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KSr GP 2018 79

By Null-Entity
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Image details
Image size
2371x2572px 3.23 MB
Canon EOS 550D
Shutter Speed
1/30 second
Focal Length
18 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
May 19, 2018, 9:36:40 PM
Sensor Size
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No worries, he is an android, bullets will bounce of him so a little noise in the right ear is nothing.  Thanks for the poses!!!!
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Your poor ear if that went off. Deaf for life.
Null-Entity's avatar
Indeed and trust the Americans in the room to not correct that :P XD
BBMacToma's avatar
Eh. I know guns. I respect guns. Proud American. I know what's fun and what's fake and what's not. You're having fun. That's okay. Maybe for references, it would hurt me if I had to use that exact pose lol but I could move things around. :)
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Kyle = Chris Redfield
jademacalla = Barry Burton
SenshiStock = Jill Valentine
PirateLotus-Stock = Claire Redfield
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I can be a Chris : )
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I know I have mentioned stuff like this before..... but! No no no no never have. Gun that close someone’s head. If that were to be fired your ear would be bleeding and you’d lose your hearing.
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Just pretend she's the crazy one in the group. Cuz the other shot she's the only one with fingers on the trigger. lol...
Null-Entity's avatar
Hehe well tell that to the Americans in the picture XD
Non fire arm wielding Englishman here :P
BrightonsPriest's avatar
They have DA accounts or Discord? Cause I can’t have them deafening you Null-Entity, where would I get my awesome stocks then.
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As long as that pose is, You know his Ear is not going to have a good time when that gun is used.
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Indeed we have all been joking about it :D
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Sorry bout your ear drum
Null-Entity's avatar
It's ok I can always grow a new one :)
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He is so going to lose the hearing in that ear...  Great pose set though!
Null-Entity's avatar
Yeah it's not going to end well for my right ear XD
zephre's avatar
but just think, an possible new ref pose!
Null-Entity's avatar
Nothing comes to mind in hiw to do. "Deff in one ear" stock.
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Reactions I'd be thinking.  You yelling at  PirateLotus-Stock, who reacts to what she may not see as a problem, did while jademacalla and  SenshiStock attempt to keep the "operation" on track..  It was what came to mind as an afterthougth when I saw the stock image.  
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