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I forgotten how to inline user avatars... but eh rufiangel tagged me -_- so.

I. Post these rules.
II. Each person tagged must post eight random facts about themselves.
III. Must make a blog/journal about this.
IV. Tag eight or more peoples.
V. Go to their page and leave a comment notifying them of their tagging.

1. I love my uni course as much as I hate it. It's so interesting and boring at the same time. I still think psychology is a better subject for me though...
2. The view from my window was absolutely gorgeous; until the building infront of it was made taller.
3. I love my death metal as much as hip, hop, a hippity hop.
4. I wish my life was more like a sitcom. Canonical one =P
5. My memory is pretty crap for remembering. Something that may have been quite impressionable on you, I probably won't remember it.
6. Whiskey hits the spot when I need one, but I can't drink much. Great combination eh?
7. I love quirks in people. Not something so serious that it could ruin relationships but those ones where you can go "awwwwwwww" at (or "hooooooooooly crap").
8. I get quite excited over tiny things; however I settle down just as quickly.

Bah. I'd tag eight people, but I still don't remember how to inline.
  • Listening to: Everything Is Alright -Motion City Soundtrack
  • Reading: Heretics of Dune
  • Watching: Frasier!
  • Playing: Anything I can on guitar


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Hey, are you still alive on dA these days? :)

Love! xx
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Hey~ it's 2AM and I'm bored and Rag won't load because everyone in Korea's on. Which sucks. Ah well. Think of something for us to do before you skidaddle! Aiite, to bed I go~
caesura1107 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2006   Photographer
*prances about on YOUR page*
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*gasps again*
Okay so I can't think of a come back ;-;
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