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Christmas Live Stream Gaming + AMA (27-29th ish), Uk Time, Would you Watch? (suggest games) 

26 deviants said Yes (Suggest a game).
24 deviants said Maybe (Tell Me Why)?
23 deviants said No (Reason??)
2 deviants said Other..... DO Tell me why.

Stock Rules


Stock Rules,Commissions,Print Use.Utterly re working the sections/layout to account for the upcoming Creative Commons Stock :D
Still working on it so more tonight.
How to use theses rules: 
Each of my stock "types" has a list of what section(s) of my rules apply.
Find the right type for the stock image in question, read those sections and any exceptions or exclusions for that type. 
If you still have questions then ASK ME.
Before you start though, What is stock and what is not?
ONLY the work in the "STOCK" folders and all the sub folders in that directory may be used as stock, do NOT use my other work as stock.
This is what most of my model stock is, example:

Sections That Apply.
Creative Commons Stock Rules.These stock rules apply to all stock with the "Creative Commons" Banner on them.
This is the banner.


Creative Commons Stock Rules.
1.Credit and Notification ***Crediting Is Nice But Not Required.***
If you use my stock it would be appreciated if you credit and any other models involved Using the following Method
:devNull-Entity :  Null-Entity
:iconNull-Entity : :iconnull-entity:
Don't know how to do is how.

You are welcome to use my stock in almost any medium it helps in, be it drawing/painting/3D etc,
YES you can use my stock as a REFERENCE :) (Smile)
However slight edits/colour overlays cropping etc do NOT count as a manipulat

Stock Suggestion List

My "To Do List"

Icarus/Bird Man
Angel Wings - HUGE
Giger Body Paint
Swish Fabric
Zodiac Post Apoc
Neo/Real World with plugs.
Lucifer - Constantine

Suggestion List


Fighting poses (unarmed), Charging/kicking one another.
Sibling Poses, Fighting tug-o-war over an object.
Injured, leaning on one another,Supporting the other one with arm over shoulders/hand on sides, one still firing at an enemy. Suggested by Guyvantic
Laying on a sofa together, cuddling. Watching TV.
Couple holding hands (facing one another) suggested by xBennyRGraux
EMT/Resuscitation suggested by Sebathius
Aggressive grappling- i.e., dragging, grabbing around the torso Headlocks, suggested by MusicalNumber
Duo beach set/carrying the sea crate suggested by NinaWolverina
Victory Poses, Hero and Villan (Evil Laugh/GrinCackling) by Cirago
Back Seat Gamer, one playing, the other leaning over/pointing at the screen. - Charlotte Request


Cheesy horror movie poses (20's - 40's style)
Horse/Saddle Stock..Ms-Elaney
Shadow Stock with Lighting above, Suggested by Grimmla
Walking stick/cane gent, bowler hat/fedora LKJSlain
Action Based Jumping - jumping, sliding, tumbling, etc. packstrap
Sports and Baseball Poses suggested by GeryGarrido + Cirago + inspectordom
Clothed Day-To-Day suggested by KoniPerdomo
Hand-Tools, Saws/Hammers suggested by redbaron1234
Lighting Reference "So, cooking in the early morning where there's a little, getting the mail in bright light, and watching tv in the dark", Suggested by KannibalKween
Bird/Worms Eye Views (Dynamic worm & bird's eye views, mid-action stuff, twists, kicks+ With Weapons + POV from Feet/Hands with weapons) suggested by AutopsyJuice + MorbidDinosaur
Tripping over/rolling.
Bow poses with quiver on hip/side suggested by RaraCloe
Sitting/lying on the floor/ground recovering from a fall suggested by RekkaShinen.
More poses with the winter jacket, Action, sitting, and idle stances, by KevinMassey
Surprise/shock facial expression suggested by remydarling
Christmas/Die Hard Gun taped to the back funny shot sugegsted by poisonedlava
Fist Fight POV Suggested by VikJones
Lab Coat poses Suggested by Andailite47
Assassin's Creed Kill Moves/Poses, Suggested by epicShadowdragon
Photography/Holding a Camera Set, Suggested by TwilightHomunculus
Profile/Side looking down, Full Body Suggested by MuffenDragon
Circus Ring Leader/Magician Poses Arms open wide,pointing, ect. Hat prop or wand Suggested by L-o-r-e
Pulling Sword From The Stone/Locked door Handle, Suggested by alexiane250
Meditation Poses suggested by Saphari
Sitting with mug.
Shadow stock guns.
Sitting with books.
Cowboy/gun slinger
Guitar + Electric Poses.
Material Trailing/Roman style
Coat poses (Guns and jumping/wing moving the coat) - Suggested byCoopBearWolf
Royal Portrait" style poses Suggested byYagellonica



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Home/Where My Bed Is: Lyndhurst, England
Favourite genre of music: Rock,Metal
Favourite photographer: They have PHOTOGRAPHS NOW !!!!!
Favourite style of art: Anything that takes my interest in the moment.
Operating System: Human Brain + Win7/10
MP3 player of choice: VLC
Shell of choice: Reality
Favourite cartoon character: Gir
Personal Quote: Said simple Simon to the pieman going to the fair.. Give me your pies...or I cave your head in.

Hi again everyone Null Here :D 

Hope you are all well and looking forward to Christmas as much as I am !!!!!

Thought I would give you a final shout for 2018 as over Christmas and into New Years I will mostly be AFK

First and foremost.. STOCK :D
I still have 1-2 outfits in progress (piecing together from odds and ends).
And I will be shooting in the next few days some more Shadow/Lighting Contrast with both cameras which I am very much looking forward to !

