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Line-Play Gothic Contest

By Nuku-Niku
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Line play is a dressing up game in case you don't know. "…"

They're holding the gothic doll contest and there're 12 colors to choose.
This is my fav one but the green rose is the least fave of many people TvT.
Hope I'll have some chance to win.

Time to sleep now.
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Im just Green with envy.
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Oh my gosh this is gorgeous!
Green was actually my least favorite too but you did such an amazing job with it!
The colors, shading, and details is really incredible !! I love the outfit and those spiral curls are perfection!
Good luck! I am rooting for you!!!!
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dang it niku, you're walking towards the right direction bby! This piece is gorgeous!!! :love::love::love:
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This looks gorgeous! I love all those details from little sparkles to all the roses. Excellent work!
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this is so gorgeous omggg;;; her hair! and the rose vines on the wall! and the bird in the corner! it's beautiful!!
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Holy GEEZE! Ode say you have already won! Those colours!! The shine! The crow/Raven, girl,'s all so cute and just breathtaking! I love your choose in all the different shades of green! It certainly does look Gothic- especially her dress and hair! The scenery is perfect too! I see a few cobwebs...adds to the effect of EPICNESS!!!! :clap: good job my friend! I have no more words to describe how awesome this is! Or perhaps is GOTHisome! Lol. Okay I'm gonna stop now.
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Those colours are amazing! <3
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This is absolutely stunning and amazing and so beautiful wow. You did such a good job with the colors and the shading and your paintings are always so beautiful! Personally green and gothic is a favorite for me too, or purple gothic, but gosh I do think you are right up there with winning, I certainly hope anyway!

This is AMAZING.

I wish you luck!!
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