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This year went by uncomfortably fast. 


Payments are up front through Paypal 
These slots are for Dec. 15th onwards

These slots are first come, first serve. I will cut off slots when my roughly 40hrs are filled. To gain a slot simply comment below that you wish to take one (up to two per client.) If I respond to you then you may email me (bypassing sending notes this time.)

Information I need when you e-mail me:

DA name
Commission type/hrs
References, questions
and if you are certain of your commission, your PP. I send invoices.

My email:

Quick Common Commissions Ref:

Icon: 500x500px - 30usd  |  300x300px - 25usd  Examples:  Icon Dump by NukeRooster

Speedpaint: 3-3.5hrs - 100usd  |  4-4.5hrs - 130usd  (+30usd per hr tacked on if client wishes to extend alloted time) Examples: Rest by NukeRooster  Abyss by NukeRooster…

headshot/bust: 55usd  Examples: Dharivall by NukeRooster Vernid by NukeRooster

*The prices above are subject to change the next time I take commissions. 2019 will receive a price overhaul to help offset the time I'm putting into them now.*

I have been a tad aloof job searching, I do thank everyone for their patience
(I am still sending out updates and will continue to do so throughout the weekend and next week for bigger projects, ty for the patience!)

Prices:… (Do not email me through the wix site, please.)

To claim a slot simply comment below. When I reply that it is a go you may email me with information. (my email is I will be using gmail as my main communication hub. I will leave a link to Trello here:…

I will try to keep Trello updated with my hrs logged as well. I use a program called WORK, and it only logs time I am active on programs I use for work(In my case PS). It's a simple script.  If you want to check it out it is here:

Quick Common Commissions Ref:

Icon: 500x500px - 30usd  |  300x300px - 25usd    Examples:  Icon Dump by NukeRooster

Speedpaint: 3-3.5hrs - 100usd  |  4-4.5hrs - 130usd  Examples:…

headshot/bust: 55usd  Example:  Queenbabadook by NukeRooster
Hi folks, I'm winding down on my queue here and will be opening for slots after some hrs of work. I was not able to update everyone by the 15th as I had assumed, so am doing that now. My uncle's brother was hit and killed by a car around the time I posted the journal and it set me back a few days. Things are okay now, it was unexpected for everyone who knew him. I have a lot of work to upload and will be uploading said work over the course of a few days. Thank you for being patient with me! The designs are admittingly taking the longest so I will not be taking more of those for a little while!

If you wish to contact me, my email is still fine to use, but I get lots of third party spam there and will be dumping it soon after all slots are completed.

My current email is, and will be the email I use for the foreseeable future. If you have not established contact with me through that email, please be sure to include your DA name!

Commissions will open later tonight after some more updates are sent out to folks. As a heads up these commissions will be started around the 15th of September. I've been asked about Trello a few times and will finally be putting that to use with them.
hi folks, just as a quick update to my clients-I am updating folks this week. If you aren't updated by the 15th feel free to shoot me an email and tell me what for. I appreciate the patience everyone has been giving me. I am actively doing commissions, I upload in droves. To sustain myself I must take commissions from multiple sites-this includes FA, DA, and IG(for little things.) So my queue can seem a little scary from a different perspective haha, but it's normal for me. I need a continuous flow of to-do work so I have revenue coming in. My rent is scary high for my area, and although it's been nice moving to a bigger house, it has come with a fat price tag and I must take on work to sustain myself and keep bills paid. I don't go out often, my irl friends kinda gave up trying to get me to go out. I sleep, eat, draw, often about 10hrs at a time. BUT, I am okay with this, it's what I've chosen to do, and until I find a job that offers more then this is were I'll be. I'm tired, but after finished what I wanted for the day I am a happy tired. Burnouts happen, and they hit me very hard, I'm trying to avoid them like the plague.  Without commissioners like you guys I wouldn't be offering them like I do and would instead have a job elsewhere. I want to make the wait for these commissions worthwhile, no one will get rushed, sloppy work. 

