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"Pace", as in 'peace' in Italian. The word seems to be coming up again and again for me.

This image is just a fun little thing I put together using one of the mesa terrains we're releasing next week.

A touch of post-production, but mostly pure Vue 8.4i work.

More soon.
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Apr 23, 2010, 9:36:27 PM
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This render looks so incredible, I especially like how the grass particles interact with the rocky terrain, it reminds me of the grassy rock hills textures or formations found in video games such as Klonoa or the Mario games for that matter (even though they are cartoony but whatever). Overall, an amazing work that should cherished for it's beautiful aesthetics and attention to detail as well as making it as rational as possible, especially with the mesa flowing over the terrain, well done.
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Ah, so beautiful. How did you get the grass to look so perfect? Mine always looks clumpy even when messing with settings :(
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Woaw, I would love to know how you accomplish this soft/blurred effect, was it photoshop or Vue settings? I hope you dont mine sharing :)
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i'm very impressionate !!
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Pace a te, amico! :)
It's really a nice job!! You're a very good artist!
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Such a lovely scene! I could wish I was there, sitting on that rock, watching the water :)
Damn dude, this is great
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Very nice indeed - you are a scholar, sir.. :)
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A wonderful scene :D love the thickness (density) of the grass - and the vibrancy of the colours is something I rarely manage to achieve with Vue :clap: Superb!
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Thank you so much. :)
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WOW!!!!!!!!! very impressive!!!
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that's an amazing escene!!!
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This is just amazing. The richness in the lighting and the grass texture is phenomenal.
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Very welcome! Dare i ask any idea on the ETA of the book.:D
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Amazing as usual.
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You're welcome! :)
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