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I decided I don't really like the icon for myself, so it's for the taking to those that want to use it. I'll have to make an icon for myself sometime.

Da's default size for icons is 50x50px, you will have to downsize this icon by half. I left it bigger so you can use it on other sites that support larger icon sizes.

And by some chance if you find out how to edit this, go ahead, here's one way: Use alpha channel and load channel as selection to select, invert, make another layer above the base image, fill, deselect, delete layer below, make another layer below newly filled image and choose simple color. DA would not take the transparent version because it's too big. (pff, fix this DA) There might be some things you have to change (such as fixing the blood color, since you can only fill with grayscale)

Animated in PS CS5, about 11 frames.
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Overall a very solid icon.
I'll be usin this, dude.
T0XIC-GHOST's avatar
Thank you, I'll be using this if you don't mind.
softcvbs's avatar
Could I use this on my DevID? I would credit you, of course! q w q 
Hot-line-Bling's avatar
Using atm, thanks!
Pusciferr's avatar
Using atm, hope you don't mind!
Jiiinxed's avatar
Using, thank you! Lovely art by the way <3
LunaMae68's avatar
That looks so cool
Love this! Thank you!
FearPIay's avatar
Thank you very much, Using this. Asuna (Smile 1) [V1] 
Jenova-Cells's avatar
Using on Archive of Our Own.
xAcidicCanine's avatar
using this on furaffinity x3
ArdentDeer's avatar
Used on Tumblr.
Loukaina's avatar
I'm going to use it ^^
insanity-7's avatar
this is so good
if you don't mind i'm going to use it
TheVivster's avatar
I'm going to use it  ^w^
DaisukeReiky's avatar
can i use it here on DA??
Helhoof-and-Sand's avatar
how do you make animations?
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I used photoshop and transparent layers stacked on one another to create it.  Ps has a primitive animation window that will run through the layers at a defined speed.  It's not terribly difficult, but I'm not good at animating.  There are probably really good tuts laying around the net that will explain the process much better than I can.
MelsSketchdump's avatar
Thank you! I might use this.
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