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Hello everyone. Enjoy the brushes, you can't get enough of them.

All my brushes have been accumulated over the year or so, Each brush has been put into a category eg. Hard round, Soft round etc. This is all thanks to a very lovely persons (whos name escapes me) who created some brushes and categorised them.

All brushes have been collected from other packs, along with my own custom ones.

Brushes that i remember come from people such as..

Sakimichan's brush set -…
Venser Lazy brush set -…
Jamie Jones -…
Mar-ka -…

As brushes can turn up almost anywhere, Its safe to assume that many of these brushes come from many other people and not just these that i have linked.
I have also grabbed more brushes from other sets and edited them or deleted some and kept few. These are those i remember grabbing some brushes off from.
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Grazie, li proverò

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i wanted to download it

Could not :(

thank you so much

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Thank you so much for the set!

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Thank you for sharing. ^^
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hello, i would love to try this brush set but i can't access the link, please help :/
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In the corner there should be a Download button on the Right-hand side, download that.

it is in a ZIP file so you will need a program to open the ZIP file, such as Winrar.
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too bad for me , not work Cs5.1
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Sorry to hear that. I know it works on PS CS3 (as my friend had gotten it to work) CS6 and CC
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Thanks for sharing these =) 
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No problem :D hope you enjoy
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This is really cool <3. It will help me to make my paintings faster <3
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Hope you enjoy :D There are alot of brushes to go through so i hope you find something to your liking
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Should note, The file is in a ZIP file. You will need WinRAR or any sort of program that can open ZIP files.
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