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I wanna song that when I play it back
that when you kick it and you sit back
your mind suddenly replaces your present
triggering a time that was heaven sent.

I wanna play a song and remember
why I fell in love that November
and we only met sometime in September
and when I whisper sweet nothings in December

Yet, when you stop life to tell me those words
No background music was heard
and I feared that if there's no bookmark
I can't trigger that feeling in your heart

I can't take you back to that time
there was no music, so it's a crime
that life committed and I wish I admit it
back then, so I get that moment acquitted

It's not because I didn't want you
It's more because I don't to
not have this moment without a bookmark
So I can trigger something in your heart

So, if I argue with you, and I play that song
well, that argument can't last long
or if you're away and I shed tears
all I need is our tune in my ears

You enjoy music, and so do I
so why we didn't have a bookmark… why?
Is life so cruel, you can't feel me…
wait… actually… that rhyme just heal me

There's a song in her heart
May one dance never let us part
I can feel her bookmark in her speech
"I love you"… that's music to my feet.

© V. Matthew King-Yarde 2010 - All Rights Reserved.
What kind of song bookmarked your moment?
© 2010 - 2021 nukirk
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