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Happy February

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 1, 2013, 1:10 PM

It has been a long time indeed since I have made a "State of Affairs" post like I used to. Search my journal archives if you wish, but be warned, they go back to a time before I was, uh, properly medicated.


Recently, I connected my external hard drive for a routine backup of some music and photos (basic stuff) and decided it'd be fun to look in the folder called "Categorized but not on MacBook." This folder contains exactly what it says - organized and categorized photos going back to roughly the end of 2008, including the entirety of 2009 and 2010. My actual computer hard drive goes back to April 2011 for some reason - I tend to back up and then delete older stuff to save space, but that's not a huge issue right now.

I looked through this massive folder and found ALL SORTS of cool stuff - indeed, it took me two days to go through it thoroughly, and I haven't even TOUCHED the separate folder for China yet! I copied photos I liked and could possibly work on into a folder on my computer aptly named "Findings."

So! I'm just gonna throw some numbers at you, because I have been busy busy busy all year (read: January), at least with photography - and at that, mostly just the editing and post-processing thereof.

Size of the entire January 2013 folder on my hard disk: 1,81GB
Number of items therein: 289 and counting
Size of the Findings folder: 1,03GB
Number of items therein: 270
Number of finished works currently queued for upload: 68
Number already uploaded: 10

And just for fun, the size of my entire Pictures folder on my hard disk is currently 34,27GB for 9.940 items. :)

That's not counting what's on my external hard drive. For example, I know for a fact that my photos from China came on 4 single-layer DVDs (long story) and each of those is 4,7GB, though I don't think they are all entirely full, meaning I have at least about 16GB or as much as 18,8GB of photos from three weeks in June of 2009!!

I do know for a fact that they are chronologically categorized in my typical meticulous fashion; nevertheless, searching through them all for neat little gems I may have missed the first time around will likely be quite an event - certainly one to which I look forward!

Thanks for reading, for glancing at my gallery, for your comments and favorites, for support and encouragement in any form, and especially for ideas! I have received many wonderful artistic ideas as of late, which happen to include making an Etsy store (in progress) and making jewellery out of computer parts (in progress but very difficult!)

I credit my wonderful significant other for these and many other fun concepts. She sees the world much differently than I, which I find beautiful and fascinating. Talking with her is so intellectually and creatively stimulating and fulfilling. I'm so grateful to have her in my life. :)

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I think I'm back

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 17, 2012, 7:45 AM

I have been so busy with changing my life lately that I've forgotten to leave room for creativity. Instead, I've been almost exclusively programming and playing the guitar. Both of these are, of course, perfectly fine pursuits - but I found myself itching to be artsy lately, so that's exactly what I'm doing.

I have an awesome new cell phone (HTC Droid DNA, best there is, naturally) and an awesome new 2012 MacBook Pro with a matte hi-res anti-glare display that's pretty damn sweet for photo and music editing, a bunch of new furniture, my room is getting clean and organized, my programs are working well, I might get a sweet new guitar, and oh yeah there's something else better than all of that combined, but it's a seeeecrettttt.


Promise I didn't leave dA or anything like that. Art is still part of my life. Just not huge.

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 2, 2012, 11:53 AM

I guess it's kind of funny that in my last journal entry, I mentioned how I might look at some code I wrote a while ago.

Well, I've been programming practically nonstop for weeks now!

Still keeping busy, but unfortunately not in the most artistic sense. :(

We'll see what the new school year brings. 2 weeks left.

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Busy Bee (State of Affairs 14 June 2012)

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 1:42 PM

It's been quite some time since I made a "state of affairs" post, hasn't it.

I'm not entirely confident that people read these, but it is nice to provide updates now and again.

Please check out my SoundCloud (link to the left) if you are at all interested in what I've been doing lately. Also, follow my Twitter if you're interested in what I'm doing in general.

Full disclosure - for the last half hour or so, I've been fighting with the CSS on this journal skin trying to figure out why there's a big empty space that links to my Facebook fan page. That doesn't make sense and I can't quite figure out how to fix it. Remember, I've never been any good with computer languages, except basic HTML and C++.


On that note, I'm going to go take a look through some programs I wrote or helped write.

I'm sorry there hasn't been much uploaded here recently. I guess I'm in another creative slump, so to speak... :(

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March 2012

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 16, 2012, 8:21 PM

I've got a subscription again.  :)

Finished uploading what I've got of Gabriel. Next batch is some remnants of my trip to China in 2009. Better late than never, eh?

