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Stock in a nutshell (updated)

Stock in a nutshell (updated)

Hi there, good to meet you!  You're probably here because you're beginning to work on a photo-manipulation and want to use some stock images. You may have heard terms like legitimate stock thrown around, but not explained; maybe someone declined to accept your work into their group because of lack of proper credits. We, as in the team of CRPhotomanipulation (, decided to compile a bunch of suggestions and advice that will help you navigate the murky waters of all the most common problems you might encounter in your budding career as a photo manipulation artist. If you're new or just confused, you're in a good place. Longer chapter

Project #stocks4commercialuse - NEW STOCKPROVIDERS

Project #stocks4commercialuse - NEW STOCKPROVIDERS

  EXPLAINING THE PROJECT Hello fellow artists, friends, watchers, ... A few months ago I started a new project, called #stocks4commercialuse As a book cover designer and digital artist I find it sometimes very difficult to find the right stocks for my artworks & commissions. A lot of hours are spent on searching stocks and reading the rules from all different stock providers here on DA. A lot of fellow artists here are experiencing the same issue. Therefore I am reaching out to the stock providers here on Deviantart, who are still active and would like to join this project and help the photo manipulator community to help other artists t

Little Dreams

Little Dreams

I always dream about doing cool stuff with amazing people. ♥ Doing a magical photoshoot with @SenshiStock Creating a children's book with @singv0gel Taking photos in german cities with @Erdbeersternchen Doing a cool photoshoot with @Null-Entity Watching “Tanz der Vampire” and visiting Disneyland Paris with @Demico-Art Playing Dragon Age Multiplayer (if the next game has one ;A; ) with @MNat

Seniority Announcement: January 2020

Seniority Announcement: January 2020

Seniority has been a cornerstone of DeviantArt since the site's early years, and is a community award given to deviants who have made their mark on the community. These outstanding deviants have been recognized for their level of interaction, helpfulness with others, kindness, sincerity, and many other traits. These deviants can be recognized by the medal icon that appears next to their username, and in 19 years, less than 2,000 deviants have received Seniority. The following five deviants, having shown a kindred spirit that has led to continued positive community interaction and involvement, are the most recent recipients of Seniority. Please join us in congratulating them! @Null-Entity @Null-Entity is a long time stock provider for the community, with a gallery of over 4,000 reference and stock images for people to use when creating, and on top of that, he brings cheer and good humor wherever he goes around the community. @Andorada A force of positivity in the community

Using HTML on deviantART

Using HTML on deviantART

Hello! Hello and welcome to my little html tutorial. I've been working with html codes for a couple of years and I'm going to teach you what I know about using some basic html on deviantART. This won't make you a html expert or something and I'm not an expert myself but it will give just enough knowledge to make your journals, comments, news articles and other neat and lovely looking. :) deviantART actually has FAQs about html but I still wanted to do this because they look a bit unorganized, in my opinion. Also, why would you want to look for those FAQs when you can just open this news article where you have everything in one place? :dummy

Stock Feature #01 June 2020

Stock Feature #01 June 2020

I hope you find it useful and inspire you to create beautiful manips :D MEN & CHILDREN WOMAN EXTERIOR INTERIOR ANIMALS-INSECTS-ETC PNG & TEXTURES
Artist // Hobbyist // Varied
  • Oct 31, 1985
  • United Kingdom
  • Deviant for 15 years
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My Bio

30 something Man nerd/gamer/and general pale skin shut in XD

I shoot stock/edit and arrange 2D animations and wallpapers and tinker with 3D models/game modding in my spare time.

Love my Sci/Fantasy movies and art and feel far to old not keep up with them kids!

Plus still love the old bio format so I am keeping some of it!

Home.Lyndhurst, England

Favourite music: Rock,Metal

Shell of choice: Reality

Favourite artist: H R GIGER !!!!!

Favourite cartoon character: Gir

Personal Quote: Said simple Simon to the pieman going to the fair.. Give me your pies...or I cave your head in.

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
The Shawshank Redemption/Aliens/Terminator
Favourite TV Shows
The Walking Dead/Game Of Thrones
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Megadeth, Akira Yamaoka,Bon Jovi, John Lennon.
Favourite Books
1984/Metro 2033/No Language But a Cry/2001.
Favourite Writers
Lewis Carrol/Arthur.C.Clarke.
Favourite Games
Half-Life 2/Silent Hill/American Mcgee's Alice
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Wacom Tablet/Photoshop/After Effects
Other Interests
Violent Games, loud music, Piercings and Tats.


To Do List.....Because Eclipse KILLED IT!!

Wing/Angel Cosplay.

Alien Body Paint.

Satan (Constantine).


Museum Heist suggested by @AFoolArts


Anyone else having issues pinning from DA to Pinterest ? It says the link might be spam and stops me!
Better status.. I need stock suggestions as it would appear Eclipse killed the one I had prior..*Sigh*
Can people please STOP buying into the test folder :P it is exactly that, a TEST of DA's functionality.

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I remember the good ol' days back when I was troll spamming you for absolutely no reason.

Null-EntityHobbyist General Artist

Can't even remember :P

It's surprisingly hard to find reliable male models. Your gallery is a gold mine! Thank you for your invaluable service to the art community!

Null-EntityHobbyist General Artist

Np :)

Please do let me know/see if you use any!


You're a very nice model. A real find for artists. Thanks so much for your work!

Null-EntityHobbyist General Artist

Np :)

Please do let me know/see if you use any! :)

PugAwkwardNew Deviant
Question would you be able to do a set of like 20+ photos of like a steam punk bounty hunter. I would pay for them ofcourse. I need some base poses for a card game I am developing. I would need a few action poses of shooting and some of like dodging and defending. And then other than that maybe a few like angry poses and whatever you think is awesome. It doesn't have to be perfect. Anyway thank you in advance for even reading this. You can send me a message and maybe we can discuss price. Also last note it is for a hopefully commercial project but I don't know if it will be successful.