National Poetry Month - 30 days/30 poems

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Every day in April, I'll be uploading poems that are fresh off the dome.

My Lyrical Exercises will be a pain in the ass. But I will do it! So, be on a look out for new poems every-single-day.

Since some of you watch me for my poetry... you're gonna get a LOT of material. Enjoy!

April 1: Murdering Pens (Words = Energy)
April 2: Swan Song (Puzzlement)
April 3: Apathetic (Politics)
April 4: Toy Dark (Pain)
April 5: Spawn (Revenge)
April 6: Scary Thoughts (Revenge - Mature)
April 7: Blindfold (Erotica - Suggestive)
April 8: Freakish Sayings (Erotica - Suggestive Haiku)
April 9: No Poem. Owe myself 1.
April 10: A Word From Our Sponsors (Past & Future)
April 11: Bookmarks (Love)
April 12: No Poem. Owe myself 2.
April 13: Poem #1: @ That # (At That Number) (Regret) Poem #2: The Pursuit... (Perfection)
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