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Hedy Character Qualities

i) Hedy is the most beloved of the gods within Armamentarium and is considered the unofficial leader. She is motherly, welcoming and calmly intelligent.

ii) Hedy, like the other gods, is kept ageless by the technology of the city. Her exact age isn’t known but she has embraced her position as the city’s ‘mother’ and considers all of the robots and gods her family.

iii) Hedy is unable to naturally give birth to a child. Because of this, as well as her desire to be a true mother and raise a kid, she gets help to create Amica, the first hybrid child of the city.

iv) Hedy cannot recall any of her past before being put into stasis within the city during the war. But unlike some of the other gods, she is not obsessed with discovering the past and instead focuses on the present - and future - of the city and its people.

v) Hedy primarily wears white instead of other colours. She possesses many beautiful outfits, often trimmed with gold, but she will always be wearing a dress or robe of radiant white.

vi) Hedy lives within the Compass Rose, a giant and intricate building at the very centre of the city. Just as she is considered the mother and leader of the gods, the Compass Rose is the biggest, most impressive building. Together they represent being ‘The Heart of the City’.

vii) Hedy’s partner is Thrasos, a god who thrives on adrenaline, thrill and athleticism. Though she never ventures into her partner’s interests, she supports his ventures wholeheartedly and shows great care for both him and his robot followers. They are also united in their unconditional love for their daughter, Amica.

viii) Hedy has a very calm and soothing personality, just as any loving mother would. She is never openly hostile and is afraid she will only get angry when someone makes threats towards someone she loves. Do not mess with Hedy’s ‘children’!

ix) Though Hedy is considered very beautiful, she is not represented in a sexual or objectified way. Hedy’s beauty comes from her personality and her openness, embodying the ideals of a perfect woman’s content of character as opposed to their physical traits.

x) Hedy is always close to, if not with, Amica day to day. She has many, many subjects and followers and advisors but she considers Amica truly unique as a daughter. She harbours a secret fear that she won’t live up to expectations in raising Amica, and is always very worried when Amica hurts herself or gets into trouble.

xi) Hedy’s robot followers are the largest congregation of aligned robots in the city. They do not undertake any specifically special tasking but they all gather to receive Hedy’s wisdom and advice on how to better live their lives. Hedy encourages them to open their chests and lay their spheres bare, symbolic of them shedding the bad and embracing the good.

xii) Hedy expresses emotion in subtle ways and her eyes should never be obscured by her hair. This is because her eyes tell stories that her calm face does not.

xiii) Hedy is very fond of physical contact for offering reassurance and warmth. She ensures that she hugs Amica at least five times a day. Hedy believes a simple embrace can prevent many problems before they occur.

xiv) Hedy’s deepest wish is to rebuild humanity in some way, and see the city expand and grow beyond the borders of its shield. She also wants to undo the sterility in the remaining humans and finally give birth to a natural child; a younger brother or sister to Amica.

xv) Hedy is extremely well behaved in public but she is very susceptible to alcohol. During the festival of The Drought Breaking, an annual event involving the gods sharing drinks and laughter, much of her robot population enjoy seeing Hedy act in a slightly more uninhibited manner.
Coeus Character Qualities

i) Coeus is one of the last remaining humans in the world and one of the gods of the city of Armamentarium. Coeus represents innovation and far-sight and is known for being extremely studious and engrossed in scientific work.

ii) Coeus has the appearance of a young man in his mid-twenties and his choice of clothing more often than not reflects his busy workload. Almost every pair of clothes he wears is in some way fouled, be it from soot, dust, grease or burns. He is extremely hesitant to tell anyone what he was up to, if asked.

iii) Coeus’ reclusive nature is because of the sensitivity of his work. Coeus is inspired by the potential of a future outside the city walls, where mankind can rebuild itself with the robots who worship them. He hides his work away, out of view from the Overseers or the other gods, awaiting his chance for a payoff.

