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Fur Tutorial


-Ignore typos- .-.

This is a basic overview of how I work with fur. I've had a lot of questions and hopefully this answers them.

I use about three layers for fur, and constantly combine them so I can use a clipping mask on the whole subject.

There is no secret fur brush-just a regular hard brush with a few setting changes.

After all this, I cannot stress enough about the importance of practice. I didn't learn this overnight, and this tutorial is not to be taken religiously. You may learn a different way, use a different program, different brushes and settings.

Done in PS CS5.

If by chance you use this, don't worry about linking back. No need to, use it and have fun.

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JarOfLooseScrews's avatar
Awesome tutorial, thank you.
thewolfdreamcatcher's avatar
what are the settings to make the brush so you can make fur
RoslynHeightsStables's avatar
The best fur tutorial I've seen up until now, good job! *o*
Fleur1234567890's avatar
How many hours to do this ?? Its very beautiful but i imagin that's a very long work... ?
LadyShallandra's avatar
I may have to hunt around for equivalent settings in my apps, but this is still very helpful! Thank you! :3
Wylfen's avatar
I do already fail at step2 x'D
Flesh---Canvas's avatar
//I can't seem to find a transfer option? Is there something like it I can use?//
rockerwarriors's avatar
if u have other dynamics, that is transfer...
Taqresu650's avatar
I know this is a little outdated, but it's a great tutorial. unfortunately I'm kind of stuck with using da muro. What da muro brushes will come close to capturing this?
Rhaimo's avatar
Alright this is awesome! But when you draw I see some places where the fur is a thick black color instead of blending in. Is that because that's where there is thicker fur? Or is it somethin else. 
NukeRooster's avatar
This is an old, outdated tutorial tbh.  The thicker black areas represent depth in fur (thick chunks for example.)  I'm not sure if it's pure black or not, but it's better not to go pure black on colored fur.  Even with black fur, a deep, rich blue (or muted, you're choice!) will give you a lot more interest than pure black (unless you're going for b/w or using b/w than going over it with a color layer such as overlay, color, ect) Even in painting, you can mix your primaries with eachother and get some very nice rich, dark colors.  But in most cases, you will probably need to add black to get that extra depth.

I think this might be more of a personal nitpick than anything.  You can experiment and see what you like better, sometimes this way isn't the best. 
Rhaimo's avatar
Alright! Maybe you could make a dated version of this?! I really love your fur style and I wanted to try it myself. It doesn't seem like you use this technique on regulr drawings anymore x3 and you are an inspiration to many people :3 
mumblealice17's avatar
Hi I love your work and thanks so much for the tutorial :) I wondered could you do a tutorial for fluffy fur like in this picture? ~
I'm having trouble trying to make it look fluffy and "cub-like" Sweat Drop revamp 
Sparkermice's avatar
What's wrong out of date?
Dark-Cynder117's avatar
I will look back at this when I get this program and start drawing my OCs in something besides Muro...
Morticia-Lynne's avatar
I've always had problems drawing just the lineart of fur, but I think I learned how to pretty well by looking at your tutorial for reference. I just had to think of it like a detailed flower XD
OwlComet's avatar
This is awesome tutorial!! =D I have always wondered how do almost all artsist draw that fur that looks so real and lovely!! =)

Thank you so much for making this kind of tutorial!! ^^
I really must test to draw this awesome kind of fur!! =3
thank you very much for posting this! It will help with my study on drawing animals
XUndead-DannyX's avatar
:D Thank you so much! This really helped.
Nikoca's avatar
.. I see sb translated it to France .. :D
Now, can I translate it to Hungarian? ^^
NukeRooster's avatar
unfortunately I don't have the original file anymore so I'm not sure how'd you do it, but yes, you may translate and re-upload this were you want.  The only thing I ask is a link back to my page so people can find the original source. :)
iCloudZero's avatar
Its so nice of you to do this.. A lot of artists seem to guard the way they .. Uh.. Art like a secret. Thank you for the tutorial.
DistantRedemption's avatar
A fur tutorial for PS! La la la la Thank you soo much for making this.
DireWolfwere's avatar
Oh, this is perfect. Thank you so much for sharing c:
I really love the way you paint fur, and it's always such a challenge for me.
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