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Shanghai for mah touhouvania Alice cosplay which I worn at Tracon VI 3.-4.9. owo
no good pics of the cosplay yet because I didn't have time to take any good ones and all the pics I have I just look so damn fat and I smiled in every pic like a goldfish <__< expect one where I'm eating a cookie and my face isn't even showing.. lol

And I so freaking hated to add those extensions, my floor still swims in that fake hair.

Shanghai © ZUN
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Awawawaw<3 Ihanat silmät o3o Ja muutenki ihana <3
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the style is rather unique and kinda adorable for alice doll
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On tämä vaan niin mahtava ! <3
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This is awesome.
But one complaint of sorts. Was that middle seam down her face necessary? Couldn't it have been put to the sides of her face?
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Thanks ovo
The pattern [link] which I used for face have two pieces because it should make some curves for sideprofile, and then covered with another piece of fabric, but I didn't have it enough so I couldn't hide the seam.
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Se vaan on niin upee~♥
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Frills!! she is lovely!
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..Is she really that scary ;n;
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