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Windows 7 Flash Forward

By nullz0rz
:bulletgreen: NEW Youtube channel please subscribe to it before downloading this theme i really need help to get this channel growing , Thank you link :

I Didn't really spend that Alot off time on this project since the point was to make a windows 7 visual style with the show desktop button as a start button :)

Read Me
place the windows 7 flash forward folder and the windows 7 flash forward theme file to c:\windows\resources\themes\
or if you installed windows 7 to the d:\ drive.

place the explorer in the windows folder , you must take ownership of the first file.

c:\windows for explorer

try google if you have not done this before.

You also need to patch your system , search on google how to install windows 7 visual styles, or for windows 7 usxthemepatcher if you incase haven't done it before.

How to Make the taskbar icons in the middle :


I Really want to thank sagorpbird off inspiring me :) And the idea off making the Jumplist transpacent, :P
What does this include?

An wallpaper, And explorer, A Theme Folder And An Theme file,

And What does the theme include :P

Well inside it i made it a dark blueish design , i Kinda merged to gether the - [] x Buttons minimize / maximize / close. :)

Show desktop button as a start button :)

And on the live previews , when you hover over an item on the taskbar :) i made it a little bit vista stylish, and also , an blue glow to make it match the theme,

alot more inside wich i don't got time to count :P

Youtube intro for all themes ! Pleace look at the video / comment / rate subscribe . [link]

Hopefully you liked it

~copyright~ ~Nullz0rz~
© 2009 - 2021 nullz0rz
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thanks deviantart
no links to download 
how to download thes  thems plz
risno15's avatar
how to download.
Smrutiroul's avatar
Where i can download

thank a lot its one of the best theme i ever see it. 
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does this still work w/ the latest service pack?
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What version is your explorer? I am using win7 ult sp1 64bit, and it gives me Class not Registered when trying to use the explorer in the theme folder.
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I have the same version of OS and give me the same message.
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i think this is the worst thing i've ever seen in my entire life.
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i did everything what you said in instructions (replace the explorer.exe, place the windows 7 flash forward folder and the windows 7 flash forward theme file to c:\windows\resources\themes\)
but when I try to start theme in properties , the theme doesn't appears how should be appeard ??

what I'am supposed to do ??

pls help

sorry about my bad language...
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I'm will a free Windows 7 Flash Forward pls pls add me
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brauche bitte eine kostenlose version von Windows 7 Flash forward
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Thank You, Looks Nice
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I'm using this theme for my windows, but I'm very curious, how did you get your hard drives to show up on your desktop? Is that only for Windows 7 ult? or can it be used for home too?
hey dude, this file is good, but how do I open this when it is poorly explained... HELP ME PLEASE )X
Hi,I did everything according to the readme file,including taken ownership of the explorer files,both the one coming with windows 7 and the one in your file,but windows doesn't allow me to change the explorer file.How can I do it? Of course I am the administrator of my computer which nobody shares.Thanx
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