Enough mush. If you want to see sketches and things, I am starting to share more in process stuff on my IG. My IG is NukeRooster. SFW stuff is posted only (aside minor blood), NSFW stuff is posted on a separate accnt. Stages are uploaded to my Patreon once in a while.  I have been very busy and am trying hard to clean up my queue so I can continue on with new slots here on DA by September. (:


This month hit me hard with my tablet breaking, so I'm having to work extra to make that up. Budget didn't quite allow that.  I do have a replacement, thank goodness, so I am working again. Sent out updates. Design updates are next as they often take the longest.

*These slots are for ~Mid June.*

Rules for getting a commission: these are first come, first serve slots. Comment to claim a slot, I will OK you, and in a bit I'll send out a note with my (NEW)email and simple instructions on what to send me. Please do not e-mail me through the WIX site. I am changing my e-mail so it's relevant aha. Slots for previous commissions may continue to communicate with me through Tatchit/live. Patience is my numero uno client preference.

I am not taking any more design commissions for either Feonix or custom critters until the ones I have are completed.

I am, however, super interested in bigger stuff like full illustrations, but I'll bite anything.

Stuff I'd like to pick up are commissions that feature my ocs and the client's, either fighting or exploring or kicking butt or dying or we the client has in mind (non sensual pls) I don't get to complete much personal OC stuff, so this is a way for me to pursue that while giving the client a commission featuring their OC as well. I also have a plethora of kids to choose from. If it gets a bite I'll discuss it with the client further. (:

Here are past examples: 

Mature Content

Versus by NukeRooster
  Traveling Guard by NukeRooster

starting price is 350usd for something medium sized.
Prices/general info:…

*I appreciate patience above all things, ty*

These slots are for the month of March onward. Slots will be started around March 8th. I am trying to set up a Trello so everyone can see slot progress. I will link it on my page when it is set up!

Slots are first come first serve. 

~40hrs available

To claim a slot, please comment with the following info: what kind of commission/general amount of hrs you'd like to claim.  I will send a mass note to everyone with my e-mail info and we will continue communication that way once my hrs are filled. 
I've gotten several questions on an opening date.

It's Feb 26th ~4pm EST

Prices and info can be found here (do not email me through the site for slots):…

*This is not a journal I will take commissions from. Please wait until I post the 'Commissions OPEN' journal on the 26th. Slots are first come, first serve.*
Prices/general info:…

*I appreciate patience above all things, ty*

Slots are first come first serve. 

0/40hrs available

To claim a slot, please comment with the following info: what kind of commission/hrs you'd like to claim.  I will send a mass note to everyone with my e-mail info and we will continue communication that way once my hrs are filled. 

Have a safe Halloween, everyone.
Getting close to clearing my queue here, if you're still waiting for your slot to be finished, expect it soon.

Commission slots for Nov15th on will be available Oct 31st @ 1200 EST.

*Slots are first come, first serve

*I will have 40hrs available

*Patience is #1 in my book

Prices/general info:…

This journal is not a commission slot journal, this is an announcement, please do not comment here for a slot.

I will have a journal posted later today to take slots, thank you!
still need to complete a few from the last round, so these will be slots for August-->

Prices and general info:…

I have ~0hrs available, I will stop slots when I see hrs are filled.

Patience is appreciated.

Hrs are first come, first serve. Comment on this journal to claim a slot, and if you can, specify what kind of commission you would like.  Once slots are filled I will note everyone with a mass note containing my e-mail address and we can continue communication through that.
finishing up my queue and things should be tidy here by the end of the weekend.  Thanks a ton for the patience folks. 

Date of opening will be 7-17 to 7-18th (depends if I can round up a few bigger things that need to be done in time)

Will be using hours as my stopping point and will have 40hrs available.  This means exact slot number is unknown.  Slots will be first come, first serve, clients should be patient but are welcome to ask for updates. Commission info can be found on my wix site.…
To you little whining shits, calm down about tits on a character. Fucking aye. I don't care if it's a dinosaur and dinosaurs don't have tits.  It's an anthropomorphic creature, it can have ten tits and three dicks if the creator wanted.  

Bet you clicked on it cuz you thought she was up your alley but then saw she had a weapon she could spear your sorry ass with so are crying about it. Never in all my days have I seen so many whinebags cry over something so minuscule as lumps of fat on a character's chest. 

