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My Bio
22 years growing. Forest-dweller, friend of the moon, shy hermit crab... a pagan, seeking. I howl to coyotes at 1 in the morning and am a self-proclaimed music-swimmer (mostly, I drown).
Admittedly, I'm not very interesting, but I am fairly friendly. Feel free to drop me a line. Or a poem. Or your favorite song.
my activity on this site can be compared to guerilla warfare:
I'm currently attending school while working as a research assistant in two projects. (Why yes, I need to learn how to say "no" sometime. But it's bringing in the money.)
the heart:
trees, racing rivers, singing poorly to the moon, Lord Huron, Dead Poets Society, Pride and Prejudice, ambiguity.

nullibicity: n. - the state of being nowhere; non-existence.

My favorite word-weaver (I'm biased and not sorry): :iconsoundlesswhispers:

some truly amazing people you should know: :iconladybitterblue::iconcarmalain7::iconladylincoln::iconpennedinwhite::iconmozartsnemesis::iconakrasiel:

Favourite Movies
dead poets society, pride & prejudice, wild, into the wild
Favourite TV Shows
schitt's creek
Favourite Books
a walk in the woods, jane eyre
Tools of the Trade
shaking hands and a growing mind
Other Interests
philanthropy, becoming a tree, trees, and trees. oh, look: trees
The new format is not supportive of writers, in my opinion. I think it will be very beneficial for certain artists moving forward. After looking at the new format and its implications, it just doesn't feel like a warm place, anymore, doesn't have the spark that made me feel a sense of community... but I understand why websites must strive to move towards change that keeps them competitive and marketable to maintain the revenue to keep running. I haven't decided if I'll deactivate or just leave my account to float. Maybe I'll leave it as an archive of what was, a fond gratitude for those phases of my life. Definitely for a while, since I have
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I don't talk to sunrises anymore, and maybe that's growth - savoring them with closed eyes and a full sense of "present." Maybe that's just change, or some part of me recognizing any one could be the last. It's hard to say. Maybe some of the best parts of life just are. We coexist in transient companionship, and it’s beautiful. It's been a bittersweet period of life, lately. The schools I interviewed at offered me positions in their graduate programs, and I'm very grateful to have even been considered with the statistics of higher education in my state and the likelihood of acceptance into the particular graduate program. I was offered
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Ramble #2034

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I have a big assignment, but I'm sitting here making a cat café playlist, featuring songs talking about "if I were a bird, I'd fly away," "I hear your voice but it doesn't work," and "I'm just a loser for your love" in honor of cats (though the last one is more so for humans.) Ah, I crack myself up. Life and time weather you away like the land, like cliffs that piece by piece fall gracelessly into the sea. But man, do they at least stand proudly. I'm slouching... but, still, I'm there - here. Maybe everywhere. At the same time, you're being built up in this inexplicable way. Over the years and the beat downs, there comes this paradoxica
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Thanks so much for the fav! :heart:
I am glad you enjoyed my work! ^_^

Barosus by KmyGraphic     Thank You Text1 by VasiDragos  

Hey, always rooting for you and forever hoping that as the bird dance with the turning seasons and spinning world, that you find those spaces where you can find true happiness - if even just for moments, that stretch into minutes, that stretch into monuments, that stretch into myths.

I just wanted to sincerely say thank you. I am really grateful to have been thought of and been given such a beautifully worded show of support. It truly means a lot to me. :hug::rose:

Wishing you blue skies and fun d&d sessions that make a world of difference - and, of course, contentment that comes so often it’s greeted as a friend. And cats, because they’re particular treasures.
love you. Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4]     
Love you so much!! :tighthug:
Sometimes when I see the sunset against my cityscape (if a rural town can really be called a city, plus we don’t have skyscrapers), I remember your sunset pictures and think of you, sending all my well-wishes your way. :heart:
...ooof. my heart went Happy Cry at this. 

Hope your February is as fantastic as you! (: