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Japan Pictures 14 by Nullibicity Japan Pictures 14 by Nullibicity
These stole  my fascination! I always love looking at lilies and lily pads. On this particular day, though, the water was just sparkling and shimmering, and I was compelled to try and capture it. I only wish my camera could have done this scene justice...especially with the grass obscuring them partially! I thought that was a really neat detail...made me feel like I was peering in on something.(:
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Jade-Pandora Featured By Owner Edited Oct 6, 2015
I know it took a while to present the finished version to you but here is the preview piece that, thanks to you, will now adorn many of my eastern poetry pieces.  I hope you approve of the treatment.  Thank you again, Kelsi. :heart:
How it was, no longer is
with the drought of
another year, poppies were
sparse, and perished
early, as the sun robbed
me of their fragrance
still, I recall when
desert hills and valleys
were once carpets of
yellow, red and white, with
burrows of lizards amidst
Jade-Pandora Featured By Owner Edited Aug 15, 2015
:heart: This photo has a lovely composition, reminding me of an impressionist painting. It's an instant :+fav: for me!

I don't know how well you know my work, if at all but, I write a lot of Eastern short form poetry, and this photo is so soothing to me. What a beautiful preview piece it would make for some specially select pieces of mine! Would you consider this? Full credit to you would always be given of course with each use. I would have something placed across a part of the photo, like Eastern Poetry by Jade Pandora. But arranged artfully, with a lovely font. This way too, I'd be able to help give your pleasing capture the exposure it deserves. :love:

:iconblushplz: Sorry about all of this! You can tell how enthusiastic I feel. I do hope I hear from you. And thank you for reading!
Nullibicity Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Why thank you so very much for sending this comment to me! :love: You are lovely.

I just have not been very active on dA aside from replying to the chains I get into. However, I am now quite intrigued to know your work! So don't mind me while I hit the watch button :giggle:.

You are more than welcome to use this photograph! You have nothing to be sorry about, either! Your enthusiasm was really a delight, since normally I just post photography to keep a record of my pictures (my camera wipes itself, sometimes... but it's been through a lot in its lifetime :giggle:). It has no watermark here, so you are more than welcome to just save the image, but I've also enabled the download option for you, it's just a pretty big file (3968 by 2232 pixels to be exact). So please do whatever works best for you (: I'm so honored and happy that this piece can serve as a good help to your no doubt amazing work. Thank you, love. I hope you can get this to fit your vision :love:

(I apologize if any of this reply was odd or structured incorrectly: I have just discovered I have tendinitis in my one of my wrists, so typing is just a lengthy process, since I'm used to having both hands readily available.)

Much love and best wishes to you! :rose:
Jade-Pandora Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2015
And to you, with love & best wishes, for your generosity & friendship! Since you now watch me (and thank you so much!), you'll see in your messages when I do an update of the first piece with the new preview featured. :hug:
Frank-Beer Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014   Photographer
Very nice looking image :deviation:
Nullibicity Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you very much! I'm so very happy to hear that!
Thank you for taking the time to comment, too. I really appreciate it!:rose:
Frank-Beer Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014   Photographer
A pleasure! :)
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