iv) Coeus is extremely analytical and speaks in a rushed and frantic manner unless instructed to slow down. His rapid-fire social skills leave Amica somewhat confused at him and make holding conversations somewhat difficult. He must deliberately slow himself down in order to be clearly heard.

v) Coeus has an intense crush on Audrey, the goddess of self and sexuality. Though he finds it hard to approach her about his feelings, they have not gone unnoticed. One of the few times Coeus looks and acts truly at ease is when in the company of Audrey.

vi) Coeus does not have a designated area of the city, unlike most other gods. Coeus often resides under the city itself, within the sprawling tunnels and bays that contained provisions that humanity no longer need. He set up shop in these hidden areas, out of sight and out of mind.

vii) To help with his work, Coeus repurposed a colony of nanites from the city’s replication systems. These nanites, under his control, become a microscopic workforce able to accomplish many tasks in a short amount of time. These include construction, uplinking to the city’s central networks and keeping him company.

viii) Through his nanites’ connection to the city’s networks, Coeus can enter and observe various streams of data and information without attracting attention. Able to download, translate and replicate bits and pieces of Earth’s technological history helps fuel his plans for bringing freedom to the city’s occupants.

ix) Coeus is extremely fond of math and logic puzzles, often inviting Amica and others to participate in them. He receives a strong sense of thrill and accomplishment for completing them - the same sort of thrill Thrasos would receive from a dangerous stunt. The two gods cannot understand each others’ preferences, but remain loyal friends and companions to one another regardless.

x) Coeus is more commonly seen in public when the city is attacked by a Zodiac creature or experiences an unexpected fault. Coeus’ “house”, which is more like a portable maintenance lab, is able to relocate itself to almost anywhere in the city for ease of access, making Coeus one of the more travelled gods.

xi) Coeus very rarely interjects in an argument, but feels compelled to defend those he cares about when they are threatened or questioned. Coeus has a particular dislike for the antagonist Sneak god, who is in many ways similar to himself despite their very different ethics.

xii) Coeus embraces any opportunity to conduct his dangerous work through distraction. One of the other gods, who styles himself as an educated, advanced-thinking professor with extravagant invention ideas and a misguided ambition to be a saviour, is Coeus’ perfect point of distraction. When the city’s attention is turned to the Professor, Coeus may work in secret.

xiii) Coeus is given the role of Amica’s godfather alongside Audrey as her godmother. Together the two educate Amica in ways her own parents cannot. Over the course of the story, Coeus and Audrey develop the desire to have a child of their own; a counterpart for Amica so that she is never alone.

xiv) Coeus’ hobbies include work on his private endeavours, playing (and winning) logic games and studying pre-war technical specs and information. Coeus has a treasure trove of old and outdated military information that he enjoys reading in his spare time with the hope of incorporating it into his projects.

xv) Coeus is never seen without his glasses. His eyesight is perfect - the glasses act as a wireless interface and co-ordination means for his colony of nanites. Given his role as the city’s chief engineer, he can send signals through these glasses as part of his role and can control various settings such as the city’s layout, the simulated weather and even the colour of the energy shield that surrounds it.

xvi) Coeus is the inventor of a device in possession of each god which permits the ‘baptism’ of each robot under their care. It alters the form and function of the robots’ spheres, resembling bracelets and channelling energy currents. The gods make a connection between them and their follower- a symbolic embrace and connection of the soul as the devices convert the sphere to one representing the devotion to their god.  This is a powerful and memorable moment in any robot’s life.

xvii) Coeus sees logic, mathematics and geometry everywhere he goes. He sees how the world fits together, how situations can change and be influenced, and sometimes can foresee the outcomes of conversations or events before they occur. This is similar to Audrey’s analytical eye, which is another reason why the two gods get along so strongly.

