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Vue 8.5 Godrays

By nukeation
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Just a preview of Spectral clouds and Godrays from Vue 8.5. Love how controllable the new Godrays are.

Vue 8.5 Infinite.
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Apr 27, 2010, 3:31:37 AM
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Incredible clouds, but the color of the light, and the way it backlights the clouds... It's the best I've ever seen, other than the real thing, of course. I think I'm going to cry.
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You're too kind, Kevin! :) Thank you! :)
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hi bud is it possible to get these renders in high res for use as a sky plate for a matte painting project?

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Sorry for the late reply, but I've been away for a while. Yes, I have a 3000px version. Is it for commercial usage?
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Can you please make a general Cloud tutorial?
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Coming very soon. :)
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My jealousy is tremendous. I believe it is your-awesomeness related.
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LOL - thanks. :D
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Look great! This is a spectral 3.0 atmosphere, isn"t it?
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Thanks :) Yes it is.
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this does look good.
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They look cool, I especially like the first one! 8-)
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Thanks, Drea! :)
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I love the realism of the second (photography? :p) picture :)

i see this when i'm come back to home many time.
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very nice always
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I'm needing to get my hands on the upgrade to 8.5
I've been having a bit of trouble with the godrays in 8.4, for some reason when I put up Aerial Perspective it culls my clouds

is there a trick to great godrays that I'm just missing all together?
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8.5 is great! I love the diagnostics tool more than anything else. Helps me shave off valuable hours off my renders!!

Godrays are tricky, but not impossible. I'm planning out a special godrays tutorial.
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must. get. update...
I've heard great things about that cloud layers can now be transformed using gizmos...
that's going to save heaps of time with getting things right

I eagerly await your next quadspinner tutorial... preferably a free one, that would be nice
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The bottom one reminds me of some of the scenes from 2012 :fear: the clouds in the top one look great :clap:
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Thank you! :) I haven't seen 2012 yet. I'll wait for the live show in 2 years. :D
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