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Playstation 4 Logo (Concept)


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Playstation 4 Logo (Concept)


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Promo Flyer 08 - Mayda

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Playstation 4 Logo (Concept)

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Don't Expect Me To Be Deep...

I know... some of y'all expect me to be "deep" Y'all expect me to talk about how every time I suffer, I weep. Or how karma always manages to creep up on me. Well, it ain't like that. I know... some of y'all expect me to be "sensational" Talking about the occasional inspirations that makes my life so radical and mystic... except I don't have it like that. I just... take a lesson, hear it well hope that God didn't end my spell Because I gotta have an expressive voice to sell every single word to you, or I fail. That's every single word... ... every little syllable Must tickle and be able to trigger that bullet in your mind s


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New Laptop, New Season

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Jamhuri Wear - Retired Splash

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