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Untitled Volcanic Set

Vue 8.5 Infinite
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The translucent effet is so beautyfull man !
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Fantastic. I'd really love to know how long this took to render.
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I like the way you use light in you scenes :)
Very nice render Dax. I see what KYA means about the DOF, though I don't find it really disturbing.
The lighting and scene composition are very nice :)
Do you have a higher res of this? It's a bit smallish :)

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:confused: I am sure I commented on this yesterday and faved it :confused: I guess not, must be the lack of sleep :XD:

AnyWAY, great scene, and nice subtle lighting that is VERY pleasing to the eye. Personally, I am not so fond about the DOF effect, but then again, I rarely like CG DOF int he first place, unless it looks like a photo to me and the word CG hasn't came to mind at all watching it. I would have made it more subtle, but that is just my personal taste. The grass itself is beautiful, the "dark" areas have a nice hint of light on them, which make it very realistic, make you feel you are surrounded by big rocks, excellent scene with a great feeling of "being surrounded" :yoda: :) :clap:

/offtopic-in general-and unrelated to this render/
"sigh" The better a person gets in making realistic scenes in Vue, the less you find scene's achieving photorealism, I noticed this yesterday, I showed a very good friend of mine my Vue work from old to new, some looked like photo's he said, while I only saw a bad CG image, with bad lighting :XD: I think as an artist that wants to achieve realism, we are not easily impressed anymore. Is this good or bad ? :confused: :yoda:
I agree with you on this one KYA. In other words you also find it difficult to find inspiration other than the real thing? Or just because of a technical point of view?
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Awesome lighting and great job on the grass.
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Love the dark area's in particular, also nice DOF :)
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damn I really should check my :+devwatch: more often, love this scene! Great DOF and perfect lighting as always :clap: Well done :)
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Lovely lighting. Gorgeous scene!!
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Love the sun angle on this.
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Wonderful lighting and atmospherics :D a superb scene!
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Love the subtle-ness of this one, the sunlight is soothing to the eye. ^^
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Nice lighting, its amazing how light filters through Vue vegetation as realistic as it does and this reminds us of that fact :D
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wheres the tutorial! :)
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You're welcome. You have some pretty fantastic Vue images
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