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Chibi poses reference (chibi base set #7)


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HD versions of my bases are available as PNG files through my Patreon Icon mini Patreon

Hey guys, you can use these chibi bases
 for free (except for commercial purposes, of course) ^^ 

If you use my bases as references for your works other than commissions, adoptables and other commercial purposes, please include a link to my DA page in your deviation description.
I'm always eager to see your cuties based on my poses, so sending me links to your deviations is welcome! 

If you intend to use my bases for creating paid commissions, adoptables or any other commercial products, you must purchase them first. One base is only 50Points  - please send me a note for payment details ^^

NB: You cannot turn my bases into your own bases or pose references, such as pixel bases, and then sell or share them, even if you have purchased my bases.     

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Please visit my 
gallery for more pics!  Llama Emoji-64 (I love mah fudz) [V3] 
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Hello! Would love to purchase these bases for commercial use~

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Hi there! ^^ I've sent you a note with purchasing details ;)

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Hi there ^^ May I please scoop up #1 for commercial purposes?

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Hi there! ^^ I've just sent you a note with purchasing details ;)

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I’m wondering if I could use these for art fight? (Its an art trading thing)

Nukababe's avatar

Yes, as long as I am credited as the original base maker and no profit making is involved ^^

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Hi, this is my first ever chibi. Is it ok that I post it on FlightRising? It's for a very dear dragon of mine. Link: And if any, what sort of credit should I use? And yes, it was drawn over something else, haha xD Oh, and if you ever join FlightRising, please refer me! I'm Lisegathe there as well. It's a dragon breeding game.

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Odd question, as i wanna make sure, can i put my oc on one and post it here! I'll ofc credit! And may i change the ears and feet? If not thats fine!! It might be the third or fourth one, idk het XD
Nukababe's avatar

Yes, it's perfectly fine to use and modify these for creating OC drawings (for non-commercial purposes) ^^

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I would love to purchase these bases to create adoptables ~

Nukababe's avatar

I sent you a note with payment info ^^

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I've been having art block for the past few days and stumbled across this app and your f2u bases and these have inspired me. So thank you for making these. I hope you like this. I have used the #2 pose and altered a few things however all my art is for personal purposes I hope this is okay. 🙂

Img 20200527 220911
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Nice work! ^^ Glad that my bases were helpful!

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I don't have any posts using these as reference (yet) BUT I have to say your posts really help me and so many other artists get ideas for poses, or even just for clothing/hair/design practice! Thank you so much, and I hope to buy a pose from you sometime in the future <3

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Thanks a lot! *Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (So exciting!) Glad that my bases are useful! ^^

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can i use these poses for make adopts? (srry for my bad english)
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If you want to use my bases for making adopts and other art for sale, you have to buy them ^.^ 
UR4's avatar
Oh! Ok, thank you ^^♡
Nukababe's avatar
You're welcome!^^ 
Can I upload post picture or possibly of using some type of singature of yours to make sure it's is you're base?
Nukababe's avatar
Sure thing! For credit, you can just give the link to the base or my DA profile ;) 
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