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Playstation 4 Logo (Concept) by nukirk Playstation 4 Logo (Concept) :iconnukirk:nukirk 3 0 Mighty Third Rail Promo 2011 by nukirk Mighty Third Rail Promo 2011 :iconnukirk:nukirk 0 0 Vintage WideScreen by nukirk Vintage WideScreen :iconnukirk:nukirk 0 1 Red Christmas by nukirk Red Christmas :iconnukirk:nukirk 0 1 Jay-Z: Decoded by nukirk Jay-Z: Decoded :iconnukirk:nukirk 0 1
The Pursuit
Keep your head up…
This is a picture I must maintain at all cost
I must keep my weight down and my faith must not be lost
I am black, I am proud
I'm going to be the command and I'm going to stay sound
I must do what is expected and do not crack under pressure
I'm gonna - scratch that, I am going to do my best, under any measure
Perfect my English, walk proud with grace
Do everything that's expected of me, even if my individuality I have to erase…
If I make one mistake
I'm gonna look outta place
DAMN, I said outta, it suppose to be "out of"
WAIT! I said gonna, it's suppose to be "going to"
I can't let my… no, NO, NO! It's cannot, not can't!
Now I said quadruple negatives… wait… AH SHIT!
Now I'm not rhyming with my timing, I don't understand it
And I'm cussing again, no wait, the proper term is foul language.
Is this even a poem anymore? I can't tell…
I'm not perfect… am I going to hell…?
I really can't stand up to the image I'm pursuin
:iconnukirk:nukirk 0 0
At That Number
I looked @ my cell @ the end of summer
Look under contacts for my friend, then I ran into... that number.
you know, that number, the one you think you should call
but it's the same number that didn't seem to call you @ all
you know, that number you memorized in your head
but the minute that person goes mute, she treats you like your dead.
that number you hope would show on your id and said "sorry I kept you hanging"
but instead, she never called, leaving you clanging
making you think something is wrong with you
when she couldn't even pick up the phone to say we're thru.
no... I didn't want that part to be true.
but when she tells someone else other than you, what can you do?
I kept looking @ that number, thinking "why she didn't call me?
Has her love for me when empty?"
I looked @ that number and think maybe I'm not that man she wanted.
After all, I gave her space, months had past... I felt so unwanted.
Should I call that number? Should I try...
maybe I should... I need to @ least hear
:iconnukirk:nukirk 0 0
I wanna song that when I play it back
that when you kick it and you sit back
your mind suddenly replaces your present
triggering a time that was heaven sent.
I wanna play a song and remember
why I fell in love that November
and we only met sometime in September
and when I whisper sweet nothings in December
Yet, when you stop life to tell me those words
No background music was heard
and I feared that if there's no bookmark
I can't trigger that feeling in your heart
I can't take you back to that time
there was no music, so it's a crime
that life committed and I wish I admit it
back then, so I get that moment acquitted
It's not because I didn't want you
It's more because I don't to
not have this moment without a bookmark
So I can trigger something in your heart
So, if I argue with you, and I play that song
well, that argument can't last long
or if you're away and I shed tears
all I need is our tune in my ears
You enjoy music, and so do I
so why we didn't have a bookmark… why?
Is life
:iconnukirk:nukirk 0 0
A Word From Our Sponsors
This moment is brought to you by…
individual lines that understand the divide
that divider is time n' it served me fine
finer than it served most of my
predecessors… y'all don't know them and neither will I
but I won't insult them, not this time
I arrive to this moment which was purchased
with blood, sweat n' tears so I better make it worth it
Because they paid a currency far greater
So I proceed to shake the haters
for all they done was insult their makers
and I will live this moment as a blessed creator
This moment is brought to you by… dreams!
That was combined into my life stream
long before you became you and I became me.
Installed by the infinite powers that be
so it seems I better live the way they and I see fit
because in this trip called life I choose to uplift
This message is brought to you by a Bell
that was shot 50 times in this realm of hell
and the only thing that prevented the shottas from the cell
is because the gov't thinks we are infidels
I wanna do mor
:iconnukirk:nukirk 1 0
Mature content
Freakish Sayings :iconnukirk:nukirk 0 0
I placed my hands over your eyes
Pulled you towards me like you're being baptized
Please babe... keep your eyes closed.
I wanna keep your mind exposed
and regain a sense you once lost
maybe between now and the next time we cross
you'll want to experience it again for the first time
as your senses intertwine with mine
I wanna dine with you in mind
and keep lifting you higher than you'll ever find...
I know... slowly, I've shown abnormalities
But I don't want to reject you spiritually.
I know you thinking we're far apart
But you are always close to heart
Wearing a blindfold isn't a practical solution
giving verbal promises ain't really love evolution
But we both wanna divide our time
so when it cross, our minds want to grind
so when that time comes, I wanna do more than talk
I wanna do more than walk the walk
I wanna kiss the back of your neck
as if we want to address the mutual respect
make your back ached towards me
sweet whispers your lips rewards me
and nothing is more powerful
:iconnukirk:nukirk 0 0
Mature content
Scary Thoughts :iconnukirk:nukirk 0 0
He punched the Victim dead in chest chest
removing every once of his breath
Then the Victim found himself on the floor
His mind went blank, the Victim is no more
Little did the Bully realized he'll switch roles
as the Victim's mind unleashed hidden scrolls
the punch tore apart the fabric within his mind
which birth the anger which was once confined
within the depths of his ego, he unlocked
a demon in him which he once blocked
And now the demon comes to the forefront
in search of the source of the pain, he must hunt.
When the Victim came to, he found his shirt red
stained with the blood from the bully's forehead
his wrist was tied, as the bully's mother cried
Suspension from school, while the Bully lied
Claiming self defense, even thought Bully started it
Victim's mind drowns out logic, heart's only hardened it
Lil' did Victim know that the Bully's pull got a lot of string
Witnesses all look from the Bully's side of things
Years later, the Bully committed robbery
when to jail, feeling a
:iconnukirk:nukirk 0 0
Mature content
Toy Dark :iconnukirk:nukirk 0 0
Mature content
Apathetic :iconnukirk:nukirk 1 0
Mature content
Swan Song :iconnukirk:nukirk 0 0
This is the gallery of work I've done over the years. A mixture of written work, design work, and a few attempts at drawing. Some things maybe scrap because I only wanna showcase the best stuff.



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V. M. King-Yarde
Artist | Professional | Design & Interfaces
United States
Older, yet younger...

He's back? Yes. Apparently, I have broken the rule of Art and Social Media... and that's thinking that I can keep things in one place and thought people might appreciate.

I'm sorry. Forgive me?

Yeah, this is not going to be an in-depth journal. Just a little something saying I'm here, I'm gonna post more, critique more...  show love more.


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Thanks for watching and checking out my pieces for National Poetry Month!

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