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Brush Pack 3.0

Some of my personal brushes that I tend to favor while drawing. The first one is not a hard round, but a triangle based brush.

#4 brush was created by :iconvovix: (seestur)

The rest are paint-like brushes with different effects. You can create a totally new brush by editing each of these.

I don't use the bottom one much, but I'm sure it can be useful for sculpting out tree bark or some winding branches.

:bulletgreen:No credit is required if you use my brushes in any type of artwork, commercial or personal. Use them and abuse them! :bulletgreen:

EDIT: So there is less confusion. The images/samples above are brush STROKES, not what the brush tip looks like. When you combine the tips depending on spacing, then you get a stroke. When you load them, you may get a stroke, brush tip name, ectect depending on your brush palate settings. I use strokes since it's easier to see what the brush does, not just what the tip looks like (which can be deceiving.)

I created these in PS CS5. I am clueless as to what other programs aside from Photoshp .abr files are compatible with.

***How to load brushes into Photoshop: [link]
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ah heck, I wish there was a Clipstudio paint version of this ggnnnnnnnn
ASRlEI's avatar
do these work without a tablet? <:0
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How do you put it in Krita? Ik it works bc people told me that they use Krita and said these brushes are useful.
Mewwn's avatar
I know this is a couple of months old commnet, but here.…
Sparrowflight14's avatar
Krita uses .bundle, not .abr, so I'm really not sure if it will work.
Minkmc13's avatar
how do u download the brushes themselves i can't find a link
Startrashbin's avatar

Works fine!! Thank you
M1dn1ghtdramon's avatar
This is probably a dumb question (although in new to adding brushes and downloading them)

But how do you download the brushes?
SnowOwO's avatar
lol i can't figure it out XD (can you tell me plz?)
M1dn1ghtdramon's avatar
you just click the download thing XD
SnowOwO's avatar
wait...wha....OMG, howwww did i not see that XD thanks :3
M1dn1ghtdramon's avatar
XD you're welcome, I was the exact same way when I found out x3
M1dn1ghtdramon's avatar
Wait I found out, nevermind XD
Peachie5000's avatar
how can you make this?
Enkue's avatar
Thank you!! <3
MixItPixIt's avatar
hard to use for cs6 soem things i cannot figure out
skybIue's avatar
Is there any way of putting these onto paint tool sai?
Echo-The-Alpha's avatar
no. Though you can get them on either Photoshop itself or Krita (a free drawing and painting program).
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How do you put them in krita 2.9?? If you know.
skybIue's avatar
Ok, thanks for the info. 
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