So glad I've got my computer all fixed and updated with CS5.5 and Photomatix Pro 4.1! Creative rut seems broken out of. Hooray.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to take many photos on my spring vacation visiting Gabriel at Penn State, but that's no big deal. I think I've got a fair bit of material to work with anyway, and perhaps with such nice weather I'll be doing a photoshoot with another friend of mine in the near future.

Til then...

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Last night was a nice photoshoot with :iconisrandel: ! I think we got some really nice shots of zim and zis silly adorable outfit. Those should start being uploaded pretty soon. Just not today, unless I somehow manage to grab my MBP from my room before my super-long work shift. At least having it would give me something to do from 1 to 7 today.

I'm glad ze's visiting - we've done a bit of everything, from the photoshoot to C++ programming and just about everything in between (though not quite).

I think my creative rut is fading. At least, I feel as though I'm gradually pulling myself out of it. For one, there's new subject material. I've also been going through a lot of photos I've taken over the years and processing ones I meant to, but never quite got to. For whatever reason, I found myself looking through some from as long ago as June 2009, when I was in China! Some decent stuff there for sure.

Over the next few weeks I should be uploading a lot more. I really want to get out there and make sure people see my photos. I've shared over 400 since the end of

Be sure to follow me on tumblr and as always, I appreciate people "liking" me on Facebook.

Yay for creativity.

Oh and academics are going well, too.
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I spent a lot of time yesterday working on my website, and have updated a lot of the photography-related stuff there (and also added a page about modeling and portraiture). Check it out and let me know what you think!

Additionally, I updated my LinkedIn profile, which is good for professional interests and inquiries.

Within the next few weeks or so, I should be doing a few photoshoots with some friends, and will be going through other new(ish) material I've accumulated recently. This means I'll finally have more stuff to share. And who knows, I may also have a premium membership here again. ;)
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Well, somewhat.

Christmas is over already. I didn't get any photography stuff but, then again, I didn't ask for much beyond some computer parts. Hopefully they'll be shipping soon!

Through conversations with one of my wonderful friends, I've learned that we simply must do a photoshoot because she's so eager to model for me and is also going to buy a fisheye lomography camera with her Christmas money. That should be fun to play with. Ah, developing photos...sure brings me back.

I should probably get film for my Polaroid. That'd be fun and artsy too.

Right now I AM uploading photos! Slowly but surely, I'll clear out the big queue I've got (it's just a folder with a bunch of pictures in) and probably pass 500 submitted works in the process.

Hopefully, the beginning of 2012 (at least the first few months) should see plenty of star photos, snow, and modelling. Gabriel also wants to model again so I've no excuse for "running out of subject material." I've got two beautiful people practically begging to be photographed. The only thing stopping us is their availability and my lack of car. Luckily Gabe is 15 minutes away and the other (let's call her Sol for now) is about an hour north. Oh, and I suppose a location would be nice.

I'm terrible at posing people and picking locations! Usually my photos are taken when I feel like it. I tend not to go out searching (unless, of course, it's stars) for a location to take tons of photos. It just kinda happens. And I've learned that going with the flow and taking things as they come is a really good approach to life. It's actually applicable to almost anything and has dramatically boosted my self-confidence and overall health. Boy do I need that right now, especially given how difficult and wrought with uncertainty the last semester at college was for me.

I wanted to write something about 2011 in retrospect, but then I decided that dwelling on the past is stupid. Even recapping the things that happened this year ultimately is a melancholy undertaking, one which I'm not so sure is healthy or even entails saying things anyone, including me, would really want to hear. So, as a result, I've decided to look forward and be generally positive about everything possible.

That's not too much to ask of myself, and I'm happy about that.

So! Back to photography!
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It has been too long.

Dealing with a lot. Dealing well, I hope.

An interesting progression indeed:

Boy problems > breakup > someone new > girl problems > ex is FWB > girl resolutions > good friends > over-emotional conversations > wishing I could do something > now

Plenty of star photos lately. They'll be up on :iconyeguangyun:.

Folder of photos queued up for upload here. Many are old. Oops. They'll be up too.

Should be doing a photoshoot soon with this lovely person and those will definitely be up here!

She needs a deviantArt...tumblr steals copyrights :o

On that note, follow me!

And check out my SoundCloud, where I put all my good remixes and some originals too.

Til next time (which I promise won't be long). :)
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heyhey :D

Lately I've been pretty busy, even though college only just resumed for me. My classes are manageable and all, but free time is still surprisingly hard to come by. That said, Tuesdays are completely free for me, which is nice, I guess.

