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Windows 7 aero fixed

Windows 7 aero fixed.

it has ben based on the original windows 7 aero theme.

Its called aero fixed beacus i added some new features or what i should call it.

It got a transparent jumplist now as you can see.

It got A transparent start menu ,

transparent start menu jumplist or whatever its called :P

a New flag on the orb to make it look better. lighter.

I Tought i Had to uppload this since its christmas , so this is my gift to you all (x

Thanks to Panda-x for telling me how to make the start menu transparent He's a realy hero :P

Happy christmas everyone !
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I like these little guys, do you know what they are called, or do you know where I can get some more photos of them in single or doing someting else??? anything!!
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for me it returns to a windows 2000 looking box. nothing aero about it. followed all the steps. explorer.exe replaced and backed up. the replaced explorer.exe i haven issues with, just loading the theme makes it look like windows 2000 (if you remember it) any sugguestions?
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uxtheme patcher?
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cool thing you got there ;)
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how do you get the start menu and the jumplist to be transparent? what files do you have to edit?
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Does it have TOP Taskbar..???
I like it but works in SP1?
can't rename it
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nullz0rz where did you get the wallpaper? thx for the theme..
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wallpaper is from windows 7
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Iknow this sounds really noobish but im new to this kinda of stuff.

How would i replace the explore.exe file cause when ever i do it it keeps coming up with "explorer.exe not valid win32 application" please help :cries:
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I Don't really remember you should probably google it or something.
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ok then thanks anyway
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how to make the smart menu transparent i use the theme it isnt transparent help pls
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Well Are you using aero?

And if you are then i have no idea why you wont have an aero start menu.
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yes im using aero.. i have win7 professional version installed...
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Well then i'm not sure i can help you ;(
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it become transparent now... i dont know but when i select it again it become tranparent.. thanks... but in all programs it isnt transparenT? btw can i have a copy of the wall paper its cute ^_^
nullz0rz's avatar
erm you have the wallpaper already ^.^ its in the windows wallpapers section if you know how to change backgrounds ^.^ or if you lost it it is probably in a windows 7 wallpaper pack somewhere here on deviantart anyways ;)
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omg... haha... i didnt see it before.. yeah its there thanks ;p
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why does my start menu doesnt become transparent, what should i do?
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Judging by the name I thought it might enable Aero in my machine.. ? :stupidme: XD ♣ BTW Nice theme.. :D
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