xviii) Thanks to his relationship with Audrey, Coeus is also persuaded to change his fashion style once a month to reflect the changing seasons. Much to Audrey’s dismay, however, Coeus tends to burn and dirty his clothes within the first few days of wearing them!
Thrasos Character Qualities

i) Thrasos is seen by many to be the head male god of the Pantheon. Thrasos is considered Hedy’s husband, despite there being no surviving concept of marriage. He is slightly older than Hedy, appearing to be in his early 30’s.

ii)  Thrasos embodies athleticism, thrill and adrenaline. Thrasos is always keen to discover a new means of pushing his personal limits and getting the maximum amount of enjoyment from his daring. He will sometimes rely on his good friend Coeus to accomplish this.

iii)  Thrasos is named after the personification of boldness. Thrasos demonstrates absolutely no apprehension toward any situation, even if such courage is otherwise humorous or futile. Combined with his dedication for protecting his family, Thrasos’ courage enables him to tackle any problem head-on.

iv) Thrasos isn’t Amica’s father but is seen as such because he chose Amica’s name. His ‘daughter’ is always fascinated by his adventurous personality and his daring demeanour. However, he worries that she will try to emulate him and sometimes wrongly blames himself when she gets hurt.

v) Thrasos’ area of the city is urban and designed to cater for sports and large audiences. Thrasos himself gets the most thrills from an activity if he has a large audience that lives vicariously through his deeds. He has a strong and dedicated robot congregation.

vi) Thrasos’ high-risk lifestyle stems from the fact that he feels trapped in his state of immortality and needs to find new means of justifying his life. Though he really enjoys danger and showing off, what he really wants is to grow old and have a family.

vii)  Thrasos is athletically built but not overtly muscular. He is toned, aerodynamic and lean, like a surfer or extreme sportsman. Thrasos styles his hair in many ways but the result is often wild and colourful. His fashion sense is indicative of his larger-than-life personality and has helped him amass such a strong following.

viii)  Thrasos is the only god who regularly gets tattoos. His tattoos are special because the immortality shroud of the city constantly repairs his body, gradually removing any tattoo that is applied because they are considered ‘wounds’ and ‘aberrations’. This allows Thrasos to use his body as a vibrant, changing canvas.

ix)  Thrasos’ best friend is Coeus, the inventor god and the embodiment of wisdom and far-sight. Thrasos often gets Coeus’ help to undertake his attention-grabbing antics by making use of his technological expertise. One of the most notorious examples was when Coeus helped Thrasos base jump from the top of Compass Rose, much to Hedy’s disapproval.

x)  Like Hedy, Thrasos has a personal robot assistant who acts as a butler, liaison and mouthpiece. Thrasos’ assistant was one he helped Coeus to create. Named Mr Tiddlingsworth originally, Thrasos’ assistant is capable of limited shape shifting for tasks, but most often takes the form of a Velociraptor. Over time, Thrasos has shortened his assistant’s name. He’s had various names, like Tiddles, T-Worth and Tids.

xi)  Thrasos’ dress sense and personality has brought him into conflict with Audrey, who feels compelled to improve his lifestyle and cannot understand some of his interests. Thrasos is also at odds sometimes with the MMA god, who he often spars for sport, due to their different lifestyle approaches.

xii)  Unlike his partner Hedy, Thrasos is extremely fond and capable with alcohol. He can easily out-drink any of the other gods during the Drought Breaking. Thrasos is still prone to going overboard thanks to his party-boy habits and his supportive congregation. Thrasos is responsible for the most accidental destruction of property in the whole city.

xiii)  Thrasos was originally so sick of living forever and watching life stand still that he took more and more risks without any care for the consequences. This changed once Amica was born. Hedy still worries that Thrasos wants to hurt himself at times.