If there's a rock nearby, please do yourself a favor and crawl under it, because you obviously have no fucking clue that breasts, dicks, and vages have all had their place in art since people could poke a stick at fire.  You 'want' to think I sexualized a 'lizard' because that's what your conservative little mind winds around.  Gotta keep them females covered up and if those chunks of fat aren't stuffed under clothing than it's automatically the creator trying to get people to beat their meat.

But if it's you know, war, gore/viscera, people dying, it's all good.  Because you're safe and you know the image isn't 'real' and totally couldn't happen to you.  

I'll draw it all; tits, dicks, sex, gore, war ect.  People should be aware of these things, because they happen in rl all the time. And creator's stories/characters can certainly have these elements and more.  Mine do.

And this goes for all people who create shit; live and let live.  The world isn't made of spun sugar, folks, and most of it certainly doesn't cater to one person's image of how things should be.
Hi folks, some recent bad things have been going down on Paypal for a few artists including myself involving backcharges.  This has been an ongoing issue since February and it's really put a damper on things and made life a little more frustrating that it needs to be. At first things were solved, then disputes were re-opened by the CC company itself, and ending in their favor despite them being initially closed in mine. 

I don't wanna give up on the issue, but I can't wait for it to roll over either so I'm gonna have to bite the bullet on this one.  I have monthly payments to the IRS (I do monthly payments rather than quarterly/yearly-for those self-employed you know what that means) and rent/insurance very soon afterwards.  I simply cannot be late on any of my bills!

SO instead of creating a heavier queue of 10+ people with different orders I'm going to go ahead and offer one full illustration.  Min. buy rate is $350.00 firm. Payment is via Paypal and must be paid in full by the 27th.  I will send invoices. Patience is very appreciated.  These circumstances are definitely not my forte and taking on more work is not ideal, but I can't not pay my dues. If you're in a rush to get something done, don't look into this.  I would like to have this commission completed asap but I won't rush it. During my free days I will try to stream for the client.  This commission will not slow progress on slots I have already taken, it'll simply mean I gotta work longer days/fit it on my off days.

What you will get: full illustration featuring your character and mine.  If you'd like, you can choose which character yours interacts/has the same scene with.  No sexual/mating ritual type scenes, please.  I will do gore/death, caring (depending on character), working together, ect.  My characters all have their own personalities and some may not fit a scene idea very well.  We can discuss this privately. Sketch will be sent beforehand before coloring for approval.  Please have a good idea of what you'd like if you're particular.

Here's my character ref folder:…

Characters in general folder(not all my charas have refs):…

Here's an example of a YCH I completed tonight on stream featuring Ryker(silvernightdancer's OC) and Kurai(mine):

Ychsm by NukeRooster

If you really don't want anything to do with my charas, I'm willing to do just a character painting, but price is firm.  I don't get to paint my own charas much so these are good opportunities to do just that.  Comment or note me privately.  This is a first come, first serve slot.  Slot will not be reserved.
Late opening (took a trip to the beach today!)

10 slots available, 2 commissions per slot. (ex: headshot and icon)

I am not offering full illustrations this round, all other commissions are a go.

Comment on this journal if interested (please do not e-mail me from the wix site.) Slots are first come, first serve, and will close once slots have been filled.  These slots are for April-->, patience on commissions is much appreciated!

I will reply to your comment with a slot number (1-10), and will note everyone with my e-mail so we can continue communication through there. Once you get my e-mail you're welcome to send questions, references, and ideas my way.  Allow me a day or two to reply back to you.

Prices and examples:…
Just a heads up, a limited number of slots will open for April 3-27.  Patience, above all things, is appreciated.  

Prices :…

There will be some price updates after this next round, as well as commission type changes.  Notably to speedpaints, which will be resized to a larger format (likely going from 1500x700px to 2000x1200px or more, allows for better print quality for clients who get those done and for me to work bigger.)  The price changes will be minor.  I enjoy doing speedpaints, but I treat them like small illustrations with a shorter time budget and would like to offer larger sizes.  I may knock out 2hr speeds completely and have 3hr+ speedpaints and keep things for 2hrs and under for busts or if the client reallly wants a 2hr speed, I can work with just about anything, but it'll be via request and not openly admitted if that makes sense (kinda like asking for 'the special' at a bar or something??) It's becoming increasingly difficult to keep my time reasonable while offering the client work I am happy with, and now my 2hr speeds are more like 3. Not sure, I need to work on how I'm going to sort that out.
Prices and general FAQ:…

eta: varies, allow a few months. I have many different clients/projects going on c: Patience is very much appreciated. These commissions will officially begin in February.