I've been doing astro-photography again, since Carlisle skies are considerably clearer than those near Philadelphia; you can (and will) see more of that on :iconyeguangyun:.

The photos I've been putting up here as of late are primarily of the lightning storms of a few weeks ago, as well as some residual edits from past shoots, some almost a year ago. The ones of Gabriel are from about a month ago (how time flies) and comprise a short series where we were experimenting with modeling and portraiture (respectively). I hope there will be more of that in the future, too!

I hope people follow my tumblr. I feel like it's a lot better than my old blog, despite the fact it's not typically used for the longer rambling posts I was "known for." I suppose it is a good outlet for whatever strikes my creative fancy, from astrophysics and anime to weather and whatever comes to mind.

I've said it's a new year because it pretty much is. Already my friend group seems to have completely changed (or at least expanded) and now includes a lot of freshmen. It's kind of bittersweet, though, considering I will not be here next year.

Astronomy and atheist club meetings start today. I SO EXCITE

I suppose I'll just have to go through this computer and my external drive to find old photos I wanted to share and just never did. I know there are a lot of those, and my system of organization is such that I'll only find them by explicitly looking, rather than going to a folder full of finished pieces to upload. I should really have one of those, but in the past it's led me to accidentally delete things I meant to keep, since I sometimes forget to copy them to two locations. >.<

In other news, I'm employed now. I'm a computer technician working for the college, specifically to fix students' computers and address their best courses of action, considering we students are neither Microsoft nor Apple certified, and there's little we can do that is not purely a warranted end-user modification. Sadface. Someday.
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And now I'm back home. :(

We lost power today, so that sucked. Luckily my computers are fine, the internet is working again (sort of) and I can continue to sort through photos I took there...

Check out my Facebook page where I put an album of some Otakon photos. Many are of my wonderful boyfriend ~israndel, whom you can also see here on deviantArt as a punk/gothic cross-dresser. :D

In the meantime I plan to continue sorting through roughly 25GiB of photos that have been sitting on my hard drive collecting dust for quite some time. :(

I have a tumblr page now, too. If you have one, follow me there as well! ...much better than my last blog. Apparently, blogging is dead.
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I have not really had any activity here for nearly a year.

Sorry about that. Something came up.

Anyway, there are a few things you should know about me (provided you are a fan of my photography):

• I now have a tumblr, on which I hope to actually post cool things now and then.

• I am still doing photograph restorations! Definitely check out my Google site on which I detail my work in restoration and digital archiving.

• I DO still take pictures! I just don't take many I want to share. Unfortunately, I am also severely limited by my home internet connection, which does not allow large file uploads. That means I cannot upload photos, as I shoot relatively high-quality NEFs and even after processing am left with a JPEG between 3 and 12MB.

That and I have really been in a creative slump for, oh, about a year now. Really. I don't think I've taken any photos of which I'm particularly proud in about that time. Makes me sad to think about, but luckily...I've got some ideas for upcoming series. Hint: they involve people. ;)

hmm that's not very specific. Well, use your imagination(s).
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I'm here!

Right here - in front of my computer - right where you left me. :)

In fact, I haven't been right here this whole time - it's been almost 3 months since I wrote a journal update here, and my blog's been about as active. Sorry...!

I've been quite busy with things out in the real world, and have had to cast some things aside as a result. In fact, if you noticed, I'm no longer a subscriber to dA...I didn't originally intend for my subscription to run out, but it did and as I pay with a debit card, I cannot spend more money than I have. Since I prefer cash, I don't really even use this card, and so when it runs out of money it takes ages for me to get around to "re-filling" it. No big deal. That's $8 dollars saved?

I have been taking photos, though - plenty of them. My summer's been enjoyable, that's for sure. Although I've been at home for most of it, I've found time for just about everything I wanted to do, including a trip to the mountains, much-needed house cleaning, plenty of OpenArena, a bonfire, time with my boyfriend, and final preparations for college.

I made this little video a few days ago, and with my poor internet I've only just gotten around to uploading it - sad excuse perhaps, but please, take a look.

I am selling my prints from Anywhere Left to Turn, my exhibit back in March, and would greatly appreciate any and all patronage. ;)

Additionally, you can find me on Facebook. I do photo restorations - please consider this if you have any old damaged photos lying around!

I'll be around...just you wait.
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The Artist's 'Lament'

Tue May 25, 2010, 5:28 PM

While I don't plan on pursuing art as a career, it is currently my hobby, my pastime, and my passion.