Audrey Character Qualities

i) Audrey is the second primary goddess within Armamentarium and is a close friend of Hedy and her family. Audrey, thanks to her ageless immortality, has the appearance of a very beautiful woman in her mid-to-late twenties.

ii) Audrey is vastly different to what Hedy embodies as a goddess. Audrey typifies the physical perfection of a beautiful woman. Audrey is consistently working on her own looks and fashion sense and is keen to pass these individualistic characteristics onto her friends and followers.

iii) Audrey places a strong focus on intimacy and one-to-one relationships. She is the most physically attractive of all the gods and she embarks on sexual relationships with several of them, both male and female, at allotted times during the year. Audrey believes it her duty to have that sort of closeness in a time where humanity is nearly extinct, or it would be forever lost.

iv) Audrey dresses far more colourfully than Hedy. Audrey’s outfits are never too revealing, instead more akin to movie starlets from the 1940’s and 1950’s. The colour she wears is based on a number of things, like mood, season, personality and her connection to those around her. She has an entourage of assistants that also practice this method.

v) Audrey is extremely devoted to fashion and appearance, believing it to be a foremost expression of one’s self. Audrey will always change and adapt her style to reflect new discoveries from the Data Mine of human history, as well as for special events. An opportunity to pamper Amica and make her prettier is one that Audrey cannot resist.

vi) Audrey utterly dotes on Amica and is thankful of the trust Hedy shows in letting her look after her ‘daughter’. Audrey is responsible for many of the clothes Amica wears over the course of her story, and much like Audrey, Amica’s styling will change from time to time. Audrey created the hair clip Amica wears later in the story.

vii) Audrey’s strong obsession with fashion and presentation can be compared to Rarity from My Little Pony. They speak with similar accents and have an adoring following.

viii) Although Audrey embodies sex appeal and almost all the gods at times become her sexual partners, Audrey has a particularly strong bond with Coeus, the god of ingenuity and far-sight. She sees him as a loveable young man who needs to show more confidence in himself. She also admires the secret work he does for the city and desires to start a more proper relationship with him.

ix) Despite the great enjoyment Audrey receives from both her teachings on fashion and style, as well as sex, she feels a great sense of sadness in many things she does. Audrey cannot shake the belief that much of what she does is merely an illusion for the robots that cannot grasp true individuality and is depressed that sex could never give her a child. This may be why she’s so fond of Amica, instead.

x) Audrey feels most at ease when working her magic on a friend or subject. When styling hair or creating new outfits, she has the tendency to talk in a cheery, flighty manner. Whilst never gossipy on purpose, Audrey finds that she has difficulty keeping secrets in these situations.

xi) Audrey’s sexiness deliberately invokes many aspects of 1950’s starlets like Marilyn Monroe - long, flowing dresses, elaborate coats and hats, a teasing glimpse of leg and skin but never slutty or underdressed. Audrey is far different from someone like Mandy, who could be seen as skanky by some. Audrey has a dignified sex appeal and turns heads because she takes pride in herself.

xii) Hedy and Audrey’s relationship is very strong but there are occasional conflicts, such as when Audrey’s depression over the state of humanity comes to a head with Hedy’s position as Amica’s mother. Like Hedy, Audrey gets very drunk, very easily during the Drought Breaking.

xiii) Despite taking each god periodically as a sexual partner and always remaining professional with them outside these times, Audrey learns a great deal about the other gods from their intimacy. There are secrets Audrey has learned from her time with Hedy that she would never dare reveal to Thrasos, for example. This is why, when happily sewing or fitting clothing, she asks to be reminded if she rambles too much.

xiv) Like Reinnel to Hedy and Tids to Thrasos, Audrey has robotic assistance. In her case, however, Audrey has a small entourage of about five or six robots of varying types, a ‘panel of experts’ in the fields she pioneers who have mastered her teachings. Because of Audrey’s very strong following in the population, she often has her entourage operate on her behalf so that she can focus on the other gods, her brightest students and Amica herself.

xv) At one point in the story, thanks to Amica’s actions within the city, Audrey manages to fall pregnant against all the odds that plague humanity. However, because both Coeus and herself have been infertile for so long and haven’t had time to recover, the resulting embryo dies rather quickly, dashing her hopes of having a child. This strongly influences Audrey’s mindset and pushes her towards a bold decision - Audrey wants a child made just like Amica.


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