Think the Adventurer set with vastly more dynamic lighting :D

It will only be a small shoot but the trad off is I hope to edit and have something as a Week long Christmas present for you all!!.

Talking of Week long presents I also plan to post a new You Tube video each day over the Christmas holidays.. editing like a mad man right now, and provided I cam make it home/away from family long enough I should also be going a Stock QnA over gaming live stream for you all so stay tuned for if I manage to wangle that one.

These will be followed by the above mentioned stock images, multiple a day :D

And then on top of that I also have some more Lego Christmas Cards so perhaps one of those a day for the Christmas week :D

See where I am heading here hehe, I want to have a bit of a Blow Out 2018 Christmas!!!

And lastly but not least... I am trying to branch out on social media, get my stock and other work out there instead of hiding away here on DA so...Go check them out, you might just see some stuff there hinting at what is going on for stock etc on DA :D

And it would not be a final journal of the year without looking back at 2018 so......

2018 In Review!!

Knock Knock 08 by Null-EntityIntrepid Adventurer - (Map) 17 by Null-Entity

Man On The Edge 65 by Null-Entity

Kickstarter ACHIEVED!!

That's right, we did the thing.. and it was AWESOME... most fun I have had all year and I want to do it again already :D (Big Grin)

By now a whole load of the images are up/available and more will be for Christmas so keep your eyes open!!.

Second Camera.

Which means awesome lighting like this, the whole extra camera could not have been possible without all your support so thank you :D

Man On The Edge 50 by Null-Entity

Surgery-Illness and My Health.

Having my nose/sinuses carved out twice in two years was no fun at all but it all looks to have healed well and I am 100% again so YAY!..

Social Media.

Yup, I finally did it/am doing it, putting myself/all my stock out there on social media and other platforms to make things more accessible for everyone.
I am now just about everywhere!







Face Book

Into 2019

So looking into 2019.

As always I have aspirations for stock..

Ideas for Underwater shooting.
Vehicle stock, I have the bike Leathers so now to borrow a motorcycle!
And to finish off my Elf Archer costume.

Making more of social media!
Damn I need to do that and known outside of DA :P.

And as always to shoot more stock and take a good chunk out of the suggestion list for you all :D.

Lasty.. the wish list/back burner :P

The Backburner

These may never see the light of day again but.. I am still haunted by them :
Animations in general (the time to do them is getting tight).
God Is A Concept
Ratman Animated Comic,.
FibreGlas Companion Cube.

And that's everything for now :D

Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and see you all in 2019 people!!


Live Stream - 16th Jan at 10pm UK Time. by Null-Entity

I am on more places than just DA these days (for a change, look at me going all social XD).

In will get more of this more often :P 

I have a Youtube Channel !!


Where I post videos like this one :D
I plan to regularly upload gaming content for things I enjoy playing and also want to take suggestions from yourselves.

SOoooo Suggest Me Something To Play!!

[One Shot Games] Raptor And T Rex Escape by Null-Entity

Do check me out on these if you feel like the shit is worth giving!.







Face Book

While DA will always be the primary location to see my stock etc I feel there is some good to be done with the others, mostly it allows me to tease and share with you background details and do other things like the planned live streams/stock streams/WIP work and lets be honest they are a lot more immediate with communicating/reaching you guys than DA is simply by the nature of their existence.

Secondly.. I have also started a small youtube channel which will have gaming/my animation work and eventually more tutorials and animation breakdowns and whatever else you guys encourage me to do like AMA/QnA's and the live streams :D

Bloody Hell and Thank you!!

(Forgot to put this in because no celebration would be complete without a silly picture XD )
Finished WWoo.. by Null-Entity
That's the short version :D.

The long version is Damn we sailed past 20,000 watchers while I slept last night which is something I NEVER expected, this goes hand in hand with all the supportive comments from you all over the years.

More so it's mostly to do with stock 0_o , which in itself is an utter coincidence that I even do stock at all, many of you know the story but way back when I entered a small stock challenge and had to borrow a camera, got the bug and one tax rebate later I had a camera.

And then one short lived relationship later I had shot my first few stock sessions!!

The rest is history from there, I have meet and made friends with some awesome people, thanks again to all of you I have been able to travel to shoot stock :D, and it continues to develop as what is essentially a hobby :P.

I have my second camera which should allow me to shoot normal and shadow stock side by side I can't WAIT to test and show you.
And I am slowly working on getting more costume/clothed stock into my collection.

This all continues thanks to the support of those using my stock for commissions/commercial use and events like the Kickstarter earlier this year which if I can I will prod those Stockers again, proved you want to see us all in-front of the camera again some time soon :D

On a solo stock note I now have underwater lights I also need to learn to make proper use of so I am in the process of planning an underwater shoot in a nice clear/clean pool I've got my fingers crossed. 

And I plan a LOT more with the Intrepid Adventurer outfit which you have all given such nice words about, so that may end up being my dual camera test set :D

Intrepid Adventurer 53 by Null-Entity Intrepid Adventurer - (Map) Preview by Null-Entity

All fun, still fun.

As for the existing stock going up you guys are all set all the way to the 17th of this month :D.


  • Listening to: Apocalyptica - Not Strong Enough
  • Reading: DC's Bombshells
  • Watching: Sparticus
  • Playing: WOT
  • Eating: When needed.
  • Drinking: Tankards of Juice




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