This is what I tell people when asked if I will continue photography in college, or indeed if I plan on making a career of it. I am going to Dickinson to study Chinese and international relations, taking full advantage of their strong East Asian Studies program. I will spend at least a semester (but more likely a full year) in China and/or Taiwan. I see myself becoming a linguist in the future, but of what nature I'm not sure. That's what college is for.

I open with that because I like to humanize myself as much as possible. I'm hesitant to talk about myself; the most I'll do is acknowledge that I have several distinct skill sets and/or talents. I mean, how arrogant does it sound if someone asks me if I play any instruments, and I say "Yes, I play seven," or something to that effect? The truth is sometimes best left for the seeker to discover on his own.

Right now, I'm working on several projects at once, and it's getting hard to take on stuff in my free time. If you didn't notice, my last photo uploads were from the blizzard we had in February. That's simultaneously intentional and unfortunate - I'm not trying to get away from the art scene, so to speak, but I am trying to distance myself from hobbies so I can better focus on things with deadlines!

THAT SAID, I am selling my prints. Still. Always.

I don't have a central list of them, but if you visit my gallery here, you can get a pretty good idea of what's up for sale.

If you are interested in buying my prints, then please email

Remember I'm freelance (and otherwise unemployed) so any and all support is appreciated!

Think one of my photos would look nice on your wall, your grandmother's wall, your desk, your parent's bathroom door...? Keep thinking that, and keep me in mind.

Any questions about my work not related to the pricing, purchase, or shipping of prints may be directed anytime to

A less optimistic Jimmy might have had "artist" in quotes instead of "lament." But this isn't that Jimmy. :)

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State of Affairs - April/May

Thu Apr 29, 2010, 10:40 AM

My last journal update was during and about spring break.

That was over a month ago, which seems ridiculous - time is flying by and I'm just kind of going with the flow. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing. But I still feel compelled to stay engaged with everything with which I have been engaged all year and beyond, including dA - which, as of late, has unfortunately fallen by the wayside.

My last submitted works are from the blizzard of mid-February (excluding the little OpenArena stamp I made on a whim). That's a long time ago, but the really strange part is that I just haven't really accomplished anything of which I'm particularly proud as of late. All of the post-processing I've done in my free time has pretty much looked exactly like everything else I've already done - a common complaint amongst photographers with really large image libraries, I'm sure, but nevertheless this barrier has all but stopped the creative process.

I have been dabbling in digital art lately, though, including a project for my Latin class in which we had to create an artistic representation of one of Ovid's retellings of etiological myths in his "Metamorphoses". That one turned out nicely, as did a few others I've put on Facebook just to kind of prove I'm still alive.

Fact is, I haven't really been myself lately as far as artsy stuff is concerned. I've found myself playing video games more and more and doing work less and less. My home (mainly my room) has never been a very conducive environment for productivity, but these past few weeks it's just been absurd. I've done all my work at school, and not necessarily in a timely manner either. It's starting to worry me. I've also had a lot of trouble sleeping all of a sudden, and for the life of me I can't pin it on anything. Nothing about my diet, my habits, etc. has changed, but I'm just not sleeping as long or restfully as I ought to and as a result, a sort of snowball effect has taken its toll on my work ethic, my overall energy, and my moods.

Things are picking up at school, too, since we are officially done with classwork on May 7th - at which point I will begin my work-intensive senior project, successful completion of which is required for graduation. Luckily, that's looking a lot more manageable now and I'm not nearly as stressed about it as I was a few weeks ago. Beyond that, I have some Latin stuff to keep up with and a few other stray assignments here and there. Nothing major. I'm just feeling bogged down and trying to convince myself that it's all in my head - because it probably is.

At any rate, these last few months have been hectic and have held their fair share of tight schedules and unreasonable demands. Tackling whatever comes up, as it comes up, has always been something I've prided myself on being able to do reasonably well, but lately it's required that I throw everything else by the wayside, and so I feel as though I ought to apologize to my watchers and followers, as well as anyone else who is a fan of my artwork (thanks by the way!) for the extreme lack of any material in the last month/month and a half.

I'll get around to work again in the near future. I really hope I will. In the meantime, I'll just be kind of "here."


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Spring Break

Sat Mar 27, 2010, 8:57 PM

Last year's spring break saw an explosion of photographic stuff and I don't plan on making this one any different.

Of course, last year's spring break started with this.

That's still sitting in my driveway...! I have plans for it, though.

