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This moment is brought to you by…
individual lines that understand the divide
that divider is time n' it served me fine
finer than it served most of my
predecessors… y'all don't know them and neither will I
but I won't insult them, not this time

I arrive to this moment which was purchased
with blood, sweat n' tears so I better make it worth it
Because they paid a currency far greater
So I proceed to shake the haters
for all they done was insult their makers
and I will live this moment as a blessed creator

This moment is brought to you by… dreams!
That was combined into my life stream
long before you became you and I became me.
Installed by the infinite powers that be
so it seems I better live the way they and I see fit
because in this trip called life I choose to uplift

This message is brought to you by a Bell
that was shot 50 times in this realm of hell
and the only thing that prevented the shottas from the cell
is because the gov't thinks we are infidels
I wanna do more than sharpton
because all he did was preach and make a sharp run
we all know this is how he'll act
but in silence… this is how we react

This moment is brought to you by…
One dream, one speech, one King
All he hopes for, bled for die for is to let freedom ring
and some of y'all still lookin' for a leader
but no one wants to put their lives lookin' at the barrel of a heater

this moment is brought to you by…
excitement by an ex-convict
the original x-man who drives the institution sick
He driven us to this point
way before he was a Spike Lee joint

This moment is brought to you by…
the touch… the feel… of cotton… the fabric of our lives
wait a cotton picking minute…
after all, that's what we gonna do if we survive
the middle passage way and as we were blinging slave chains
yet, I think this isn't getting into a few of y'all brains
so allow me to break it down… simply…

This moment was brought to you by…
This moment… the air you breathe in…
the bed you sleep in…
the life you're complaining
and this poem I'm educating
was brought for you by them.
The ones who thought of you and you'll never meet them.
The ones who love you the most, but you'll never greet them.
And what do you do in return for this?
Y'all… Show… some… bitchassness.

Say "We are Sean Bell", but that moment is now gone
Replaced by sitcoms featuring peons
The moment to pull through for King vanished
when the King was banished
from his earthly throne into the heavens.
We had leaders come, leaders go…
but who will lead us now? Even I don't know…

But this moment was brought to you by… dreams
that was combined with my life stream
so I dare to foresee a bright future ahead of me.
I am not waiting for another King, I'm building slowly
I will never forget what it means to be loved
knowing that they will never know my name.
knowing that they will never know my game
So, I will push forward with audacity
of being able to push myself over the capacity
and for those who want to tell me what to do
This moment was brought to you by the letters F and U…

© V. Matthew King-Yarde 2010 - All Rights Reserved.
Ever wonder how your future self got to this point? Better thank your sponsors and don't feel miserable, feel blessed.
© 2010 - 2021 nukirk
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