Getting Out of the Creative Funk

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One thing that sucks about being in caught in a routine every single day is that you slowly forget who you are. I've had not blogged in a while. Nor write any new songs. Nor poems. Let's not even talk about any new web designs. It's "comfort zone" again... and I'm feeling rather uncomfortable.

So, I'm going to break out of it by using a method I actually perfected years ago: learning a new technique within a very short amount of time.

Here's a blog post I have written a while back for Freelance Switch, explaining how to upgrade your skill level within 24 hours. So, I'm going to tackle doing 3.5 web layouts within a day. Wait, 3.5? Yes... I'll explain...

3 of the layouts will be done from scratch. One is somewhat done, but I only have one free day.

How is this a "new technique"? Well, speed is the name of the game here. Since I only have very little time to knock out work with a weird schedule, I must learn new ways of planning and thinking so I can cut wasteful time. So, I'm pushing myself to learn time management skills.

I plan to do it this Saturday. Wish me luck.
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How did it go? Were you successful?
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Nope. :( Sadly, work got in the way. The other type of work.

I have to try again another time. So, I'm requesting more days off. :(
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*nods* I see. I hope things get better, to where you are able to work on your projects bro.