Beyond spending loads of time with my boyfriend and playing way too much OpenArena, I'm gonna do lots of photo work. I have stuff to finish tweaking and stuff to upload as well, so keep in touch.

In other news, I took down my photo exhibit on Thursday. The amount of vandalism by students was appalling. All in all the school owes me a sizable insurance payout. To any local artists, DO NOT put your artwork in Centennial Hall at The Haverford School - it will not be treated with respect and the "campus security" will do nothing to prevent and/or chase up vandalism or reports of it. All in all, it was a hassle and feels like a complete waste of many months of my time and effort. Blah!


I'm still a total astronomy nerd. though. And I still speak Chinese. So I'm still awesome, despite my occasional bouts of angsty ranting when things don't quite go right.

But still. Ugh.

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Tonight is my opening reception...!

I'm really excited and such and so on. My photos have already been hanging there all week, and I've gotten a ton of positive comments from students and teachers alike. It is, after all, the big school gallery in the lobby of the auditorium, so people see all my work when they go for assemblies and the like.

I'm pretty thrilled about all this! :)

Keep watching the NullCoding fan page on Facebook; I'll be uploading photos of the setup and exhibit itself, and maybe some from the actual reception.


In other news, my new obsession is stargazing. I'm really into deep-space astronomy especially. This is an interest spawned from my second-semester science course - Astronomy - which is more basic and introductory than I might like, but it's gotten me off on my own path to the cosmos.

For stargazing, I use binoculars (roughly 7x50, my sister's bird-watching ones) and my camera. Naturally, it didn't take long for me to mix this newfound hobby with my well-established hobby of photography - Nikon D60 + 300mm zoom lens + tripod pointed up + 30 second shutter and 10 sec self-timer = good pictures of stars and such.

I plan on making another dA account for my starshots, that's how into it I suddenly am. For instance, last night I drove out to the Little League fields close to my house and parked to gaze up at the sky. Reddish Mars is right overhead from 9:30 to about 10 this time of year, setting about 4:30 AM, and creamy-yellowish Saturn is visible in the east - there was so much cloud cover that those two were all I could see (and bright blue Rigel to the west, but there were too many trees around the fields).

Just thought I'd share that. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from last night because once I set up my camera and equipment, I found out I had no memory card in it...

In the future though, be on the lookout! :)


So - reception tonight, exhibit running through March 25th. Things are looking up!

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Anywhere Left to Turn (pt2)

Tue Feb 16, 2010, 10:37 AM

After six days off from school, I'm back and shifting exhibit prep to the top of my priority list! :)

As of now, there are 69 items lined up to be in the exhibit. I'm at a bit of a loss as to where to go next, though. See, printing and framing is a bigger issue than it ought to be (par for the course). Some photos, as I mentioned, will be printed at school - this is beneficial because it's free and those 20 or so pictures either don't need to be framed or can be put in frames I already have.

But the Costco prints, there's a challenge. See, it's really cheap and convenient and all, but there's still the fact that I'm printing (theoretically) 40 pictures there at 12x18. That works out to $120 for the printing alone. Then there's frames. The ones I use are basic and rather boring and happen to cost as much as each print, so there's another $120 roughly. That's a total cost of $240. $240 I'm not necessarily willing to spend. I'd much rather save wherever I can.

I have all the TMD stuff sitting in my room. 3 of them are going in the exhibit already, which leaves 12 frames I could salvage (read: reuse), saving me $36.

So that's $204.

Also, what's to say I really am going to print 40 pictures at 12x18? I've yet to actually scope the gallery itself, measuring the walls and all. For all I know, it's more efficient to have a bunch of unframed 8x10s or 8x12s pinned to the walls and maybe 20 12x18s. I know for a fact that 40 12x18 framed photos would take up much more space than I have! And given the duration of the exhibit...nah.

Notice the stream-of-consciousness writing tactic implemented above. See why long-term projects stress me out. Good. Moving on.

Anywhere Left to Turn by NullCoding

There you have it - the cartoony, colorful, and much-anticipated (I hope) poster advertising the exhibit. I just printed 20 of 'em and I'll start hanging them as soon as I can. Maybe a Facebook album of their locations will ensue. If you live in the Main Line area, be on the lookout for them. :P

In the near future (read: when I'm done with Astronomy homework), I'll be going through the "Costco Prints" folder and narrowing down my future 12x18 prints. With any luck, I'll cut it in half. That might be hard, but at least I'll still be showing the others at a later date. ;)

Total cost: $144

Each 12x18 print will be selling for $45. The others, of various sizes, will be of various prices...yet to be set.

