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a 'YCH' I did for crazwolf on instagram. Was supposed to be a 3hr speed, but it admittingly took longer than that.  Started the water reflections over three times, trying to simulate the water movement rather than drawing what makes it looks 'pretty.'  I wanted to challenge myself with rendering water.  It's tedious for me atm as there's reasons for what water does and how it does it in what conditions ectect, and there's a lot more I need to learn for sure.   It was good practice, thanks to the client for allowing me to use their chara as a guinea pig!
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It's so prettttttyy :love:
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It's very reassures
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The Backround is awsome. The colours are so soft.
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Aww.. that's cute!!
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Holy, exquisitely magnificent! The Enchanting Black Wolf is stunning and The Flowing River looks incredible! The designs, water reflections, mountains, cliffs, ledges, expression, pose, eyes, tail, ears, fur, waterfalls, forest, trees, brush, plant life, sky, clouds, mist, shadows, boulders, gleam, rays, valley, realisticness, perspective, movement, flow, effects, atmosphere, hues, textures, concept, composition, uniqueness, lighting, colors, style, and other details are also wonderful! Amazingly beautiful work! :iconfantasticplz:
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what a landscape!!
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Such beautiful water
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too cool! by the way, the water is really good! I don't see many like this.
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the water detail is insane
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So awesome!
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I love the reflection of the water on the rocks! Beautiful!
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this is gorgeous!! i really love your sense of composition!
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Yamaguchi Impressed Icon Everything about this is so cool! The water's my favorite part
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so beautiful *u*
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its beautiful
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Everything about this is awesome and well done.
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Manx, even god can't make water look so cool as you can do it.
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reminds me of when I hiked the Walls of Jericho
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Amazing water effects!! I am still drawing one of my big traditional paintings and it is difficult to work on water :D   Can I use your water style a bit for my painting? It would really help me ^^
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this is so beautiful<3
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Amazing work! It's so beautiful, I love everything about it! :D
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wonderful work, the background is fantastic - the water especially so.
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