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I looked @ my cell @ the end of summer
Look under contacts for my friend, then I ran into... that number.
you know, that number, the one you think you should call
but it's the same number that didn't seem to call you @ all
you know, that number you memorized in your head
but the minute that person goes mute, she treats you like your dead.
that number you hope would show on your id and said "sorry I kept you hanging"
but instead, she never called, leaving you clanging
making you think something is wrong with you
when she couldn't even pick up the phone to say we're thru.
no... I didn't want that part to be true.
but when she tells someone else other than you, what can you do?
I kept looking @ that number, thinking "why she didn't call me?
Has her love for me when empty?"
I looked @ that number and think maybe I'm not that man she wanted.
After all, I gave her space, months had past... I felt so unwanted.
Should I call that number? Should I try...
maybe I should... I need to @ least hear a hi.
I thought she must had call me and I looked @ my log.
She didn't call me, not once... she seems to take time to update her damn blog.
I didn't want an e-mail, nor a IM, or a letter.
I wanted just a call, ONE call, one chance to make it better.
But instead, I have to hear it from my friend, then she wrote me to say "she felt bad"
She wanted to try and mend what's left, but I was way past sad and more than mad.
Why the e-mail, what's wrong with picking up the phone?
Oh, that's right... you think I said "leave me alone"
Even thought I reached out and gave my all
it seem like all I did in your POV was fall.
Acting like you never made a mistake in your life.
but she said I was hard to reach, but hopefully... no hard feelings alright?
I didn't change my number,
didn't recieve a voicemail all damn summer
I don't know if she just getting dumber
marching to a beat of a new drummer
so, I looked @ the number, thinking what I should do?
Hit delete, thinking about the memories that I love her true?
I dunno what to think @ all
so I just kept on staring @ the phone... waiting for her to call

© V. Matthew King-Yarde 2010 - All Rights Reserved.
Wait... for a phone call... that still didn't happen.

The Poem Titled is really "@ that #" but it won't allow me to us the symbols.
© 2010 - 2021 nukirk
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