I'll have a Guestbook format finalized very soon, along with an aesthetically pleasing price list. I have already made labels for each photo, but haven't printed them because I don't know which will be in the final exhibit. For reference, I can begin "installation" on February 27th. So I've got time. But as we all know, time is money...


The recent stuff I've uploaded is new material for Anywhere Left to Turn. :)

Terraces by NullCoding The Real China II by NullCoding European Shanghai by NullCoding

There's also more in the pipeline, along with some pictures of the recent whiteout here in the Philly suburbs. :D

Thanks for all the comments, favorites, and positive critiques I've gotten from the DeviantArt community. Without encouragement from the dA family (along with my real-life family and my extended circle of friends), I doubt I'd feel this motivated to keep up my artistic pursuits. I do it partly for my own edification, but it's always wonderful to find others who love my work just as much!

Watching me, therefore, sends a very nice message. :love:

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Anywhere Left to Turn (pt1)

Sun Feb 7, 2010, 8:55 AM

It has been awhile since I really made new art, and I feel kinda bad about that. But in my defense, I have been planning a lot of stuff to do with I'm not totally disengaged from the artistic world.

My next exhibit will be in March, at my school's art gallery. It's a sizable space with plenty of room to hang photos. Which is good, since I've got together about sixty photos I want to put in the exhibit.

They're of various sizes and some HDR stuff, some black and whites, some Thought-Process drawings, and some other weird and wonderful photographic art. It'll be cool to see it all in one place.

As of now, I've got a folder of stuff I'll print with my own resources and a folder to print at Costco (great prices and great quality). Luckily, I've already got a bunch of 12x18s left over from The Mind Dynamic and some other 8x10s that were alternates. Some of the photos I'm going to put in the exhibit will be printed small anyway (5x7 or 4x6) because that's how I want them. So it'll be a cool meld.

At this point, what's left is finalizing a poster design, printing it, and hanging it all over the place. Also, I've got to find out specific details on the exhibit space (as in how I'm gonna hang stuff - nails in the walls? - and how many exactly) because I'm new at this...I've seen exhibits at the gallery before, and know how they work and all, but I've never been in charge of setup and arrangement and such! I'm going to have a guestbook, of course, and I look forward to reading people's comments and such.

Also, I'll be selling pretty much everything at the exhibit. The experiences I had with TMD have taught me that my approach to selling isn't quite correct. Two people "bought" prints from TMD and never followed up. It was as good as saying "Hey, I'll buy this!" and then forgetting about it...

As usual, I welcome any questions, comments, or pre-requests on this exhibit! Certainly I'd love to sell stuff, and it'd be cool if local "deviants" would come on over and browse. Those kind of details will have to wait for part 2, though, so I'll have finished up the poster and have location details posted and such. :)

For now...

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Tue Jan 19, 2010, 3:26 PM

Beyond the obvious pun on my lack of recent activity, the title of this post has more to do with another photographic talent I feel I ought to share.

Recently, I've been doing a lot of photo-restorations. This all began when I started cleaning out a little-used room in my house and came across all sorts of old stuff. Lots of photographs, definitely, but a bunch of them were unframed and therefore damaged - some of them terribly. On a whim, I took it upon myself to fully restore them to similar to, or even better quality than the originals.

These were mostly black and white photos of my paternal grandparents, one of whom I never knew and the other only barely. One photo looked like it was color at some point; one was ripped almost completely in half. Most of them had dates (1962, 1948) and a few didn't; I soon uncovered some more photos in terrible condition (these were color prints of my newborn baby brother, who is now 14).

I have compiled what I believe is my best work so far in a Facebook album you can find on my fan page, or by clicking right here and browsing through the album.

Bottom line: It's a lot of work. For most, I zoom in to 500 to 800% and work in 5 to 10 pixel segments with the healing brush, clone stamp (fade, overlay), dodge/burn, and pixel brushes for minor corrections. To put this in perspective, the images have been scanned in as uncompressed TIFFs, each about 50 MB in size and roughly 2000x3000 pixels. What was I thinking...? :P

But anyhow, it all works out in the end. No job is too big.

Yeah that's right...I said the "j" word...I am taking commissions for photo-restorations and will embark on just about any challenge I see fit. Contact me in any way if you are interested.

So, that's about it for now - short little update, but then again, I'm in the midst of exams and don't have much to say anyway. XD

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