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Apocalypse Now

A poster for the best war movie ever made, Apocalypse Now. It is an intense look at the depravities of combat, the effects of violence, and humanity's journey into the heart of darkness. As an outcry against the craziness of the Vietnam war, the movie delivers hours of psychological drama and action.

This is the finished version of [link]
I am pretty happy with how this poster turned out, even though I'm quite fond of the WIP as well.
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The finished version works so very well.

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What is it called, when the assassin is killed by the assassin

Nice work anyway
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wow! very nice work, colors as more bright as the athmosphere of the movie, this is really interesting
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Nice style.

I must say I was a bit disappointed, when I saw it (the redux). They always talk about that guy in the jungle and getting him, and when they´re there it´s like "gotcha!" and 10s later movie finished. I thought now they make a thrilling hunt, but nothing.
The movie itself is really great, but I always have to think about that 5min-ending...
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I must say that I completely disagree. Sorry. First of all, they are at Kurtz's camp for at at least 20 minutes. And getting him was not simple at all. Plus the total disorder, Dennis Hopper's journalist and Marlon Brando's imposant and mysterious character all totally live up to the hype the first two and a half hours of the movie create. Or at least that's my opinion.

Either way, thank you for commenting and I'm glad you like.
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