Slots: 10 available, 2 commissions per slot (ex: 2 speedpaints)

Slots are first come, first serve. If you are interested, please leave a comment on this journal only. I will reply with a slot number (1-10.) Once all slots have been taken, I will send out a mass note with my contact information and we can continue communication via e-mail.

Do NOT contact me via e-mail from the commission price website to get a slot here, that is used for non-journal commissions only, thanks!

Temp placeholder for adoptable regulations:

Payments for all adoptables are through Paypal.  In return I will note/e-mail the buyer the digital file.  This digital file could be a .psd, .png, or both.  It may include several files depending on the circumstances.  Because digital files cannot be mailed, the act of me giving the buyer a link acts as the purchase being successfully sent.  

Once payment is made and I have sent the digital file(s), refunds will not be issued under any circumstance and back charges are not permitted.  The buyer may, however, sell the design for ideally what they bought it for, but I will not regulate the reselling of designs unless I make note of 'flipping' designs and in that case the offender will be blacklisted.  In other words, please be reasonable when reselling.

Feonix, Guardians, and Highland Guards are at this time all personal creations and are therefore part of my IP.  If you happen to resell any of the listed creations please let the buyer know what they are.  All other designs included Kitsunes are up to debate and are not regulated by me in any fashion.  Once purchased from me these designs in their entirety belong to the buyer and I therefore loose any rights to claim them as IP other than being a design/artwork I created.

I have the right to create prints of any adoptables/designs I create.  I also have the right to blacklist any individual I feel is violating my terms with knowledge of doing so.…

Ohhh I almost fainted when I was presented with the chance to have my fanart of TLG on  Some of you may recognize it!

 It was originally going to be this: The Last Guardian by NukeRooster

It needed an overhaul so spent some hrs fixing it up and making it look presentable!  I'm glad I did.  

I've been waiting for this game since 09' and I am beyond excited to see this game in person soon.  One of the sole reasons I purchased a PS3 originally was for TLG, hoping it would release during it's uptime.  A part of me is glad that Team Ico waited, because it looks gorgeous and can't wait to be pulled through some heartbreak that I am carefully anticipating.

And kudos to the other artists for also having their work displayed, they all look wonderful! 
Mass Note has been sent, please let me know if you did not get a note from me and I will send one to you asap!  C:

10 slots available. To claim a spot, you must comment on this journal only.  Slots are first come first serve, and I will reply to you with a slot number if you got one.  Clients are welcome to two commissions per slot (ex:2 speedpaints for slot x)

These slots are for Oct. 10th-on as I am currently working on some larger projects and finishing current slots.  

If you are interested, please read through my info about ETA, prices ect. : <da:thumb id="425587847"/>

General Feonix Info

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 20, 2012, 11:32 AM
7 by NukeRooster  Feoiy by NukeRooster…

Ignore typos and grammar mistakes in the text, it is a WIP~

 Feonixes are an open species. Simply tag my username or 'Feonix' so I can find your creation!


Please do not make adoptables, variations, and designs to sell for your profit. I am OK with people commissioning artists to draw their Feonix, but do not create Feonixes to sell.

:bulletgreen:They are manx and feather tailed by default, although I do create and make Feonixes with tails.

:bulletgreen: Feathers. You can throw them where you like, just make it look natural and like it could work. Think of fancy fowl and birds of paradise. Try to incorporate some type of natural element in feather placement. Not all Feonixes must have long feathers, they can be shorter/patternized/few/many. This choice is up to you.

:bulletgreen: NO hair on the head. 

:bulletgreen: They can have accessories if you want. Bangles/tribal stuff is super cool and I don't mind this at all. You can get crazy if you want and have them wearing a scarf and top hat ect if it fits with your story line. TBH I don't care what you do here.

:bulletgreen: Have fun and show me your Feonixes when you post them.

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