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Northern Guide

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Barioth, the colossal dude in the bg, is the same guy found in the two pages of Dead Water (that I need to continue.)  After those events he ends up being a guide to travelers looking to go into the northern regions, which are very dangerous during the winter months, and with the war spreading its reach across Vladimir,  half of whom are searching for Kurai, it's even more teacherous.  Kurai, who is accompanied by Travis, hires Barioth after hearing about him by word of mouth.  He is incredibly resistant to freezing temperatures and can heave a grown man around like a rag doll, a valuable traveling companion indeed!

These events take place in Kurai's world, and Travis leaves his own for a while to care for Kurai along with way.  He doesn't do very well himself.

characters/art (c) Tatchit

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Princessvinewolf21Student Writer
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Morbidspider27Hobbyist General Artist
These are all amazing
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Awesomeness! Applaud fella (Reactions) by Ehsan-m
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so cool )
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JackburnedStudent Digital Artist
Woah... I... came... that's just EPIC!
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missingmomStudent General Artist
Love this....
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VarietyARtHobbyist Traditional Artist
Pretty cool man !
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MAD-blue-eyed-banditHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow! That is freaking awesome! :)
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O.O I love their hair! Awesome job!
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PartialysightedHobbyist General Artist
How Gorgeous <3 Stunning piece! c: How long do they take you?
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KarbikHobbyist Digital Artist

Ah, Kurai. Out of all the things you've designed, that red-on-white-with-a-dash-of-blue is hard to beat in attractiveness.

Barioth does indeed like quite colossal. I always got the impression that Kurai was a tall and slender fellow, but Barioth has him beat in height. I suppose that's understandable, seeing as there hardly was anything in Dead Water to really hint at his size.

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Thank you!  Kurai's fairly tall, around 6'3" or so, Travis is around 6' flat.  Barioth on the other hand tops around 7' easy and is built like a freeze proof tank.  :)
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These guys look amazing!
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Any Nordguard influence?
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no, think GoT inspiration for some of the darker, cooler elements and thick fur jackets( my headworld has always had a colder region.  It's nothing new to world building.)  
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That's very interesting.  The whole concept of "headworld", in itself, is interesting.  Well, good job on this.
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ty!  Headworlds are awesome, it's like your own story you can develop as you grow as a person.  C:
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deathfoxprincessHobbyist General Artist
I love how you draw the anthropomorphic wolves. So much expression and so much detail. O.O
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VillainiaEcksHobbyist General Artist
Absolutely beautiful! :3 This style is so rough yet shows so much detail! <3
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Deep6HowlHobbyist General Artist
Okay now I'm writing lot's of comments >.< I love the way you write! It has some of the old speech in it and it reminds me of The Lord Of The Rings' language using. And your painting is amazing and so so so powerful, great imagination!
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ladyburrfootHobbyist Artist
so freaking cool!!!
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Jet-KaiHobbyist General Artist
Wonderful as usual!
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