with the children asking "Why are the rocks painted different colors" and "What time does it close?"

Jeff Keane said those memories endure.

"He was just our dad. The great thing about him is he worked at home, we got to see him all the time, and we would all sit down and have dinner together. What you see in the 'Family Circus' is what we were and what we still are, just different generations."


Associated Press writer Matt Moore in Philadelphia contributed to this report.



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