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windows 7 zune theme

This is my first visual style, Ported to windows 7.

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NOTE : APPLY THE BASIC WINDOWS 7 THEME FIRST THEN THIS TO MAKE IT WORK SINCE SOME OF YOU GOT PROBLEMS WITH IT. Your computer will also run faster since its not using aero interfaces so don't forget to apply the normal windows 7 basic theme first.!:P

Youtube intro for all themes ! Pleace look at the video / comment / rate subscribe . [link]

Plase the zune windows theme file and zune folder to c:/Windows/resources/themes

the explorer.exe to c:/windows ,rename the old explorer.exe to explorer_backup.exe open upp task manager ctr+alt+del . choose task manager.

go to processes find explorer.exe choose end process tree, Now dont freak out the taskbar will dissapear, go to file> new task run > type explorer.exe

and there you go.

-----------------------NOTE IF SOMETHING DID GO WRONG WITH THE EXPLORER DO THIS--------------------------------

if something did go wrong and the new explorer wont work, go to file > new task run > go to browse, c:/windows

find the new explorer.exe delete it , find the explorer_backup.exe and rename it to explorer.exe, run it. and there you go.
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fuq off im tryin too find the xp zune theme for 7 fack you
I can't log in to my account. What can I do?

Edit: I solved the problem. I opened my PC in safe mode and deleted the files. You may have made a great work but I can't enjoy it. I'm sorry! :(
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my laptop got so fast no freeze like before ,i did not apply the explorer only copy folder zone and zone.theme and i apply it ,the original win7 theme stay same and  gone so fast ,it good theme to speed up win7 ,a 1 can use it to speed up windows ,i tried many things to speed my laptop and this is the best,thanks
Thanks to these additions
thx bro thank you soooooooo much
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I keep getting a "Server Execution Failed" on the .exe
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I love this desktop theme, i'm already using it for years :D
So I like this theme a lot, but not being able to log in after some shutdowns/restarts was a deal breaker.
Fortunately the fix was to simply open the theme with version 1.5 of Vista/Win 7 Style Builder and save it again. If you want specifics, see this thread, I ended there by sheer luck and found out why the problem existed and how to fix it.

Download the fixed theme here.
howw can i do download this theme?
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Wow, a very nice theme, just like the original from Windows XP.

Only problem I've found is that when you start typing in the search bar, the right half of the start menu disappears.
Hey Nullzorz can you port the luna olive green theme, royale noir theme and xp emebedded theme to win 7?
Hi. When using this theme, if you go to control panel, you'll realize that the text on the left side of the windows is white with a very bright background, making it very difficult to read. Is it possible to change the font color back to the default blue? Otherwise, its perfect!
Alright, it wont mess up your PC if you don't change the "explorer.exe". You can have the theme, but not the "explorer.exe".
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actualy it's not[link]
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it's reeeeely awwwwwwesoe
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