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Dead Planet

By nukeation
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My first proper planet render. Not really my regular thing, but I wanted to try something new.

The planet is dead - it's situation somewhere between Tatooine and Mars.

Vue 7.5 Infinite. The entire scene consists of just a single procedural terrain that makes up the planet.
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Jul 2, 2009, 4:19:53 AM
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How do you make the features of the terrain to be larger? When I use procedural/infinite in planetary mode and zoom out, everything looks like a noise (the features are very small and dense)
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Give them a swift kick! That always works. :D

Actually, I use VERY large values for the MetaScale (250,000) and Largest Feature (180,000).
Suirebit's avatar
You mean in the terrain fractal node from function editor?
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Whoa! *bows down to the master of vue* We definately need a tutorial on planetary scenes!
nukeation's avatar
LOL - I don't think I'm that good at planetary scenes! This is the only one I've ever done successfully. But I'll try and do a Planet walkthrough (or just post this Scene file). ;)
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Oh wow, now I want Vue 7.5 even more badly! That looks amazing.
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I actually went to a planet like that while dreaming. In our language, the name translates as Nekron. It was also known as Deadworld because it was basically barren and dessicated, the result of a world war and a viral weapon. Basically, everything that survived became undead. Only, I don't think undead is exactly the word. I mean, they still reproduce. It's just that everything is born looking like a withered corpse, a slimy creature of flesh and bone with no actual skin, or a creature armored in exoskeletal bone projections.

Um... Yeah, that was probably a disturbing look into my subconscious. ^_^;
BrainiacTheHedgehog's avatar
This is one superb render!
OPrwtos's avatar
omg, that actualy looks real
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Great job. Although maybe too much fog or haze on it.
dmaland's avatar
Just one word:


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Very nice result of a dead world. Is there a way you can reduce the edge haze as it looks to bright/over exposed if that is a haze i am looking at. Other then that it looks very nice and real.

I have been in the planet business myself except all with 2d trickery.

nukeation's avatar
Thank you. I'm very new to planets so I'm still learning. I'll try and control the haze in future renders.

I saw your work - very fascinating!
ChrisCaprioty's avatar
The haze might not be a bad thing as this world of yours is dead therefore lots of particulates in the air but i think the exposure looks to high. Maybe that is what i am thinking?

Still working on my earth world. It's hard because the challenge is that it is all 2d so faking the 3d aspect of it all is time consuming.
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God, it looks so realistic! That's why I like Vue. Once you master it, you'll get amazing results with it :)
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I hope to see more planets :)
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I will definitely try to do more. :)
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Looks good indeed! :)
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