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Tatchit's Custom Brushes

My custom brush set, most are experimental, some are fur brushes, some are gritty graphite like brushes, others are misc.

The preview image was created with the brushes I provided.

There are a good handful of brushes here-you may experiment with them as you please. The brush settings palate is your friend-use it!

*These are free to use, whether inside or outside DA
*No one may re-upload these brushes as attempt to claim or sell (make any profit).
*I do not mind that these brushes are distributed, BUT, before you do-NOTE ME as to what website these brushes are going to be uploaded to. Do this BEFORE you re-upload.
*When you do re-upload, I want a credit link back to my DA page, if you fail to do so, you must remove the post.
*Yes, you can use these for commissions/profit in an art from (not selling the brush itself)

Instructions: Download .zip file/extract the .abr file inside, open PS (these were created with PS CS5, and may not be compatible with versions earlier than PS CS). Open brushes menu, then click Load Brushes, find this set and load.
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Will these work in FireAlpaca?
Fythea's avatar
this is strange, it doesn't give me a .zip file, instead it only gives me .abr file?
Vyrosk's avatar
yes , thats the file you need to load into photoshop >u<
Fythea's avatar
Aah I see, thanks ^u^
still doesn't work for me, but eh…
LadyScourgE's avatar
Thank you for sharing these brushes.
EerieWolf's avatar
These are epic in gimp XD
adderconda's avatar
This worked like magic.

Thank you.
Kayju7's avatar
thx these will work well
csikosgyuri's avatar
Neytiri202's avatar
ITS NOT BEAUTIFUL IS WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Redfoxcgirl's avatar
Do these brushes work on Sai?
NukeRooster's avatar
I'm not entirely sure, but I did dig this up: [link]
Avarifina's avatar
About how many brushes are in here and what are they like? :meow:
KayaWolf0612's avatar
How can I download the .abr file? (sorry for this stupid question!)
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You download the .zip file and use a programs such as WINRAR or 7-zip to unzip the folder. Then you drag the file into whatever file you have your Photoshop brushes. After that you simply go to your brush library and load the file. Hope that helps!
KayaWolf0612's avatar
Thank you very much! :)
KaRiwolF205's avatar
Tsuyaya's avatar
Thank you so much! :3
isabell93's avatar
Darn, wont work on Paint Tool SAI >:
18Phobia's avatar
LupusAzulli's avatar
you think it will work with PSE 9? :c
NukeRooster's avatar
I have no idea, these were made in PS CS5. .-. You can try it if you want, just unzip and load the .abr file into your brushes.
alicia14's avatar
Thank you !

You're the best !!!
TerhuneLass's avatar
Okay - THIS just made my day. I think you single handedly saved my Photoshop career. Any other possible tips on how to make blending/finished effects like your art? Mine always looks so flat and choppy.
Thank you SO much, though.
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