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April 18, 2011
Look at that you SOB by ~nuke-vizard puts politics in perspective in this clean presentation and contrasting palette.
Featured by ChewedKandi
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Look at that you SOB

A great quote that puts politics in perspective.

The DD is both surprising and delightful. Thanks everyone for your comments, favs, views and downloads. It feels great to be featured like this.
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I remember very well, as a boy of thirteen, watching Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey for the first time, and thinking, during the opening sequence showing an alignment of sun, moon, and Earth: How peaceful Earth seems from so far away, and how different this perspective is from what I'll experience when I go home and watch CBS News to hear the nightly Vietnam War body count from Walter Cronkite. 

How odd that Heaven can be a matter of scale, or the face of Hell may be hid by the aspect of dreaming beauty.
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This quote is one of the greatest things I've ever read.
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Featured Here: 50+ Beautiful Examples of Typography [link]
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I want this in a glossy frame
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love the quote. and some fantastic vecotr work and typography, great colours too.
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I read this quote after seeing the Atlantis launch (I cried, truly, from the sheer beauty of it)...thank you for rendering it so beautifully. Definitely a fave!
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Speaking as a political science major, good God does this quote speak truth.

And on a bit more of a technical basis, I love the layout and especially the color combination - it's not one I see often, and it grabbed my attention right away. :D
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That is awesome. :D
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really cool, and over all its awesome.
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I took an international politics course and got an A; I know nothing more now than I did before I took the class. Complete waste of time and money.
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i love this! i think all politicians should be taken to the moon and make to look at what they're influencing ^.^ great perspective tehe *faved*
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Prints turned out amazing! Colors work really well when printed out :)
nuke-vizard's avatar
glad to hear that
thanks for purchasing :)
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If it weren't for politics - and quite stupid instance of politics at that - he would never land on the moon and would not get a chance to have this pretentious epiphany. Love the design though.
nuke-vizard's avatar
It's also true that many useful things were invented during WWII, but that doesn't mean we should praise the war.
Thanks for loving the design though.
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You don't stop wars from occurring by saying pretentious bullshit about politicians. Politicians are there because people have vital interests that often produce conflicts. Politicians are the ones we have to try and deal with these conflicts. It's childish to think that the conflicts would not be there had there been no politicians. It's like saying that without doctors there would be no diseases. There can be bad doctors and there can be bad politicians, it's a legitimate topic for discussion (if one wants to discuss these things). But that's not what he does - he is a soldier (because astronauts were elite soldiers) playing a key role in arms race, who suddenly becomes a pacifist on the orbit. He then fails to notice his crucial role in the problem he's describing (how much money it cost to put him on the moon, weren't there perhaps better things to do with the money) and blames "the petty politicians". And what does he come up with? A line from a cheap B-movie.
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Don't worry, you'll grow up one day. Being a teenager who wants everyone to be happy and just be friends is in fact adorable. Just do your best to express your views in front of other like-minded teenagers. Otherwise it gets embarassing.
nuke-vizard's avatar
You mean more embarrassing than someone who constantly berates people and overuses the word pretentious?
koteria's avatar
Yes, I meant more embarrassing than that. In fact, studies by top scholars have shown that using the word 'pretentious' more than once in a discussion is not embarrassing at all. As for berating people: If you care to look at the conversation we've had, you'll see that first I made my point, then you misinterpreted it as an endorsement of warfare. I then elaborated on my point to explain the misunderstanding, to which your reply was 'whatever'. That is not a polite response to someone who has taken their time to make his point more clear.
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"In fact, studies by top scholars have shown that using the word 'pretentious' more than once in a discussion is not embarrassing at all."

You were doin' great until that sentence. :lmao:
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I haven't been this bored by an internet argument in a while now.
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