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chat pose commission for   curiouswonderland

such a cutie
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This is so cool! There is so much in it that makes it interesting!
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IM SO JEALOUS XDD u draw so welllllllllllll :D:excited: :excited: :excited: Cheerleader Cheerleader Cheerleader Foxy Emoticon Chasing - Five Nights at Freddy's Foxy Emoticon Chasing - Five Nights at Freddy's Are You Happy Are You Happy Squee! Squee! Squee! 
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Such amazing and detailed art oh my gosh!!!
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Such a gorgeous, beautiful piece. :love:
The way you've designed the jewelry in such a great matter, like a tribal theme. Everything goes so well together, I especially love the tone of the pigment itself. :clap:
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i wish i could draw this good
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This one is absolutely amazing, I adore the soulful expression in its eyes and the detail is beyond wonderful. <3
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if I could use this picture to my blog, where I writes stories as a wolf? I am honest, so I ask for permission.
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Just.... Awesome....

I wish I could draw like you!

(So envy you in a good way) I am a dummy! 
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So beautiful, so many details, so cute <3 Love your work, it's always so different in some way ^^
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You are so awesome! 
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This character design is gorgeous! Wonderfully done!
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I saw a deviation last night whose pose looked exactly like this including the fur. When I saw it, I wondered why it looked so familiar. It was bugging me a bit so I searched around and I realized it looked very similar to this lovely. It was by a different deviant and it seemed to be traditional. I can't find that deviation that I saw last night. But it's impossible it was just a coincidence. Just thought I'd let you know.
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Gorgeous! I love it.
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Ughh I want your art. <3
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That's too cute for words lol.
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this is insanely beautiful!
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